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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. iPad 2 Review 524

Posted by samzenpus
from the head-to-head dept.
DeviceGuru writes "DeviceGuru's 10-inch tablet smackdown pits Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 against Apple's iPad 2. At price parity the iPad 2 is probably a better bet for the average user since it's a more stable, near-perfect device with a rich assortment of apps for nearly every possible function you'd like to perform on a tablet, reasons the post. However, with the Samsung tablet's cost of goods rumored to be around $215 versus $260 for the iPad 2 for comparable models, Samsung could drop its 10-inch tablet's price to $425 and pose a serious challenge to Apple's device. But will they...?"
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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. iPad 2 Review

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  • Better Value (Score:4, Interesting)

    by sonicmerlin (1505111) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @04:54PM (#36941202)
    If you can go on Newegg you can already get a 7 inch dual-core tablet for $300. Or you could get the Transformer for $400. Pretty soon Archos will release their own 10 inch dual core versions for sub $400. Heck the Viewsonic G Tablet has been out since last year for $300. Competitors will drive down the price of these tablets until they've pushed margins so low we finally get sub $300 10 inch tablets. Until then however I think the iPad 2 is just better bang for the buck.
  • Re:Better Value (Score:2, Interesting)

    by zoffdino (848658) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @05:09PM (#36941284)
    My manager bought the Viewsonic G Tablet the same time I bought my iPad 2. His reasoning was that the G Tablet has the same hardware, hackable to run Honeycomb but at half the price of the iPad. He tried to sell it 2 weeks later for a $50 discount and no buyer as of yet (3+ months). It really scared me about the things that the G can't do: Skype video call, Netflix streaming, dearth of apps. At least Angry Birds was good. Even if Samsung is willing to take a dive and have a $75 price advantage over the iPad, the iPad still has better name recognition, and more apps. All the Android manufacturers keep pushing out new hardware, but software is what makes the consumers want them. Has any of them push for more indie dev other than Google?
  • by Sarusa (104047) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @05:17PM (#36941336)

    I've had an iPad since the day it launched. And I do like the hardware and I prefer the screen ratio to the Android tablet widescreen - the page size is better for reading magazines and comics.

    Then Woot had a sale on refurbed XOOMs and I bought one. Imagine, I can just plug it in with mini-USB and transfer files or SSH them over wifi. I can replace the soft keyboard with a better one. I can have mail on my 'desktop'. Basically, there's very little I can't control, especially with Tasker. The screen on the XOOM is not quite as good as the iPad's in sunlight, and of course the iPad has a far better game selection, but I don't think I can go back at this point. So since I think the Tab 10.1 is better hardware than the XOOM except for that stupid proprietary cable that'd be even better.

    My biggest regret is that I could only delete iTunes from my computer and not skull@#$ it till it died, since that's what I feel like it was doing to me every time I was forced to use it.

  • Re:Better Value (Score:5, Interesting)

    by KreAture (105311) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @05:17PM (#36941338)
    That is exactly how I feel the ipad is. Polished on the outside, secret on the inside and I am not allowed to peek inside nor add any update not approved by the manufacturer and without paying the manufacturer a piece of the update-price.
    Oh, and the ipad comes without a passanger-seat and lighter-plug meaning if someone wants a ride, they have to take my seat, and I can't plug in anything.
  • by gilesjuk (604902) <giles,jones&zen,co,uk> on Sunday July 31, 2011 @05:18PM (#36941344)

    Rubbish, the support period from Apple is longer than from Samsung. Apple supports 2-3 years, the industry average is 1-2 years, usually 12 months.

    Flash is a non-Apple standard? it's not even a standard. A standard implies that a specification or protocol is available to 3rd parties which is incorrect. It's closed and proprietary, I find it laughable that people who are normally advocating openness think such proprietary closed source technology is a good thing?

  • Exactly. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by MrEricSir (398214) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @05:22PM (#36941372) Homepage

    (which, conveniently, is always 6 months from now.)

    As someone who works in the open source world, I gotta say that's not only spot on, but applies to almost all open source software. You're trading ease of use for configurability and openness, at the cost of glitches and big, empty promises.

  • by shutdown -p now (807394) on Sunday July 31, 2011 @09:18PM (#36942790) Journal

    There is one huge disadvantage that I see with Honeycomb tablets: the stock browser is a horrible, slow piece of crap. It's probably the fourth time I post this on Slashdot, but this just serves to highlight the point: there have been two Honeycomb updates already (3.1 and 3.2) and none of them fixed it. It is still impossible to post a comment on Slashdot using the stock Honeycomb browser: the typing lag is so slow that it is an exercise in frustration and nothing else. Meanwhile, Safari on iPad can do so just fine. Heck, browser on my Android phone can do it!

    And before I get a bunch of replies about how it's Slashdot HTML/JS that's crap (it is, but it's not relevant in this case) - it's not just Slashdot. Same problems on XDA forums, for example, A bunch of other places, too.

    I can't imagine how this kind of bug can go unfixed for two significant updates.

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