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MacBook Pro Fragrance Created 114

First time accepted submitter GreenPages writes "There's a new signature scent for Apple fans — 'the scent of an Apple product being opened for the very first time.' Created for an art exhibition, the special fragrance is not for sale. From the article: 'The scent created with Air Aroma for Greatest Hits encompasses the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, the printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and, of course, the aluminum laptop which has come straight from the factory in China.'"
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MacBook Pro Fragrance Created

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  • Would that turn people on?

    • Re:Sexy? (Score:5, Funny)

      by PrescriptionWarning ( 932687 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:41AM (#39710311)
      Of course it would, the fresh chinese factory worker smell really does a number on the olfactory!
    • Can we have a slashdot Apple fanboi variant, an iPhone that has been in Woz's sweaty crotch for a few days?


      • Did Woz ever have the affect that Jobs had on Apple users?

        • Woz never had the reality distortion effect that affected people the way that Jobs did, but he did have a different kind of cult hero effect.

          Back in the late '70s and early '80s, Woz was probably more highly regarded by Apple users than Jobs was. Of course, those were the days of 'hobby' computers and that group made up a large portion of Apple II users.

          Woz created good hardware that simplified and reduced the cost of many components. He was also interested in bringing computing to the masses, but didn'

    • Re: Sexy? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by janimal ( 172428 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @11:12AM (#39710693)

      My thought on reading the headline was that this was a scent that Apple would drop into their new laptops. Not a bad idea, I thought.
      This reminds me of my first visit to the Abercrombie & Fitch store in London. They spritzed the clothing in there with their perfume. And the hot girls that helped me pick the clothes also had the scent on. The experience ingrained the smell into my brain as the smell of "sexy".
      Smell association is a powerful device. If you got Apple fans to associate Apple gear with a specific scent, they would crave the product if they just smelled the store around the corner.

      But the smell of plastic and aluminum? Boring.

      • I avoid A&F. The perfume in the air is so strong it knocks out my sense of smell for about an hour and the forced "californian surf shack" ambience is so false it makes my teeth hurt. Plus there's nothing in there I'd ever actually wear...
  • by TaoPhoenix ( 980487 ) <> on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:38AM (#39710271) Journal

    This article is going to spawn about 40 attempts at +1 Funny and another 40 Troll results.

    • This article is going to spawn about 40 attempts at +1 Funny and another 40 Troll results.

      Yeah, the article stinks.

    • by radiumsoup ( 741987 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:53AM (#39710453)
      I got a few...
      "The new fragrance is called 'Smug'"
      "There's a $249 charge for Apple Aroma Care to keep your smell refreshed as new versions come out"
      "The first version of the atomizer will have a lot of features you never knew you needed, but later versions will drop those in favor of still other features you don't actually need at all, but will learn to rely on."
      "The bottle and spritzer are not upgradable, but why would you want to change perfection?"
      "Well, at least now I'll be able to smell a douchebag in advance so I can know when to take the next elevator."
      • I think you mean the "iSmug"
    • I saw, I read, I swooned.

  • It'd sell (Score:5, Insightful)

    by loftwyr ( 36717 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:40AM (#39710291)
    Well, people buy "new car" smell fragrances so I can see people buying this.
    • by Phics ( 934282 )
      Well, since unboxing your Mac is typically the last time most people will ever be that much in lust with the thing, occasionally spritzing the air with that "new Mac" smell might just prolong that loving feeling...
  • by Spiked_Three ( 626260 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:40AM (#39710299)
    I'm sure if there was a way to capture the fragrance of throwing money out of the window, the mac crowd would buy that too.
    • I'm sure if there was a way to capture the fragrance of throwing money out of the window, the mac crowd would buy that too.

      Who the hell needs a Mac for that? That smell comes on strong for me every time I visit a gas pump.

      The stench is almost unbearable when paying my taxes...

      • At least at the gas pump I am exchanging it for something I want. Taxes you're just hoping it's not paying for another thing that harms you.

    • I'm sure if there was a way to capture the fragrance of throwing money out of the window

      I think that Chanel, Dior, Boss et. al. nailed that years ago.

  • Does someone wake up and say "I was thinking this morning, how could I smell more like a manufacturing center?"

    Seriously, I don't recommend breathing that stuff in.

  • by koan ( 80826 )

    Benzine and flop sweat...

  • But Apple has fragrances .. which are so much more alluring than a smile flavour.

  • Then the scent of a freshly opened Macbook Pro would be it. I had to open 40 Macbook Pros once and by the end I had a headache from that scent.
  • by Trip6 ( 1184883 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @10:50AM (#39710433)

    Always wondered...

    • Always wondered...

      It's easy to find out. It's the official smell of the 1%.

      Well, OK, maybe it's not that easy to find out, since the 1% right now are sunning themselves on a beach somewhere spending your money.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    And without exception, they all smelled mildly foul out of the box. I'm not the only one who's noticed it.

    Even worse were the old iBooks. They had a glue or sealant that started to smell like human body odor after a while.

