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Popular Open-Source Audio Editor Audacity Adds Windows 10 Support, More Improvements ( 102

Audacity, a popular open-source and cross-platform audio editor, has received a "maintenance" update that brings several improvements. Dubbed v2.1.3, the biggest new addition appears to be support for Windows 10 OS. For Mac users, Audacity now works in tandem with the Magic Mouse. "We now support Trackpad and Magic Mouse horizontal scroll without SHIFT key and Trackpad pinch and expand to zoom at the pointer," the release note says. We also have new "Scrub Ruler" and "Scrub Toolbar" scrubbing options in the application now. Read the full changelog here.
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Popular Open-Source Audio Editor Audacity Adds Windows 10 Support, More Improvements

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  • by Tablizer ( 95088 ) on Monday March 20, 2017 @03:06PM (#54076105) Journal

    Improvements...Windows 10 is now supported (there should be no "Internal PortAudio Error" or failure to find any devices as long as the built-in audio devices are enabled).

    That's not "improvements", that's a bug fix in my book.

    • It's too popular.

    • It is. I don't know what they did (I'll check the changelog when I install it), but I've been using Audacity on W10 with no issues or workaround of any kind.
    • It doesn't say they REMOVED support for Win 10 ... You misread it evidently.
  • Why has nobody told me this? I've been using Audacity on Win10 for months!

  • Holy Aqua Interfaces Batman! []

    Open source projects seem to consistently have poor UIs. And before anyone jumps me, yes I have been involved in interface design on open source apps. Maybe it's a matter of taste, but the current interface looks like a bad Aqua app from 10 years ago. Jelly bean buttons? Seriously?

    And to put my time where my mouth is, if any of the developers are reading this and want help contact me. Not a deep coder but have done UI layout in the Mac/iOS world.

  • Does Audacity have the concept of clips like other sound editors and nonlinear video editors?

    The last time I tried to use it, it seemed to treat each track as a single waveform, so if I trimmed a bit off a track I couldn't just drag to grow a bit of it back. This made simple tasks like synchronizing multiple tracks extremely difficult.

    • what FOSS audio editors do you use then?
      • by Trogre ( 513942 )

        Ardour, though I have played with Pro Tools a bit (obviously not FOSS).

        • seems interesting. I've never had any complaints with Audacity I find it very flexible. But I'll take a look at Ardour. maybe it has something I never knew i needed.
          • by Trogre ( 513942 )

            Ardour can be a bit "heavy", but I have been known to use the video editor kdenlive to edit audio tracks when I've badly needed clip resizing. For other sound work that doesn't need chopping and synching, I still mostly use Audacity.

  • by BrendaEM ( 871664 ) on Monday March 20, 2017 @06:11PM (#54077777) Homepage
    I've used Audacity for years. It's a powerful, useful audio editor. The releases are stable. It's a great program.

    Though, the UI is not in keeping with the quality of the rest of the program. I have written to the developers. The response I got back suggested that the developers are not really open for any kind of visual changes. In fact, the reskinning functionally was removed in later versions.

    I would like a UI that looks more like Ardour. Though, if the developers don't like dark themed UI's, perhaps a slider could be added something like in Adobe Premier so the user can change the light/dark elements on the fly. Other work needs to be done, like modernizing the icons and making sure it is ready for 4K.

    Additionally, thank you for Audacity. It is a wonderful program, worthy of being a showpiece in the open source community.
    • You do not get to talk shit about ugly UI while using hipster monoface. Get over yourself, your posts are making slashdot even uglier. Are they going to have to take that feature away?

    • by robinsc ( 84714 )

      Audacity reminds me a lot of goldwave's UI.

  • "Magic Mouse horizontal scroll without SHIFT key"
    It's nice to see a suggestion taken on board and implemented. I use FCP X all day so side scrolling the timeline with the Magic Mouse is very important. When I used Audacity, I noticed it couldn't do that, which slowed my editing down significantly. I reported it, some communication happened, a screen recording was sent, then ... silence ... and now this. Thanks Audacity team. Happy. :-)

  • By the look of it, [] is a full multi track recordiing studio while [] is a simple wave file editor. There is no comparrison. It is like comparing Photoshop to Paint. Audacity should have given up years ago, especially considering their bar was set so low. It only ever barely worked on OSX.

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