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Rumors of Mini iPods 621

TheKidWho writes "According to Thinksecret: 'Reliable sources inside and outside of Apple have confirmed Apple will announce the new pocket-size iPods in a number of capacities and in various colors, including stripes. Capacities will be 2 and 4GB -- meaning users could store some 400 and 800 songs, respectively. Prices will start at around $100US, Think Secret has learned. It is not known if the new product line will be available immediately after introduction. It is also expected that current iPod models will be revamped to add body colors as well.' With the $99 price tag, it seems these rumored iPods could make big headway in the low end mp3 player market."
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Rumors of Mini iPods

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  • Batteries? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by TechyImmigrant ( 175943 ) * on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:30PM (#7797382) Homepage Journal
    But will they introduce a user replaceable battery?
    • Re:Batteries? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by drinkypoo ( 153816 ) <> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:55PM (#7797684) Homepage Journal
      This is certainly the crux of the matter. IMO the solution is to make it run off 2-3V external power, and then sell a battery pack that will snap on, plugs into the AC adapter hole (though it probably won't have one, instead running off USB) and you can slap alkalines, nicds, or nimhs in it. Sony has made a number of small portable devices powered on just this plan, and it worked really well. Then they can sell it with a removable battery pack with whatever battery technology they want in it, and you can replace it with an apple-sold or aftermarket (but unsupported) battery pack as well.
    • Re:Batteries? (Score:5, Informative)

      by OmniVector ( 569062 ) <egapemoh ym ees> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:59PM (#7797747) Homepage
      sacrificing design to make a (tops) 1 hour chore that you have to do once ever 18-30 months slightly easier is not in my opinion a worthwhile choice. so what if you have to buy the battery for $50 or pay apple $99 to replace it. do you see the other mp3 players offering replacable batteries or battery replacement programs?

      really? i didn't think so either.
      • neuros.. (Score:3, Informative)

        by gimpboy ( 34912 )
        the neuros does pretty cheap too [] my emph' added:

        The NiMH batteries in the Neuros and the Lithium Ion battery in the Neuros HD are expected to last at least 1 1/2 - 2 years (depending on usage). Only our Neuros technical team can replace the battery for you and, as a result, it is not consumer-serviceable. Our battery replacement policy is as follows.

        Within Warranty (90 days parts, 1 year labor)
        -If within first 90 days of purchase - NO CHARGE
        -Past 90 days, but within 1 year- $7

        Outside of Warranty
      • by jmichaelg ( 148257 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:43PM (#7798852) Journal
        Almost all of Creative's players have removable batteries. []

        Notice that the copy even suggests why you would want replaceable batteries as a standard feature - road trips. Also notice that they aren't dinging you for $100, plus shipping, to replace a battery.

        Don't be surprised when Apple finally caves and makes iPod batteries easily replaceable. They'll claim it's a great new feature.

        i didn't think so either.
        Yep, I agree. You didn't think.

    • Re:Batteries? (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Jason1729 ( 561790 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:02PM (#7797776)
      Of course not. If a $500 iPod is disposable, a $100 one certainly is.

      What really annoys me is I can't carry a spare battery with me to swap if it dies when I'm out. I'll have to wait until I can recharge the battery before I can use the iPod again.

      ProfQuotes []
      • Re:Batteries? (Score:3, Informative)

        by udecker ( 251844 )
        Several vendors have external batteries (or chargers) for the iPod.

        A quick search gave me two AA powered [] solutions [].

        Myself, I just keep mine plugged in in the car [] and have 10 hours of charge whenever I leave the car. Easy enough?
    • by anagama ( 611277 )

      Sure - it will cost $99 and you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges both ways.

    • Re:Batteries? (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Zach Fine ( 12869 ) on Thursday December 25, 2003 @12:38AM (#7806549) Homepage
      I wrote up the following screed, and then realized I should start right off the bat with the most pertinent point:
      The iPod battery is user-replaceable for $49. See below for a link to one vendor.
      The iPod was obviously designed for optimal simplicity, elegance, and small-size. Apple crammed a flat battery into the thing that is about the size of the entire back of the device, and thus managed to make the highest capacity/size ratio portable mp3 player available.

      Adding an easily user-accessible battery door would (to my mind) break the seamlessness of the iPod's design and possibly require that it be larger as well (consider a door that's the size of practically the entire back of the device -- or whether the dimensions would change if some sort of snap-release tab-in-slot mechanism was added to the entire length and breadth of the current iPod back).

      Given that the battery lasts at least 18-months, I'd prefer to have a seamless design, and then have a little fun with a screwdriver when the time comes (rarely) to change the battery. In addition, I wonder how long the tiny hard drive will last given the conditions in which it's used and the forces to which it's subjected -- it wouldn't surprise me if (had I an iPod) I'd only need to replace the battery once.

