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The Apple Watch Outsold Every Other Wearable Last Quarter ( 109

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple has shipped 3.5 million wearables in the first quarter of 2017, which is 59 percent higher than the 2.2 million devices it did in the same period last year. Engadget reports: Cupertino captured 16 percent of the global marketshare and stole the wearables crown from Fitbit, which had a much less stellar quarter. Fitbit only shipped 2.9 million devices in Q1, 36 percent less than the 4.5 million units it moved in the first quarter of 2016. Even Xiaomi sold more devices, putting the beleaguered wearables-maker in third place. Those results are consistent with Apple's latest earnings report. The company said its Watch and TV sales jumped up 31 percent year-over-year, and head honcho Tim Cook said Watch sales have nearly doubled since last year. Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics executive director, said Apple's Watch Series 2 has been selling well "due to enhanced styling, intensive marketing and a good retail presence." Were you one of the 3.5 million customers who purchased an Apple Watch in the first quarter of 2017? If so, how do you like Apple's approach to wearables?
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The Apple Watch Outsold Every Other Wearable Last Quarter

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  • Question (Score:5, Funny)

    by lucm ( 889690 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:06PM (#54365125)

    Were you one of the 3.5 million customers who purchased an Apple Watch in the first quarter of 2017? If so, how do you like Apple's approach to wearables?

    Do we get a $25 iTunes gift card if we answer your marketing survey?

    • Were you one of the 3.5 million customers who purchased an Apple Watch in the first quarter of 2017? If so, how do you like Apple's approach to wearables?

      Do we get a $25 iTunes gift card if we answer your marketing survey?

      Nope, you get two Samsung Gears. Gotta get rid of inventory somehow.

  • Booyeah! (Score:4, Informative)

    by Ol Olsoc ( 1175323 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:10PM (#54365135)
    Friday night, Slashdotters are getting their drink on, and a story about Apple.

    Popcorn for all!

  • by NotQuiteReal ( 608241 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:15PM (#54365165) Journal

    And with billions of people in the world, almost nobody did.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:18PM (#54365187)

    Apparently they managed to turn themselves toxic by swallowing, then discontinuing, pebble.

    Something something nokia, who invented and even owned the smartphone market, then managing to kill themselves over it, by inviting themselves to be taken over by that other toxic maker of smartphones.

    • Nah, the writing was on the wall well before that. You can only overhype crappy hardware and mail replacements for so long before people figure it out.

      • by Gr8Apes ( 679165 )

        Nah, the writing was on the wall well before that.

        It certainly was. Their major issue was hiring new MBA types that didn't stick to the company's core values but instead started practicing their myopic next quarter numbers racket. Nokia quickly disintegrated after that as their best people started leaving and their product lines quit moving forward. Then apple came around and drove a stake through its heart. Nokia no longer had the talent nor will to answer to the iphone, and they quickly spiraled down the drain.

  • by GodfatherofSoul ( 174979 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:36PM (#54365261)

    Get a Garmin, better features. Yeah, you lose out on the TV screen on your wrist but I'll take that sacrifice.

  • I notice they don't break the sales down at all, so I have to wonder how many Series 2 watches actually have sold versus how many buyers were like me and weren't willing to spend until they were available for under $300.

    I do like my watch, but I want to see how long its useful lifetime is. If the thing isn't good for three years at a minimum, I probably won't be a repeat customer. The argument for why it's useful is fairly narrow.

    • Yeah, it is useful in a few cases. But in order for me to be motivated to keep it charged, it'll have to be a little bit better. And in order for me to strap it to my wrist every morning, it'll have to look a bit better. I don't mind spending around €1000 for a smart watch that looks good, i.e. has a well made metal case and a good metal or leather strap, but I don't want to spend that much on something that looks good but will be obsolete in a couple of years. If they can commit to a certain form f
    • I got an Apple Watch at launch. It shows no signs of issues, is still in great condition, and still runs well - the software updates have been really a boon as using third party apps (or even native ones) is much more useful with the side button as app switcher/launcher...

      I do find it very useful at this point, for lots of little things.

      I also plan to keep mine for three years and possibly get a series three when those come out. But I may wait even one more cycle...

  • Status symbol? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Gravis Zero ( 934156 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:38PM (#54365271)

    It seems like Apple products have been moving from useful products more toward just being status symbols. Seriously, the Apple Watches provide you with near zero useful functionality and have really shitty battery-life.

