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iPhone X Bug Leaves Some Users Unable To Answer Calls ( 65

Mark Wilson writes: A number of iPhone X users are complaining about a bug that leaves them unable to answer incoming calls. Reports of the bug are spreading through Apple's support forums, and the company says it is looking into the problem. People who are experiencing the bug say that when they receive a call, their iPhone X rings, but the screen does not wake up. While the problem has been around for a couple of months, complaints seem to be growing in number at the moment.
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iPhone X Bug Leaves Some Users Unable To Answer Calls

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  • by xxxJonBoyxxx ( 565205 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @02:13PM (#56071707)
    >> a bug that leaves them unable to answer incoming calls

    Can I get this ported to my Android phone please? 85% of my inbound calls are from spammers looking for truck drivers. (Thanks, someone who once used my number in a form somewhere.)
    • by Anonymous Coward

      There's apps in the store that blacklist numbers (if it's not already part of the os like Samsung)... Or reject all calls except those in your contact list

  • Who needs buttons, all I/O can be performed by touch screen digitizers, we'll do anything to claim the phone has a 20-inch* screen

    **through all three*** spatial axes
    ***actually through a significant 4th one because the measurement we'll use on the CES posterboard (and consequently tech articles from journalists who held it for 30 seconds) will be made near the edge of a gravitational singularity

  • Meh (Score:4, Insightful)

    by burtosis ( 1124179 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @02:29PM (#56071819)
    I think phones have been on a steady decay of actual performance as a phone ever since they stopped using sensible antennas. Not to worry, I'm sure those people were just answering it wrong...
    • True actually. I noticed a bad drop off in RF performance when I moved from my Nokia 3410 to my first smartphone.

    • by sremick ( 91371 )

      Seriously. I miss the days when an external antenna connector was standard. I loved plugging in my +7db gain antenna mounted on my car and going from 1 bar to 5. It was often the difference between being able to use the phone and not.

      Considering there's still several 30-60 min driving stretches around where I live where there's virtually no cell reception, and such things would be still quite useful in 2018. Probably going to need to invest in a re-radiating booster but that's not as efficient, elegant or i

      • You probably have already but this tip:

        Open up the Phone app and dial in *3001#12345#* , then hit Call . Field Test Mode will open up immediately and you'll see the signal strength in dBm in the upper left corner of the screen. Tapping the number (or baubles) will toggle between dBm and little baubles

        Is pure gold on iPhones because when you have a real signal strength reading you have a much better idea of how well your phone is receiving and where dead spots are.

  • sometimes my iPhone 6s does neither ring, nor show a call, I only know I have a missed call when my provider sends me the voice mail memo, ... :-/ 2018 - when even phone calls do not work reliable anymore, #peakbugs :-/
    • Probably not any help but I had the same issue occasionally on my 6s but it stopped when I switched carriers so I assumed it was a SIM card or carrier issue.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    The iPhoneX needs to be touched in its special place to respond. Not all fanbois have ever touched a phone like that.

  • What's going on, how come that one of world's biggest companies can still afford to produce such buggy software? It is not like they cannot afford enough software testers.
    I don't think that they don't care either, maybe don't care enough anymore after somebody who really cared has died..

    • Apple needs a control freak boss in charge to shout at people during the production of its gizmos. Once Jobs died they couldn't find someone to make it all work, so it's all becoming sloppy.

      It's like Microsoft started to go down the tubes once Bill Gates stepped down.

      • Our phones and tablets are all Apple. I'm not a raging fanboi, but I prefer the vastly larger base of apps that Apple has to offer. We've been generally happy with them outside of some performance issues which we now know were batterygate. I like being able to treat my phone like an appliance and not be thinking about it much since Apple does a seemingly better job of keeping out the abusive apps than Android has.

        That said, there's a definite feel of decay going on. For the first time, I no longer am wi

        • I would find it difficult to believe that Jobs would have allowed the iPhone X's indented top of screen.

          Funnily enough it recently occured to me the LG V20's always on dual screen is a much better way of dealing with the problem of needing a cutout for the cameras.


          Of course the V20 was mostly ignored by the idiot tech journalists who raved over the iPhone X. Shame really, it's a great phone, if you can still find one.

  • by QuietLagoon ( 813062 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @02:48PM (#56071977)
    Has the phone function of smartphones been relegated to a secondary tier of performance and quality? I mean, who releases a phone that doesn't do phone calls? Really.
    • by geek ( 5680 )

      I used 30 GB of data last month. I used 12 minutes of call time.

    • by mjwx ( 966435 )

      Has the phone function of smartphones been relegated to a secondary tier of performance and quality? I mean, who releases a phone that doesn't do phone calls? Really.

      None of my smartphones has every had an issue making or answering calls. But I've been on Android the whole time. Even when I was experimenting with custom ROMs the phone function was always rock solid. The problem here is with the sub standard design, not the relevance of the function.

      However I hardly ever use the phone function any more. Its mainly for data on the move where I might occasionally need to make or take a call. I use it more for navigation than voice communications.

  • It's not like these things are really used for phone calls.
  • I don't know why old people who actually speak into the phone bother buying smartphones. It is not meant for them. They should probably stick to a Nokia candybar, they really like fancy four pips for battery and four pips for signal strength on a black and white non backlit LCD screen. That's about the amount of info they can absorb from a screen, any screen.

    This iPhone is for the cool kids, who use it to be in touch using many ways of communicating. Even when they want to speak they would rather speak i

  • Sometimes I've gotten a phone call, and that bar that says "Slide to unlock" doesn't work. I can still answer calls on my iPad or iWatch, but it's definitely a glitch.

  • You mean, like a voice call? Like somebody punched in my phone number?

    How quaint!

  • The only good phone is a land line, and the phone should be made out of Bakelite!

  • Then they would have no problem answering the call. They wouldn't even have to pick the phone up. Maybe there will be a class action and the affected users will all get 10% off their iWatch.
    • That sounds like a response generated by Oracle. Nothing is ever their fault, it's always your fault for not buying supplemental products and services to do what you expected the original products to do.
  • just works!

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