      What's that, you didn't know the battery IS user-replaceable? See [] for details on the $49 ipod batteries they sell and to read the installation instructions. It doesn't look all that difficult for anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver.

      People seem to like to pile on criticism of the fact that the iPod battery is not easily replaceable. But I haven't heard the same sort of griping about the non-easily-user-replaceable lithium-ion batteries built into most PDAs (Palm Tungstens, Sony Clies, RIM Blackberrys, Compaq Ipaq, etc). I doubt all these companies forgo providing easy access to the batteries as some conspiracy to force consumers to replace the devices or pay to have a new battery installed, but rather the devices are designed to be as small and tightly packed as possible, and given this concern less regard is rightly given to putting the battery in an easily accessible spot and adding a door.

      It is worth griping a bit about Apple's previous battery replacement policy (they wanted $255 to replace the battery), but they've since changed their tune quite a bit and it'll now cost $99 to have them replace the battery for you. In addition, when buying an iPod, an additional $59 gets the warranty extended to two years.

      'Course, the iPod is out of my price range. I spent less than the cost of a $49 iPod battery on my teensy 128Mb USB-memory-stick-mp3-player-voice-recorder toy (Andus resound, flashed with some similar player's firmware to allow it to be mounted on Macs, Windows, and whatever-else as a real generic USB storage device), and find that this is a more than adequate amount of memory for a few hours of jogging. But if I were to buy an iPod, it would be because I appreciate things that are well designed and a joy to use, and the battery issue wouldn't even be on my radar.

  • Finally! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:31PM (#7797390)
    iCan afford one!
  • by Leffe ( 686621 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:32PM (#7797417)
    Apple realized that you'll have to hide your iPod when you want to be with your 'cool' Windows using friends.

    If they would see the iPod you'd instantly be removed from their hardcore powergaming group!
  • by Savatte ( 111615 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:33PM (#7797427) Homepage Journal
    The smaller and lighter the mp3 player, the better for joggers and runners. cd players are too bulky and heavy, but this could easily work.
    • by ucblockhead ( 63650 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:53PM (#7797670) Homepage Journal
      That a jogger, the real question is whether this device is solid state or harddrive based. I've never been willing to trust a hard drive to last while running.

      It has little to do with bulk. I've run with things as large as an iPod. I'm just afraid that a few months of the bouncing would cause a hard drive failure. It's why I haven't gotten one.
      • by xombo ( 628858 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:02PM (#7797780)
        The iPod precaches all the music you're listening to to 32mb of RAM so it plays for about 30 minutes before spinning the hard drive up again. It works fine for all the joggers I know and I've never had a problem with it in my car, with rattles constantly and can't support a CD player without more than 10 seconds of buffer.
      • I know anecdotal evidence isn't worth much, but I thought I should at least mention that my iPod hasn't been affected by my running at all. I've only had it for a few months though.
      • by dasmegabyte ( 267018 ) <> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:12PM (#7797874) Homepage Journal
        The Ipod hard disc has lasted quite well for my running. I've pulled at least 200 miles with it since May. I got freezes at one point but the last update cleared them up.

        The hard drive in there spins real slow (spindle speed being the major component of shock damage) and it only spins when it's seeking for music. Start a playlist and it'll load 32 meg of your list into memory IMMEDIATELY...and only spin up to add more, which it can usually do in under 10 seconds. This equates to 20-30 seconds of hard disk spin during a 45 minute run.

        Combine that with the one year warranty and an iSkin (with which I've dropped mine a number of times onto concrete from 4 feet, no problems) and you've got the best solution joggers ever had.
      • by ljavelin ( 41345 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:13PM (#7797878)
        I run at least 18 miles a week with my iPod for the last 14 months or so. So far, no problems.

        Of course it can't last forever, but it's lookin' good so far.
  • by Lord Bitman ( 95493 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:34PM (#7797433) Homepage
    what? Don't these people know how electronics work?! Gah.. well I for one refuse to buy one until they make it cost three times as much as a normal-sized one.
  • The Sony Way? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Destoo ( 530123 ) <> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:34PM (#7797440) Homepage Journal
    So that's how it's going to work. Kill the current market by spreading specs and rumors.

    100$ for a 2gb lightweight device by apple? amazing indeed.

    Just like the Playstation 2's specs killed the Dreamcast.