    • Re: Status symbol? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by CapS ( 83352 ) on Saturday May 06, 2017 @01:26AM (#54366075)

      I've had the Apple Watch for quite awhile, and it has some convenient features. Using it for payments is faster than credit card chips, heart rate monitor is excellent, it can unlock my computer, reading quick texts/notifications is nice, I like looking quickly to see my next meeting location, outside temperature at a glance is a help, and GPS directions at a glance with taps is often better than looking at the phone (when I'm driving a car that doesn't have a phone mount). I used to take my phone out of my pocket probably 100-200 times a day. Now it's more like once or twice an hour.

      The battery has never run out on me. If I've forgotten to charge it overnight I put it on the charger for about 20 minutes while I'm getting ready in the morning and that's enough for the day.

      As far as a status symbol, I don't think that's the case. The people I know who have one wear it for the features, not the status. In fact I'd rather not have the that kind of attention.

      • by robinsc ( 84714 )

        " I used to take my phone out of my pocket probably 100-200 times a day"

        probably not a typical usage pattern. Maybe you need to see a doctor ?

        • by CapS ( 83352 )

          6 times an hour * 18 hours is 108 times. With text messages, checking meeting times, news/Twitter notifications, etc. I don't think those numbers are terribly far off. I'm fully willing to admit that I was looking at my phone a lot -- but I also believe many other people follow a similar (or perhaps worse) usage pattern.

    • have been moving from

      Implying they weren't from the beginning?

    • Re:Status symbol? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Distortions ( 321282 ) <distortions@gLAP ... m minus math_god> on Saturday May 06, 2017 @07:39AM (#54366915) Homepage

      I bought an apple watch a few months after release in 2015.
      Despite the claims of bad battery life... i never have the battery run out on me, even if i have very long day.
      Yes, if you sit there and screw with apps, because you expect it to be a smartphone with a tiny screen... you will drain the battery.

      I've flown well over a hundred flights since i bought it, and smacked/scraped the watch too many times to count. It's been in the shower, sinks, snow / ice / rain / sun hundreds of times... Its been on top of mountains and at the sea-shore many times. it has really held up to the abuse.
      Other than a few tiny micro-scratches on the wristband ( didn't even make it through the anodizing )... it looks like the day i bought it.

      It works great for siri, and speakerphone ( hold mic near mouth, lets siri work in noisy environments like the car, or even in the shower with water running ).
      Silent notifications ( life saver, when we are rolling audio all day ), and the haptic feedback also does a great job of notifying you in noisy environments... No more missing what the GPS said, or missing that text tone and vibration walking around at a convention...

      I can make a small gesture with my wrist and see the time/date, weather, sunrise/sunset (useful for photography, and being in different timezones / latitudes all the time.), appointments, alarms, notifications... I get weather alerts of rain/snow or extreme weather that is happening soon... I use passbook to select flights and then shake wrist at gate... QR code pops up and scans. I can ping my phone if i leave it somewhere, i can ping tracking devices ( tile ) on my car keys, or even my suitcase, backpack... or the expensive software dongle I use for work.

      It might be expensive for what it does, but that doesn't invalidate its usefulness.

    • I teach at a middle school and I notice that many of the teachers wear Smart Watches. First off, we need to know when the bell will ring. not know close to when it will ring; to know when it will ring.

      The school clock is synchronized to the radio time signal, as are most of the teachers watches. This includes the smart watches. Me, I wear a G-Shock with radio sync.

      Many of those same teachers receive messages through the day. This includes district messages that we are expected to be aware of immediately aft

      • by fermion ( 181285 )
        After instruction you are supposed to have some wait time. I find the breath app helps with that. The activity monitor helps with balance of stationary 8nstruction and moving around. I can cancel calls without disrupting.

        As shown time and again, there is a significant Luddite element around here that is not creative enough to see possibilities. "No wireless, less space than a Nomad. Lame."

    • To be a stats symbol, there has to be some rarity or exclusivity.

      The Apple Watch was a status symbol for maybe the first four months; when that Burberry castoff severely under-forecast the demand, you couldn't get them in stores, and they were going for 3x the price on eBay. Now? Every third barista you see has one, as do probably 90% of my coworkers. It's thoroughly mainstream and not a status symbol at all.

    • by Karlt1 ( 231423 )

      Slashdotters have been saying that Apple products are just a "fashion accesory" since the iPod. What normal person would wear a watch that wasn't a fashion accessory?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    A "brave" customer born every minute...

  • by Ritz_Just_Ritz ( 883997 ) on Friday May 05, 2017 @09:43PM (#54365301)

    Seriously....a watch that goes toes up if you don't charge it daily? I know you've got the contingent of folks that buy stuff because "it's cool," but a watch that can't go a couple of days without charging it?


    • by Yaztromo ( 655250 ) on Saturday May 06, 2017 @01:03AM (#54366033) Homepage Journal

      I inherited a watch from my grandfather after her passed away. He wore it for decades. I'm pretty sure the band isn't original -- it seems much newer than the watch itself.

