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Pending Apple Patent For 'Inferring User Mood' 79

theodp writes: "Apple has recently disclosed a pending patent for Inferring User Mood Based on User and Group Characteristic Data, which has received surprisingly scant attention from the press even though it ups the ante for privacy intrusion. The brainchild of iAd team members, Apple boasts its invention will make it possible to 'charge a higher rate for mood based content delivery' by scrutinizing 'channel characteristics, demographic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, spatial-temporal characteristics, and mood-associated characteristics.' Apple further explains: 'Mood-associated physical characteristics can include heart rate; blood pressure; adrenaline level; perspiration rate; body temperature; vocal expression, e.g. voice level, voice pattern, voice stress, etc.; movement characteristics; facial expression; etc. Mood-associated behavioral characteristics can include sequence of content consumed, e.g. sequence of applications launched, rate at which the user changed applications, etc.; social networking activities, e.g. likes and/or comments on social media; user interface (UI) actions, e.g. rate of clicking, pressure applied to a touch screen, etc.; and/or emotional response to previously served targeted content. Mood-associated spatial-temporal characteristics can include location, date, day, time, and/or day part. The mood-associated characteristics can also include data regarding consumed content, such as music genre, application category, ESRB and/or MPAA rating, consumption time of day, consumption location, subject matter of the content, etc. In some cases, a user terminal can be equipped with hardware and/or software that facilitates the collection of mood-associated characteristic data. For example, a user terminal can include a sensor for detecting a user's heart rate or blood pressure. In another example, a user terminal can include a camera and software that performs facial recognition to detect a user's facial expressions.' Your move, Google!"
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Pending Apple Patent For 'Inferring User Mood'

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  • Just remember: When you try to patent such idiocy I will be pretty pissed off. Nice rule of thumb.

  • by LihTox ( 754597 ) on Saturday February 01, 2014 @11:08AM (#46128127)

    ...if it lets advertisers know how much ads piss me off.

  • In a quick skim of the patent I didn't see a definition of mood, so can almost any user tracking be considered mood inference? Suppose I bought something yesterday at Amazon, then something similar today, now if Amazon raises the prices for me on similar items tomorrow - is that an infringement because Amazon detected that I'm in the "mood" to buy similar items?
  • ... only a few years ago we would have considered this creepy and vaguely criminal.

    Oh, wait! It is creepy and vaguely criminal.

  • a ring. Next big thing you know: throw away your watch, the e-moodring is here, coming to a finger near you.
  • by PPH ( 736903 ) on Saturday February 01, 2014 @12:14PM (#46128471)

    ... the aliens weren't enough. Now my laptop is trying to probe me.

  • If you can detect early signs of petulance, entitlement, ironism and PBR overdose, you've got it all covered.

  • I have had a growing suspicion that has reached a level of almost certainty that the worlds first world and self-aware AI will be borne from technologies developed for data mining and advertising applications.
  • " Mood's a thing for cattle and love play, "

  • /*Mood Alarm Trigger Event*/

    If mood=="horny" and activeApplicationType==browser
  • ... infer use mood! I thought it was interfere with user mood.... That's got lots of prior computer art....

  • Sorry for posting this off-topic but there is no other place to post this, so...
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    Breaking news! Now, just added!!! "popover" ads that won't go away!!!
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    In desperation, I even clicked on it t

    • in Chrome's tablet settings (upper right triple dots), scroll down to tic the "Request desktop" checkbox. I've got to agree, the mobile site is annoyingly unusable, and if it's made into a future permanent site page, If Dice keeps insisting I use the new interface, I'll be abandoning /. for good. There are just too many other tech sites out there to choose from.
    • I can infer this users mood without hardware or software.....I'll wait for the Apple lawyers' C&D notice.....
  • Computers can be helpful, but they can also annoy. Depending on my mood, a beep can be annoying, or it can be informative. A spoken warning can be more informative or irritating when I'm a bit snippy.

    For some reason, probably having to do with the raised button on its current case, my ipad will , out of the blue, occasionally wake from sleep, and inform me that "Siri" [is] "not available".Because it's a wifi model, this is not entirely unexpected.

    But if it could somehow understand that this normally useful

  • Dude. Seriously. (Score:4, Informative)

    by whisper_jeff ( 680366 ) on Saturday February 01, 2014 @03:22PM (#46129527)

    Ok, look. I know it's popular on Slashdot, especially with some submitters, to paint certain companies in as negative a light as possible and Apple is one of those companies but, good gawd, this is NOT NEWS!!

    Here's a pro tip - companies the size of Apple, who invest billions (let me say that again - BILLIONS) of dollars into R&D also file for a LOT of patents. A vast majority (by a very wide margin) go nowhere other than the filing cabinet. They are patented because someone came up with an invention and, well, we live in a world where you patent inventions. Apple does it. Google does it. Microsoft does it. IBM. Samsung. HTC. The list goes on and on and on.

    Implying that anything nefarious is happening because of one patent filing is absolutely, over the top, useless. If you are doing it for one company, you are very clearly and obviously trolling because, like I said, THEY ALL DO IT. I guarantee - I am willing to bet a year's salary - that if you look at every patent filing from the top 20 tech companies, you will find a notable number which are "nefarious" or "alarming".

    In other words, THIS ISN'T NEWS. I don't care if it's Apple or Google or Samsung or whatever company you'd care to name. Filing a patent is not news. IMPLEMENTING a patent is news. Filing one is just business as usual.

  • I worked on some aspects of this over 15 years ago and can prove it. There is nothing original here and therefore this should not a valid patent. These ideas have been openly discussed many times before.

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