    Sorry, I'm just bitter.
    I probably just need more brandy in my coffee.
    Merry Xmas
    • Re:The Sony Way? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by DeltaSigma ( 583342 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:43PM (#7797560) Journal
      PS2's specs killed the dreamcast because consoles are released on a much larger time table. New MP3 players come out all the time. They're far closer to commodity hardware than gaming consoles are, thus, someone's not going to wait more than a few months for this ipod to materialize before they go out and buy from a different manufacturer.
    • Re:The Sony Way? (Score:3, Informative)

      by OmniVector ( 569062 )
      No. Apple tends to have quite a following, so unlike many other companies it has many rumor sites. You don't really see a, or

      Just off the top of my head i can name: [] [] []

      and i'm sure there are a lot more. i seriously doubt this is apple using a pr stunt, as these sorts of leaks happen often within apple and apple isn't to happy about it usually.
    • Re:The Sony Way? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by faust2097 ( 137829 )
      Just like the Playstation 2's specs killed the Dreamcast.

      I'm sick of that argument. Sega did a perfectly fine job of running the Dreamcast into the ground all by themselves, Sony just helped them along.
    • Re:The Sony Way? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by dasmegabyte ( 267018 )
      I wouldn't worry. Think Secret has been wrong so often, a rumour from them actually makes it LESS likely that something is true.

      Seriously, Slashdot, why are you still posting rumours from the people who cried "G5s in the new Powerbooks," "New PDAs from Apple," and other insane, no-chance-is-it-true rumors? Their "reliable sources" aren't.
  • by Th0th ( 15289 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:35PM (#7797456) Homepage
    Thank god, it's about time! The current Ipods are so bulky and unwieldly, I can't believe apple even introduced them!
  • but (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:36PM (#7797466)
    will the headphones still be white? otherwise, how could i identify with other pods?
  • Xmas? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by clmensch ( 92222 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:36PM (#7797471) Homepage Journal
    Wouldn't it have been smarter to release these BEFORE the holidays? Are they so down to the wire that a Jan. 6 announcement is the last possible day they can release them?
    • Re:Xmas? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by McAddress ( 673660 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:44PM (#7797572)
      the entire idea is to release them after the holidays, this way no one will get a low cost iPod instead of a $300 dollar one. wether this will work or not remains to be seen.
    • by SengirV ( 203400 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:29PM (#7798088)
      Why sell a prodeut for $100 when people are buying in droves at $299 - $499?

      So the idea of releasing them for xmas is a horrible one indeed.

      I think that the timing of the cheaper miniPods coincides nicely with the $100 mill Pepsi give-a-way starting in February.

      It's all a game, the game called 'Maximize Profits'. And selling only the current iPods for xmas make you a big fat winner winner chicken dinner. Also, how many people are going to return their $150 128 meg POS flash MP3 player to Best Buy to get one of these new miniPods? I'd say more than a few.
  • Pocket SIzed? Huh? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by ilsa ( 197564 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:36PM (#7797472) Homepage
    The current models fit my jacket pocket just fine, thank you kindly. And it holds lots more music.

    My only thought is that by getting into the ~$100 range, that makes it something parents will buy for spoiled teens more readily. That would make it pocketbook sized. Assuming there is any truth to the rumor, of course.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:36PM (#7797473)
    When you can get a cheap PII 100, install bsd on it, spend a week setting up a web interface and uploading all your songs, buying a cheap sound card, getting a car battery, put it all in a backpack and viola: Open Source MP3 player!
    • Tsk, tsk. Setting up the web interface for any self respecting geek takes just a few minutes. The rest of the week is getting the PHP, PNG, SVG and--in some cases--Flash to look just right and self-adjusting to every mp3 you have.

      And you left out the time for decorative case modding.
    • please... (Score:5, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:02PM (#7797775)
      my open source luggable MP3 player runs Gentoo .. it's far superior to BSD. Does BSD have portage? No .. in fact /usr/portage doesn't even exist. Clearly an inferior design.
  • by Otter ( 3800 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:37PM (#7797478) Journal
    Well, damnit, I expect it to be half the size of the current iPod *AND* powered by a standard 9V battery! Otherwise, I'll throw it out when the battery dies and sue Apple!
  • Brand Dilution (Score:5, Interesting)

    by kiwioddBall ( 646813 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:37PM (#7797482) Homepage
    Can this be true?

    Steve Jobs is well known for keeping a clean image on his products - it seems strange to me that he would allow rainbow iPods. Rumour has it he objected to the coloured backgrounds in the iPod adverts.

    It seems strange that he would dilute the iPod brand at such a critical point in its existence.


    Small iPods - no hard drives, only RAM based??
  • back to their roots (Score:5, Informative)

    by musikit ( 716987 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:38PM (#7797491)
    thank you slashdot for going back to your original roots. RUMORS. now we can use slashdot as a archival of vaporware that never made it to market.
  • perfect gift (Score:5, Insightful)

    by soundofthemoon ( 623369 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:38PM (#7797500)
    This would be really great. I'd love to be able to give something like this to my teenage nieces. Sure they could use a full-size iPod, but $400 is a lot for a teen to carry around and probably lose or break. $100 would be cheap enough that pain of loss wouldn't be too awful.

