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Top iOS Apps of 2017: Bitmoji Beats Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger ( 27

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: Apple has unveiled its list of most downloaded iOS apps of the year, and topping the list is free custom emoji app Bitmoji... Bitmoji soared to the top of the list, thanks to an integration with Snapchat. (Snapchat's parent company acquired Bitmoji last year for an unknown amount)... Users must download the Bitmoji app to use it with Snapchat.

Fittingly, the main Snapchat app took second place, despite a tough year on Wall Street that was attributed to slow user growth. Snapchat was the most downloaded app of 2016. Google's YouTube took the number three spot this year, while Facebook's Messenger and Instagram placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

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Top iOS Apps of 2017: Bitmoji Beats Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Messenger

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  • because everyone has already downloaded the others?
    • Snapchat requires Bitmoji so the number of Bitmoji downloads > Snapchat downloads how is this even interesting it says nothing about how popular Bitmoji is.

      • by Luthair ( 847766 )
        Yes but this is the yearly total downloads (I'm assuming new installs), I'm suggesting most of the installs of the most used applications happened before 2017.
      • by Anonymous Coward

        Slashdead "editors" are known for posting only clickbait and political propaganda.

    • because everyone has already downloaded the others?

      No, because after getting installed, this particular app is less stable, which then requires users to re-install the subject app. This is reflected in the high download figures.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    youtube and facebook shit don't count. they're fucking *websites*; and that emoji one is just an addon for snapchat and other crap.

  • 2017 hasn't ended yet. Can't they just wait until the new year before posting it? :P

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