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Apple To Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference 324

teh31337one noted an Engadget report that Apple has announced an iPhone 4 Press Conference for Friday at 10am PT where presumably they will address all this wacky antenna stuff that has been happening.
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Apple To Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference

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  • by mpetch ( 692893 ) <mpetch@capp-sysware.com> on Thursday July 15, 2010 @08:48AM (#32911986)
    If Apple stays true to form they will say Consumer Reports is wrong, that their conclusions are false, and that the iPhone 4 is the best smart phone they have ever developed.. After that Apple will maintain the status quo.
  • Re:lolwut (Score:5, Interesting)

    by GizmoToy ( 450886 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:26AM (#32912408) Homepage

    The problem is that AT&T installed a tower right behind the Cupertino HQ, which provides them with excellent signal strength while on their campus.

    The phones that made it out into the wild were apparently disguised as iPhone 3Gs, and because of this testers were unlikely to see this problem. As we're now aware, putting a case on it hides the defect. Their famous secrecy caused this problem for them.

    New iPhone team slogan: "Test different[ly]"?

  • by Trevelyan ( 535381 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:52AM (#32912704)
    Some believe that there already is a second iPhone 4 with the Signal and Proximity detection issues solved. They are also saying that Apple are silently replacing the faulty iPhone 4 models with the new one for anyone that brings their faulty one in for repair.

    Some googling found this:
    http://gizmodo.com/5586256/is-apple-silently-recalling-the-iphone-4-now [gizmodo.com]

    I think I first heard it via The Register.
  • by Mr_Silver ( 213637 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:53AM (#32912706)

    I'm interested to see if they say anything about the glass on the new iPhone.

    From what I've seen so far, the device cannot withstand a simple 6ft drop test onto a concrete floor. This is a fairly standard test, isn't particularly hard and ensures that the phone survives the daily wear and tear of being out and about all the time.

    To be clear, we're not talking about throwing it onto the floor here, but if it slips out of your pockets and bounces on the floor then there is a (not unrealistic) expectation that it'll survive - especially when you've paid several hundred UK pounds on a phone and tied yourself into an 18 month contract.

    I appreciate my data is anecdotal at best, but I've seen quite a few people now with shattered fronts or backs [technmarketing.com] caused by a simple drop onto the floor.

  • by jellomizer ( 103300 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:55AM (#32912732)

    Netscape 4 was amazing... But it was the IE 6 of Netscape... When it was new it was a really great Browser New Clean UI, with great new HTML features added in. The problem was Netscape 5... Errr. Mozilla 5... Err Netscape 6... Took Years to deploy. By the time it was out IE 6 was already out and had 2 versions underneath it.

    Netscape 4 was a good browser. It only seems like it sucked because it was the latest and greatest version for Way too long.

    But version 4 seems likes a troubled version for some reason... I think it is because of the following reason.

    Version 1. It is brand new Shiny and clean.
    Version 2 With significant new features to make it usable.
    Version 3 Usually with a lot of stability and bug fixes. Usually a mature product.
    Version 4 The product is mature and needs to be Revamped and look like a new version 1. An attempt to get people to want a new version. Usually causes new bug and problems.

    Then it usually repeats the Process of 3 and 4... It is kinda like the oppsite of Star Trek Movies where the Odd versions are the good ones.

    Windows 1... New Proof of concept
    Windows 2... Adding stuff pepole would need
    Windows 3... Useful enough to be practical
    Windows 4 (95)... New Interface popular but people have suffered
    Windows 5 (98)... Signifant Improvement became the Standard quickly
    Windows 6 (ME)... Crap
    Windows 7 (XP)... (Windows 2000 was more of a server version of windows XP was the consumer version) A good version of Windows
    Windows 8 (Vista)... Crap again tried a New shiny interface but forgot CS101 classes on how to copy files.
    Windows 9 (7)... Branded to try to forget ME, and Vista as a version. So far I would say it is a good version of Windows.


  • by Anonymous Monkey ( 795756 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:55AM (#32912734)
    Sounds like a house that was built in my home town (on the rich end). The home was over 5,000 square feet and had huge vaulting rooms. The structure was made of steal tubing, and the inside of the house had all the structural elements exposed (think 80's industrial, I think they were trying to build Doogie Howser loft). The designer decided that AC ducts were ugly so he would just run HVAC inside the steal tubes that made the house.

    Well to make a long story short hot and cold air make steal expand and contract. Also, steal is a pour insulator. Not only did this house pop, creak, and groan when ever the heat or AC was turned on, the house needed them all the time because it got full sun in summer and high wind exposure in winter and the whole structure was built like a giant heat sink.

    The lesson of this story? Design for functionality first, and if your design is highly functional it will have a cool all it's own.

  • Re:lolwut (Score:5, Interesting)

    by joeyblades ( 785896 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @09:58AM (#32912782)

    Given that they cannot make new iPhones fast enough and people are not lining up to return their new iPhones, who can blame Apple for their response?

