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Steve Jobs Questioned In iTunes Monopoly Suit 370

An anonymous reader writes "Twelve years ago Bill Gates had to deal with lawyers questioning him in regards to the Microsoft antitrust case. Now it might be that other tech mogul's turn. Steve Jobs has been ordered to answer questions regarding Apple's iTunes music monopoly. From the article: 'US Magistrate Judge Howard Lloyd, based in San Jose, California, ruled on Monday that lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the antitrust lawsuit may question Jobs for a total of two hours. Apple may appeal the decision. A company spokeswoman declined to comment, while attorneys for the plaintiffs did not respond to requests for comment.'"
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Steve Jobs Questioned In iTunes Monopoly Suit

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  • by Bobfrankly1 ( 1043848 ) on Wednesday March 23, 2011 @06:54PM (#35593120)
    In your haste to comment, you failed like so many others to READ.

    At issue is a piece of software called Fairplay that allowed only music bought on iTunes to be played on the iPod, according to the complaint.

    One competitor, RealNetworks Inc, responded in 2004 by introducing a new technology that would allow customers to play music downloaded from its site on their iPods. But Apple quickly announced a software upgrade to iTunes that once more blocked music from RealNetworks, the complaint charges.

    Lloyd said the deposition of Jobs would be limited to questions about the back-and-forth with RealNetworks in 2004.

    It's not about buying music from iTunes. It's about Apple killing music from a competing retailer on the iPod.

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