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Apple Announces a Trade-in Program For Third-Party Chargers 117

Posted by Soulskill
from the apple-is-happy-to-charge-you dept.
EliSowash writes "In response to recent reports of safety concerns around third-party chargers for iDevices, Apple announced today that beginning August 16, 2013, you can trade in your third-party adapter and purchase an official Apple charger at a 'special price' — $10 USD. From their website: 'To qualify, you must turn in at least one USB power adapter and bring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to an Apple Retail Store or participating Apple Authorized Service Provider for serial number validation. The special pricing on Apple USB power adapters is limited to one adapter for each iPhone, iPad, and iPod you own and is valid until October 18, 2013.'"
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Apple Announces a Trade-in Program For Third-Party Chargers

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  • Re:OR (Score:5, Insightful)

    by gnasher719 (869701) on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @07:13PM (#44492363)

    Or I could take that $10 and buy a thousand cheap knockoffs at wholesale prices straight from China and throw them out as they die.

    The reason that Apple offers this exchange is not the risk that the charger could die.

  • by SuperKendall (25149) on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @07:24PM (#44492461)

    why does Apple like to use proprietary chargers/connectors

    They don't use proprietary chargers. The chargers have a standard USB port into which you can plug anything.

    They use proprietary connectors on the phone end because they are smaller (at least now), also more usable (the current and old connectors are less prone to damage than micro-USB) are easier to attach (the current device plug can go in either way) and also can offer advanced capabilities instead of USB.

    The chargers do have a special ability to deliver more power to an iOS device, but that's only because the charger is built to recognize when an iOS device is attached that can handle a larger power flow.

    It may be that poor-quality third-party chargers could damage the device.

    Generally they can't. But they can be badly grounded and damage you (which actually happened recently).

  • Generosity (Score:0, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @07:25PM (#44492465)

    Apple, in its infinite generosity, will allow you to bring in a cheap third-party adapter and will sell you a genuine one at only a 200% markup, instead of the usual 2000% markup.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @07:53PM (#44492657)

    They cost us less than $3 to make (I work in ordering). Add in S&H, packaging etc, and we're making over $5 per unit. Not a huge amount, and won't bring in the money we'd like, but from a PR perspective, we're top news on all decent tech sites and blogs at zero cost, planet wide. No other company can match us for such a trivial issue.

  • Re: Smart move (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @08:27PM (#44492879)

    Plus it gets you in their store...

  • Re: Generosity (Score:5, Insightful)

    by EGSonikku (519478) <> on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @08:27PM (#44492881)

    Really? Apple didn't have to do jack shit. We're talking about 3rd party chargers and knock-off's here.

    But please, make Apple the bad guy here for essentially warranting 3rd party hardware.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday August 06, 2013 @11:02PM (#44493761)

    A woman was electrocuted to death by her crappy knock-off wall plug. It wouldn't have mattered what was on the other end of the USB cable.

  • by guruevi (827432) <evi.smokingcube@be> on Wednesday August 07, 2013 @08:54PM (#44504637) Homepage

    Several options here:
    Static discharge - did he/she have stockings on (or other plastic clothing) and walking on a carpet?
    Grounding issue - less likely but do you have proper grounding in your house? If your house doesn't have proper wiring, you could get a nasty (and possibly lethal) shock eg. if your hot is wired to where the ground should be.

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