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Man Calls 911 To Fix Broken iPhone 244

tekgoblin writes "For some reason Michael Skopec of Illinois thought that calling 911 would get his broken iPhone fixed. It got him arrested instead. From the article: 'After the five calls were made police traced the calls to his home in Illinois where they found him drunk and belligerent. He was arrested because he would not follow the police officers orders. It has yet to be made clear what he was actually trying to accomplish by calling 911 to get help with his iPhone. Although he was arrested he only faces misdemeanor charges and has to be in court next week.'"
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Man Calls 911 To Fix Broken iPhone

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  • Hey! (Score:5, Funny)

    by cmv1087 ( 2426970 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @01:39AM (#38045564)

    A broken iPhone really is an emergency! That means I can't play Angry Birds!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 14, 2011 @01:42AM (#38045578)

    Let's play what's more sad!

    Which of the following is more sad?

    1) A man calls 911 to fix a broken iPhone.

    2) Slashdot decides to report on a man calling 911 to fix a broken iPhone.

    Stay tuned for the answer after this commercial break.

  • Locked screen? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MDMurphy ( 208495 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @01:44AM (#38045588)

    The article was short on details.

    I could see it not being that he was truly calling 911 to fix his phone, but rather the screen was locked. While I don't have an iPhone, my phone does allow 911 calls if the screen is locked, so I'm guessing the i-thing is similar. If he was too drunk to remember his unlock code he may have drunkenly hit the emergency call button multiple times.

    Of course that's still pretty stupid sounding, but not as bad a confusing the police with a Genius Bar.

    • Droid2 here. I too have an Emergency Call button located just below the locked screen keypad. I'm guessing you have a Android based phone too?

    • The apologist is strong in this one. The police of course don't know the difference between but dialing and someone harrassing 911. They can't just show the difference because these messages are recorded.

      Really, to often slashdot posters just try to find an excuse for everything no matter how silly.

    • Dial 112 from the lock screen. Emergency call, almsot every phone, every carrier. []

      • Sorry Mdmurphy, I misread - thought you'd said your phone does NOT allow 911 calls when locked. While it's true that some don't, almost all allow 112 while locked. Which, isn't really relevant as that wasn't what you said. Apologies!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 14, 2011 @01:46AM (#38045596)

    Worthy of Slashdot, this is not.

  • by tsa ( 15680 )

    Seriously, why does this man's face have to be all over the internet for something as little as what he did? I hope for him he isn't looking for a job or something like that.

  • by Nukedoom ( 1776114 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @02:12AM (#38045696)

    I don't understand what's so important about a drunk man dialing 911.

  • There are many other things to post on science, hardware, tech, linux other than people calling 911 to fix broken iphone. really of all things iphone is so important. WTF has happened to /. . You're just posting stuff related to apple stuff for clicks n traffic. I'm so disappointed.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Indeed, its pretty pathetic, even below idle. This kind of crap should never be on Slashdot.

  • by rueger ( 210566 ) * on Monday November 14, 2011 @02:28AM (#38045778) Homepage
    Obviously the problem has NOTHING to do with the iPhone or its owner. The issue is why the 911 system is badly designed that this happens.

    An emergency system like 911 really needs a solid and intuitive user interface that will prevent errors like this.

    I look forward to the introduction of i911 on the upcoming iPhone 5.
  • Maybe we can turn this thread into a thread about something more interesting. For instance, I always wonder how humans managed to make very straight lines when in the beginning all they had was sticks and stones.

    • The quality of our sticks have gone down in the past 10,000 years. Poor quality control.

    • by tragedy ( 27079 )

      Do you mean straight lines in drawings, or straight lines in large works, or in things like blocks of stone? It's quite easy on the small scale, all you need is something string-like you can apply tension to. If you didn't have some sort of fiber, you could use a piece of stretched animal intestine. For larger scale things, you just put marker sticks in the ground and visually line them up. All you have to do is close one eye and look to see if they all disappear behind the front one if you stand in the rig

      • by tsa ( 15680 )

        That is all true, but how do you get to something as simple as a ruler from there? The problem with the stretched piece of gut or hair is that it bends as soon as you touch it.

        • You could carve a straight enough ruler just by eye. If your any bit decent at art you can easily draw incredibly straight lines and pick the half way point almost exactly. I can pick the middle of a small item like a 2 foot bit of timber to within a couple of millimetres. Once you have a couple of semi-accurate markings it's a simple process to refine your measurement incrementally.
        • by prefec2 ( 875483 )

          Let say you want to have a wooden ruler. First, you get piece of wood in the desired length (or more) which is think and wide enough. Then you produce a mostly rectangular object which can be done without any measurements. Second, you make the surface smooth by rubbing a stone on the desired surface. Third, you get two sticks and a rope (or rope-like thing) knot each rope end to one of the sticks, and use some powder e.g., powdered char and dip the rope into it. Make sure the whole rope is full of char.

  • by Intropy ( 2009018 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @02:37AM (#38045816)
    Well, did the first-responders fix the phone or not? TFA doesn't say.
  • by slasho81 ( 455509 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @02:42AM (#38045838)
    The true absurdity of this story is that in the US non-violent drunk people are being arrested for petty stuff like that. Fine the guy and be done with it.
    • by tsa ( 15680 )

      It's not that absurd. Here in the Netherlands we had many people abusing 112, as 911 is called here. This can cost lives, so t's now punished severely.

      • You think this drunk guy was rationally weighing the consequences of him dialing 911 and concluding to himself that the punishment is not that harsh so he'll just do it?
        • by tsa ( 15680 )

          You can not punish individual people differently for the same crime.

        • Maybe he should think twice before getting drunk enough to do stupid things like this? Seriously, drunkenness as excuse is disgusting.

    • RTFA (Score:5, Informative)

      by jklovanc ( 1603149 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @04:15AM (#38046232)

      Here is the pertinent quote;
      "He was arrested because he would not follow the police officers orders."
      He was not arrested for making the calls; he was arrested for being a drunken idiot when the police responded to the multiple 911 calls. They may have even taken him into custody for his own protection if he was that drunk.

    • Abuse the emergency services line like this guy did, in the more-civilized country of your choice, and see what happens.

      "Okay, we're going to fine you now" doesn't stop a guy that's repeatedly calling and tying up emergency services.

      Not defending the US's draconian imprisonment policies in general, but I have to agree with the police here.

  • by ThePeices ( 635180 ) on Monday November 14, 2011 @03:21AM (#38045974)

    How exactly is this news for nerds?

    In what possible way is this serious news of a technical nature, or anything that would interest the sort of people this website is supposed to be aimed at?

    This should at the very least be in the Idle section.

    Come on Slashdot Editors, do your job properly!

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