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Sugar-Coated Drug-Dealing Game Approved For iPhone 73

Pocket Gamer writes "Of course, Apple wouldn't allow such a salacious games as Dope Wars on the hallowed corridors of the App Store. What Catamount's done is sugarcoat its game (quite literally) and turned it into Prohibition 3: Candy Wars — a reskinned version of the exact same game."
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Sugar-Coated Drug-Dealing Game Approved For iPhone

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  • Re:Drat it all! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by snowraver1 ( 1052510 ) on Wednesday January 21, 2009 @04:17PM (#26551143)
    I remember playing this on my TI-83 during high school.
  • Re: !literally tag (Score:3, Interesting)

    by LateArthurDent ( 1403947 ) on Wednesday January 21, 2009 @07:17PM (#26553737)

    To literally sugarcoat means to coat with sugar

    I hate it when people say "literally" for things that are actually far from literal, but in this case, the submitter deserves some leeway. Not only did they figuratively sugarcoat it by making a drug-dealing game a candy-dealing game, but they transformed drugs into candy. Which you could do by literally sugar coating drugs and making them sweet.

    It's still not literally sugarcoating, because there were no actual drugs and no actual candy, but it was quite clever wordplay, so I would say the usage is valid for the purpose of the joke.

  • Re:Drat it all! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Mozk ( 844858 ) on Thursday January 22, 2009 @12:31AM (#26556311)

    On Windows, I always liked Drug Lord [] more. It's essentially the same game as Dope Wars, but with a better interface. I had a lot of fun/frustration trying to get on the high score board, but then I realized that it was sort of easy to cheat and assumed everybody else was since there was no way to get near even the bottom of the board without doing so. Still, it's a great game that I still occassionally play.

  • Re:Taipan (Score:3, Interesting)

    by fullmetal55 ( 698310 ) on Thursday January 22, 2009 @02:16PM (#26562703)
    i was going to say, Wasn't Taipan first? and wasn't Drug wars and Dopewars based on Taipan? only good thing about my old Palm IIIe was playing Taipan :)

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