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Steve Jobs' Life Is Now An Opera ( 74

An anonymous reader quotes CNN's report on a new project from Pulitzer Prize-winning librettist Mark Campbell: "The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs" is set to open on Saturday night at the Santa Fe Opera, home to the largest summer-opera festival in U.S. The high-tech production, which runs until August 26, jumps in and out of key moments in the Apple founder's life, from early product-development days alongside Steve Wozniak and the launch of the original iPhone, to his wedding day with Laurene Powell Jobs... The opera features an electronic score, developed by Mason Bates, that incorporates sounds from the products Jobs created, including the audio synonymous with turning on an early Macintosh computer. The libretto, or operatic script, doesn't call out words like Apple or iPhone due to copyright issues; instead, it uses descriptors like "one device" to reference the smartphone. "Only one device, does it all," the libretto reads. "In one hand, all your need. One device. Communication, entertainment, illumination, connection, interaction, navigation, inspiration..."
One scene in the high-tech production shows Jobs standing in his family's garage on his 10th birthday. When his father gives him a workbench, the walls around them light up into video screens...
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Steve Jobs' Life Is Now An Opera

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  • by chipschap ( 1444407 ) on Saturday July 22, 2017 @03:44PM (#54858863)

    I've been to the Santa Fe Opera many times. They put on great productions in an awesome setting. It might be the greatest summer opera company anywhere. Each summer they do four operas from the (more or less) usual repertoire and one new or innovative production. One great example maybe 15 years back was "L'amour de loin" with Dawn Upshaw singing the principal role.

    But an opera about Steve Jobs? Have the hipsters taken over even the southwest?

    Granted, there was once an opera about Richard Nixon ("Nixon in China"). Maybe some day there will be an opera about Donald Trump; who knows?

    But I think I'd skip the Steve Jobs opera.

    • I remember "Nixon in China". They even made Frankenstein into an opera, which seems like a better story to me than the life and times of Steve Jobs.
    • But an opera about Steve Jobs? Have the hipsters taken over even the southwest?

      Well, as they say, "today, the southwest, tomorrow the whole world."

      Although, I wouldn't shove this one in the hipsters loafers . . . the US entertainment industry is desperately lacking any original ideas, and will give anything a go these days. They are running out of old comic book stories, and remakes of remakes of the Director's Cut Special Limited Editions are getting old as well.

      What will be interesting . . . is how Bezos and Zuckerberg will respond to this gauntlet being tossed down. An artistic

    • Have the hipsters taken over even the southwest?

      No. The true hipsters have moved on to worshipping Elon Musk.

    • "But an opera about Steve Jobs? Have the hipsters taken over even the southwest?"

      To answer that one, you'll have to visit our spring film festival one of these times.

    • Have the hipsters taken over even the southwest?

      It's the California expats that want to screw it up so it's just like California.

  • by theodp ( 442580 ) on Saturday July 22, 2017 @04:08PM (#54858953)

    Floating, falling []
    Sweet intoxication []
    Touch me, trust me []
    Savor each sensation []
    Let the dream [] begin
    Let your darker side [] give in
    To the power of the music that I write []
    The power of the music [] of the night

  • by rsilvergun ( 571051 ) on Saturday July 22, 2017 @04:08PM (#54858957)
    I'll give him this, he did have one really good idea: Market computers & gadgets as high end accessories similar to expensive handbags. But he was an all around asshole with a company built on exploiting people (largely Foxconn employees who get woken up at 3am to make minor changes to his designs). He was also a dick to pretty much everyone (the Wozniak stuff is just the most well known). It's not like this info is hard to come by either. 10 minutes on google looking up well sourced articles will tell you how awful he is. But to hear people tell it he's some kind of wonderful.
    • by umghhh ( 965931 )
      Maybe this is another version of phantom at the opera or other piece with a monster in it?
    • by gilgongo ( 57446 ) on Saturday July 22, 2017 @05:12PM (#54859139) Homepage Journal

      The reason Jobs is venerated is that he is perceived as being an ordinary guy who became fabulously rich. In the US, that guarantees you immortal veneration in the minds of millions of unlucky saps who wish they were you. The fact that his company is also very high profile (Apple stores etc.) helps a great deal too. This is why, say, Warren Buffet doesn't enjoy the same veneration. Bill Gates, having "lost" to Jobs, is also not on the pedestal for that reason. And Trump - it's why we have him in White House of course.

      • by Anonymous Coward

        And Trump - it's why we have him in White House of course.

        No, Trump is in the White House because he could be angry, obnoxious, and the crowds who have wanted to hear that sort of thing since the beginning of the Republic, managed to skate through the broken system of the Electoral College to a victory.

        Trump merely got himself into the position where he could be there, clamoring for attention, and delivering a lot of hot air, because he promoted himself as a guy who became fabulously rich for decades.

      • is because he was indisputably a tech visionary that altered nearly every facet of modern life. But don't let that get in the way of your stupid theory.
    • Steve Jobs was a genius. He created (and then saved) Apple. He saved Pixar. You're right, he was also a asshole. This is no secret. Genius and asshole are not mutually exclusive. People who care recognize both parts of his personality. Most people don't care. They just want to buy an iPhone or watch The Incredibles.

      If you think iPhones are really just high-end accessories, fine, go ahead. Apple sold 50+ million iPhones in 1Q17. iPhone owners don't care what you think. iPhone accessory vendors don't care w

  • Question: (Score:5, Funny)

    by johnnys ( 592333 ) on Saturday July 22, 2017 @04:49PM (#54859079)
    Shouldn't it be a "safari" instead?
  • I attended the dress rehearsal Thursday Evening.
    I am normally not a fan of the modern "let's see how discordant we can be" operas. I prefer Mozart, Pucinni, et. al.
    However, this is an exception. The music blends live orchestra with electronic music in a good way. The sets use digital projects that managed to match the moods of the story well. I was uncertain at the start about the jumping back and forth in time to thread together bits of the story, but by the end I was very impressed with how well they had

    • No surprise that the Santa Fe Opera did it well. They do everything well. Even the parking lot is well run (and if you've ever been there you know what I'm talking about.)

      I just wonder a bit at their choice for this year's avant-garde production.

  • Who plays that part of the young girl Lisa whose father Steve disowned and shunned her?

  • The libretto, or operatic script, doesn't call out words like Apple or iPhone due to copyright issues

    Since when copyright restricted using a name? Even a trade mark cannot be used to prevent someone talking about it using the protected name.

  • At least they didn't Chrome him.

  • Since Woz already has his own opera [].

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