      But get this -- to use it you have to wind it up -- every day! Can you imagine such a thing? This man, and many others like him for decades started their day having to wind their watch, because you couldn't go a couple of days without winding it.

      And somehow, perhaps miraculously, his generation won WWII. He himself served in the Canadian Forces, attaining the rank of Sergeant. And yet every day he had to wind his watch.


    • Seriously....a watch that goes toes up if you don't charge it daily? I know you've got the contingent of folks that buy stuff because "it's cool," but a watch that can't go a couple of days without charging it?

      Go through slashdot comments of a few years ago, and you'll find large numbers of people saying the same thing about phones.

      I don't mind putting my watch on its charger at night. I don't like wearing it while I sleep anyway. I'd rather not have to charge it every night but it's really not that much of a hardship -- and well worth it for the functionality of the watch.

      IMO, a normal timepiece isn't worth the effort of strapping onto my wrist every morning, but a smartwatch is. Especially since mine (LG Sp

  • >"Were you one of the 3.5 million customers who purchased an Apple Watch in the first quarter of 2017?"

    Uh, nope. Moto 360, and now Moto 360.2. Round like a nice watch should be, and always-on display like a watch should be! Oh, and works with ALL phones. Plus it cost less, has a better band, and has been out longer.

    And for years I get stopped all the time with questions about how something some nice isn't Apple .

    • The 360.2, perhaps. A smartwatch without GPS is all but useless if you want to use it as a fitness device.

      I'm happy with my Garmin Vivoactive. I can get notifications, track my daily run and steps. It works fin with the iPhone and best of all, it didn't cost $300.

  • this ones does a snazzy job for me [] and my phone in my pocket handles the calls.

  • I have a series 2 watch, and I love it. I bought it for one reason only, I'm a serious swimmer. It's waterproof at shallow depths, and I can load complex workouts on it. I live in rural area without a masters' swim program, so it works great for me. The only real alternative is a Garmin device that costs twice as much.
    • Bought one for my wife for swimming as well. Both of us (had mine a few months longer) are quite happy with them, especially the GPS independence from the phone, and being waterproof.
  • ...With an Apple Watch 2 -- I liked the pebble, but it's been abandoned (and mine is getting flakey).
  • Never underestimate the herding power of the iSheep.
  • "The Apple Watch Outsold Every Other Wearable Last Quarter"
    This is because of two factors, the first being that "wearables" are stupid, with the second being that Apple fanatics will but literally anything that Apple markets to them.
  • by seoras ( 147590 ) on Saturday May 06, 2017 @03:14AM (#54366349)

    I've been wearing an automatic Swiss watch for years now. It's needing a service though, when I take it off before bed it's dead in the morning.
    I write Apps and I thought I'd buy a 2nd hand Apple Watch to try it out and see if I could do anything with my own Apps on it.
    Wasn't convinced when it first came out but now that you can pick up a series 1 for 1/4 of it's price new it's not too risky to try, i could punt it on again.
    So I got a stainless steel 42mm S1 for under $200
    The battery on this used watch lasts a whole day easily, I take it off and put it on the charger when I go to bed. Better than the Swiss watch.
    The health monitoring is neat, I like that it reminds you stand up, take a breath and move my ass if I've been sitting coding too long.
    I feel like I can leave the phone and I don't carry it around as much. Phone calls aren't missed, I like that I can answer them on my wrist.
    It's the little things about it that I've come to appreciate that my very nice Swiss automatic doesn't do.
    Cooking dinner, I set a timer so I can leave the kitchen and that tap on the wrist when I need to return is really handy.
    Logging into PayPal, which I do a lot for work, I have 2 step verification and the Symantec VIP app on the watch is so much quicker than using the phone.
    The smart watch isn't a smart phone and never will be.
    It's probably not for everyone but anyone who hasn't tried it probably shouldn't critique it until they've tried it.
    It's one of those things that until you've tried it and had one for at least a month you probably won't get the point of it.
    I just can't see myself going back to the Swiss automatic.

    • by dmini ( 1151177 )
      Ah, here's the secret of Apple Watch success - people buy one for their 1st hand, and another one for the 2nd hand.
  • OK; so I'm a serious watch nerd, and have a decent collection of all kinds of stuff...can't see myself getting one of these but people I know like 'em a lot.
    Female colleague has a bunch of nice timepieces, including a beautiful ladies classic Rolex Datejust in gold and steel. Also has a Cartier - fine piece.
    Yet since she got a cheap-looking iWatch in pink she wears it every day. Why? Utility.
    If you're an iPhone user, looks like they are genuinely useful.

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