  • So it smells of blood, sweat and tears?
  • by mc1138 ( 718275 )
    I love the smell of underpayment in the morning!
  • So Microsoft have flavours and Apple have fragrances?

  • Starting at only $99! Available today in brushed aluminum bottle.

    Full prices:

    • 5 ml for $99
    • 10 ml for $499
    • 20 ml for $999
    • 20 ml with custom engraving $1,999 (incl. shipping)
  • The gentle blend of overheating plastic and burned money :)
    I kid, I kid... I own a few Macs and love my iSlab and iPhone, but thats the first association that came to mind.
  • Wow I know apple fans are literally crazy about apple products but this is going 10 steps past to far.
    • Wow I know apple fans are literally crazy about apple products but this is going 10 steps past to far.

      This is hardly viewed as crazy when you consider the amount of people quite addicted to "new car smell" and the products pimping that this is really any different.

      • If your that addicted to the new Apple smell I think you need to seek professional help.
        • If your that addicted to the new Apple smell I think you need to seek professional help.

          Right now, it's just an art exhibit, but I wouldn't be surprised if this eventually morphs into a product for the fanbois out there. Stupid I know, but so was the pet rock.

  • by dryriver ( 1010635 ) on Tuesday April 17, 2012 @11:05AM (#39710609)
    Since this is an art project, the created scent is supposed to evoke something or the other, right? Some kind of intellectual reaction or discussion? It may be a commentary on the ritual of "product unboxing" being taken so far by some people, that they even create "product unboxing videos" on Youtube... It may be a commentary on Apple users being so damn addicted to buying from Apple, that even the "unboxing scent" of the products being opened evokes a sense of "Euphoria" in Apple fans. Since most scents are closely related to fashion (labels), it may be a commentary on Apple's products being so mainstream "fashionable" now, that one might as well create a "fragrance" for Apple, which some people wear like they wear Prada, Hugo Boss or YSL... That last one is probably what they were targeting with this art project. The fact that Apple products have become more "fashion item" than "computer product". And, probably the related fact that many people who buy Apple stuff to be in the "in-crowd", are "fashion-victims" of sorts, who feel compelled to buy that-which-is-fashionable. ---- (Now if only someone made a scent replicating the smell of my latest Samsung laptop being unboxed, then I could become a "fashion-victim" like the Apple geeks, too =)
  • I've been rubbing my Macbook on my wrists for years trying to get that sweet, warm scent of smug that the ladies love.

  • Great Smell at only Twice the Cost of similar fragrance. Captures the smell and the Apple/MAC experience perfectly!

  • Sandalwood, musk, essence of hipster, and oil of douche

  • Now you, too, can smell like a total douche.
  • to make it to the /. main page. Stupid!
  • So that explains why Samsung put out a job posting for an aroma analyst.

  • The only "scent" I've noticed is paper and a faint bit of what I would assume is adhesive that finished drying during shipment. I assumed Apple tried to keep smells down, since I've inhaled far worse after opening other electronics packages (motherboards come to mind). I've never thought of any sort of characteristic "Mac smell"...though admittedly I don't hold my nose up to the packaging and inhale deeply. This is nothing but a gimmick IMHO.

    Oh, and the obligatory [].

    • Oh, and the obligatory [].

      WTF? No, this [] is the obligatory Penny Arcade cartoon. (Could it be any more appropriate to this story?!)

  • It is called The Smell of Other Peoples' Money.
  • ... a small hint of semen and faeces?

  • How can I be the first to post that likely name for the scent?
    • would it be iSmell or iStink?
      • by FSWKU ( 551325 )
        iSmug from Apple:
        "When a fragrance becomes this good, breathing is more vibrant. Everything is more brilliant. Because when a fragrance becomes this good, it's simply you and the arrogant elitism you care about. The stunning iSmug. An innovative new fragrance. From Apple."

        Let Conan's team get a hold of that ad copy and work their magic on it...
  • Details inside!!!
  • Reportedly, the fragrance smells like old burnt coffee. As though it had been fresh once, but neglected by it's barista. Java anyone?
  • I remember back in the nineties when you'd order PC parts from Computer Shopper or the like to build a new PC and you had a whole room full of PC parts, there was a very distinct smell. You don't get that so much anymore since it seems like only hardcore folks build PCs these days instead of buying them. I wish someone made an air freshener that had that smell so I could hang it in my car.
  • Actually to be honest the "new computer" smell like the new car smell isn't exactly good for your health. It's made up of a lot of toxic chemicals. I'm suprised no one's pointed this out . It's like having a "car exhaust" smell. Not really appealing if you ask me. ;)

  • We've all smelt that fresh unboxing of a new product now and then. From tennis balls (pass out in a non-stop sniffing stupor on those), shoes, electronics, to stepping into a brand new car. But of all the memories of unboxing, opening up my SNES for the first time was the most impressionable. Nothing, and I mean nothing had the smell of excitement like a brand-freaking-new SNES console with Super Mario included. Ok, so maybe sex tops that.

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