    I know about 20 people with new iPhones and all of them are thrilled. When I ask them about their reception they all tell me that they have never experienced a problem unless they go out of their way to try and reproduce the phenomenon (engineers, so you know they will try)... but even then, no dropped calls. All of these people, BTW, had older iPhones previously and they all say the the new iPhone has far superior call quality - contrary to the Consumer Reports claim.

    I don't have an iPhone and have no interests in one (which makes me somewhat like 90% of the people complaining about the iPhone). In fact, I quite dislike the iPhone, for other geeky technical reasons. I'm not an Apple fanboi, though I do own Macintoshes (full disclosure). However, I think I'm pretty objective, so sorry if this sounds like I'm defending something Steve Jobs said... My Samsung also has a death grip where reception is greatly diminished. Similarly, my Blackberry before that had one (maybe two). In fact, as far back as I can remember, every cell phone I've ever used has had reception problems when I held it in certain ways in certain conditions. Usually I can detect this before my call drops and shift my grip. I'm not convinced that the new iPhone is any worse.

  • by gaspyy ( 514539 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @10:14AM (#32913048)

    Sorry, Netscape 4 was a disaster. I can't even remember how many updates were pushed until it was usable.
    From a developer point of view, it had so many bugs that makes IE6 pale in comparison. There was a resize bug that mangled the content if the window was resized and developers had to trigger a page reload by javascript. Absolutely-positioned DIVs did not display properly unless they had a border. And this is just some stuff I can remember. Then there were proprietary tags, like LAYER.

    Netscape Communicator 4 made me use IE4 and Outlook. That's how bad it was.

  • by NotBornYesterday ( 1093817 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @10:44AM (#32913642) Journal
    According to Gizmodo, it seems like if you want an iPhone with the antenna fixed, you can't go in complaining about the antenna. Complain about the proximity sensor however, and you get a shiny new iPhone with the proximity sensor (and *ahem* antenna problem) resolved.
  • by DynamoJoe ( 879038 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @10:58AM (#32913876)
    It's a fair question. Mainly, I can still return the phone and go back to my 3GS, so I'm not really risking anything by getting it. I also thought a lot of the reports of problems sounded overhyped.

    It's one thing to point out a product flaw, it's another thing to point out an APPLE product flaw. There seems to be a circle-jerk sadistic kind of glee in a lot of coverage about the problems. It borders on ridiculous ridicule of Apple/Jobs/iPhone "fanboys" etc. and I now add a large grain of salt to just about all of it. If you've read the comments so far, you no doubt know what I'm taking about.

    And yes, I meant "ridiculous ridicule". for example, cnn.com was presenting video of some dweeb wrapping his phone in duct tape. It's ridicule of the iPhone, but it's ridiculous in and of itself. After seeing stuff like that, it's easier to think the complaints are overhyped or even bullshit.

    So I figured I'd try the phone myself. I want the new processor, better camera, etc. and I know from previous experience that Apple is a safe bet to do right by the customer (even more so if I'm within the return period :) ).

  • by pomakis ( 323200 ) <pomakis@pobox.com> on Thursday July 15, 2010 @11:07AM (#32913978) Homepage
    Research any new product before purchasing it and you'll discover a long list of problems that it has. No product is without issues. If you refuse to buy a product because you're aware that it has a few issues, then you're either going to go your entire life without buying anything, or you're going to have to start buying things without doing any research. At least knowing what the issues are beforehand gives you the ability to judge whether or not the issues are insurmountable for you so that you can avoid the purchase rather than saying "WTF?" after buying it. Are the iPhone 4 issues insurmountable? Are they worse overall than the list of issues you'll find on most other cell phones currently on the market? Well, the answer to that is very subjective, but from where I stand the iPhone 4 looks like a pretty solid product overall.
  • by sjonke ( 457707 ) on Thursday July 15, 2010 @07:14PM (#32920970) Journal

    ... I will gladly take a handout, in whatever form.

    Today I was in a restaurant I go to every week. For the first time ever I actually had a signal in the restaurant. My 3GS never once got a signal here. I didn't try holding my iPhone with my left hand, but I don't doubt I would have lost the signal had I done so, because it was only 1 bar. I was able to browse the web (a bit slowly) and even play a 48 kbps AAC+ audio stream while doing so.

    So, sure, pick it up with my left hand or otherwise bridge the gap and I'm sure I'd have had had no signal, but then that's exactly what I had before regardless of how I held it or didn't hold it with the 3GS - no signal. The iPhone 4 gave me a signal as long as I was careful not to bridge the gap. I don't see how you can view that as worse. Maybe if worse = better, then it was indeed worse.

    If you read other recent posts of mine you'll see that I've had similar experiences all over the place. My iPhone 4 picks up a signal in more places, and the signal is usable and reliable in more places. It is a better phone.

    Now... I will be happy if they announce a fix, perhaps requiring a recall. If they are going to make the phone even better, I'm all for that. Also I'll be happy if they say we get a $30 credit at the Apple store too. Sounds good to me. I'll also be fine if they just say that people are reporting that they are happy with the phone, because I am very happy with mine. Actually, no, I'll be disappointed, because who doesn't want a handout?

"I will make no bargains with terrorist hardware." -- Peter da Silva