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Gorilla Glass Maker Corning Gets $200 Million From Apple's US Manufacturing Investment Fund ( 34

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Apple made news and scored some positive PR earlier this month when the company announced a $1 billion fund aimed at investing in U.S.-based manufacturing. Now it's ready to announce the first big investment from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. New York-based Corning Incorporated will be receiving $200 million from the tech giant's coffers, money that will go toward its Harrodsburg, Kentucky R&D facility. Corning is a logical first choice for Apple. The two companies have worked closely for roughly a decade, when Apple first pushed Corning to create a chemically strengthened glass for the iPhone. The resulting product, Gorilla Glass, has since become the standard for nearly every smartphone maker out there. As Apple helpfully adds in a news release touting the funding, the relationship thus far "has created and sustained nearly 1,000 U.S. jobs across Corning's R&D, manufacturing and commercial functions, including over 400 in Harrodsburg." And indeed, aside from a brief dalliance with synthetic sapphire crystal a couple of years back, it's been a pretty fruitful partnership.
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Gorilla Glass Maker Corning Gets $200 Million From Apple's US Manufacturing Investment Fund

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  • by bugs2squash ( 1132591 ) on Friday May 12, 2017 @06:27PM (#54408319)
    time for transparent aluminum to be invented
    • by Ecuador ( 740021 )

      Eh, what do you mean? Transparent aluminum has already been invented: []

      Back to the topic, I was under the impression that Apple had made it a big deal a while ago that unlike other manufacturers who used Gorilla Glass, they were going to use something better - sapphire glass or something like that?

      • ...they were going to use something better - sapphire glass or something like that?

        Here's an interesting article: []

        From the article:

        But about nine months before GT Advanced was to deliver, the supplier ran into major difficulties in creating these sapphire screens â" or "surface covers," as they are called in the industry â" and the deal imploded.


        While sapphire is a very hard material and very scratchproof, there is one major problem with it that makes it questionable for use as a smartphone screen: It is much more breakable than Corningâ(TM)s Gorilla Glass and even some soda lime glass that has special composites to make it tougher.

        Even worse, if there is even the tiniest flaw in a sapphire screen, it becomes even more fragile when it comes to being dropped or accidentally hit by any solid surface or object.

    • by AvitarX ( 172628 )

      Sounds very scratchable

  • I'd like to see them do more to keep the damn glass from breaking. I get tired of replacing it on my kids iPhone every couple years when some jerk runs into her and sends her (and her phone) flying.
    • by AvitarX ( 172628 )

      Gorilla glass is one of the strongest glasses, and what do you think apple is paying for?

      FYI, I'm impressed by your children, my phones last 10 months top since the switch away from plastic for phones.

      I buy Much cheaper phones for that reason though, I'm glad that the low end market ($180) gets me a very capable phone now (currently BLU life one X2 MINI).

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Wired has a better article on how gorilla glass came to be

  • Article: []

    10x more expensive, perhaps $100 per screen, thicker, heavier, harder to manufacture, harder to customize, uses 100x more energy to produce. Still shatters just as easy - only more scratch-proof.

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