    Then I could just give them iTMS gift certificates for all future gifts. I'd be the best uncle ever!
  • Storage device? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by John_Booty ( 149925 ) <johnbooty AT bootyproject DOT org> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:42PM (#7797548) Homepage
    What kind of storage device would these use?

    My first thought was the CompactFlash-sized "microdrive" hard drives developed by IBM (not sure if they belong to Hitachi now). A 1GB microdrive sells for about $200, though. Even with the volume discount Apple would surely get, it's hard to image they could hit that $99 price point at any capacity. And I guess flash memory is ruled out for price reasons too....
    • Re:Storage device? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by eddy ( 18759 )

      Maybe a 'Cornice Storage Element', like the iGP-100 []?

    • Re:Storage device? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by stuartkahler ( 569400 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:52PM (#7798389)
      Up until now, the only demand for Microdrives has been camera owners who want a single Compact Flash card to take thousands of high resolution pictures. Microdrives use very few parts compared to a regular hard drive, so if they were produced in massive quantities, they could slash the price to a small fraction of the current one. Building the assembly line is likely the greatest expense in producing the drives.

      If Apple came to IBM with an offer to buy a million of the 1 gig drives at $40 each, ($40,000,000 contract), I'm sure some VP would work their ass off to make it happen. Especially since it would help them reduce their price on CF Mirco Drives, and push regular flash memory out of the market. There's a massive market for 1-2 gig Micro Drives that is waiting for the price to get reasonable. Portable USB storage, video and photo cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, digital picture frames, just to name a few. It's actually pretty amazing that a solid state storage device has greater market share than a disc based one right now.
    • You can get a 2.2G one by some company called magicstore new off ebay for $180. Since its a standalone product and more of a niche one than an ipod the profit margin is probably considerable. Still it seems too good to be true that I could get an ipod with 2G for $99 anytime real soon. Also- if they used cf sized microdrives I'd hope they'd just use a cf slot so you could expand. Such players exist, but nothing with the looks, interface or sound quality of an ipod.
      Personally I use an ipaq 2215 (sdio/cf/
  • by adamwright ( 536224 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:44PM (#7797578) Homepage
    All I want is the iTunes music store in the UK. My new 40G iPod is reading, meerly 2gig full. My credit card is ready, my bank account is ready. I've got enough of a buy list to spend 100 in 30 seconds.

    So where the hell's the store!?
  • interview (Score:5, Funny)

    by mabu ( 178417 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @04:58PM (#7797723)
    Consumer: Sounds cool. What about the battery? Have you all thought about having a user-replaceable battery?

    Steve Jobs: STRIPES! The new iPod will come in STRIPES! Who cares about the battery when you have STRIPES!
  • by jafac ( 1449 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:01PM (#7797769) Homepage
    The *big* one, speculated about on

    seems more interesting to me. . .

    Sounds like an ideal companion to a mini-dv camcorder. If one could dump video to it in the field, and possibly do edits to it (portable iMovie?) - that'd be great. I don't really have much use for an ipod - too big for pocket transportability (really). Too small (storage-wise) to be useful as a semi-portable "desktop music server" - (though a G4 iBook serves that purpose pretty well).
  • 1" Hard Drive? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Alpha_Geek ( 154209 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:05PM (#7797809) Homepage
    When I saw this story it immediately made me think of this story [] from back in November on macrumors.

    This snippet is what I recalled:
    Toshiba plans to expand into 1" hard drives in the future. 1" form factor drives are already being produced by Hitachi at this time.

    Toshiba supplies 1.8" drives for the current iPods. Seems a 1" drive is more likely than solid state memory for the new miniPods.
  • by Lars T. ( 470328 ) <Lars.Traeger@goo ... Ncom minus berry> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:30PM (#7798103) Journal
    when it's leaked on Apple's web pages.
  • by TClevenger ( 252206 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:30PM (#7798104)
    To fit the space available, Apple went with a custom-sized Lithium Polymer battery (picture []). These are of a size and shape that you're not going to be able to easily put together with Lithium Ion cells like a standard cellphone battery, so it's going to cost more.

    That said, since a 600mAh Lithium polymer cell phone battery [] costs $34.95, the 850mAh or 1200mAh iPod batteries [] aren't a bad deal at $49.00, and Apple will even do the labor and return shipping for $50 more.

  • by ELiTeUI ( 591102 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @05:32PM (#7798135)

    Toshiba's new 0.85-inch hard disks! []

    ...or at least it would be QUITE a coincidence if they did not use these drives.


  • by Dixie_Flatline ( 5077 ) <> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:05PM (#7798525) Homepage
    I just got an iPod for Solstice (actually, I got it a few weeks early), and the single best feature about it is the games.

    That's right. The 4 crappy games that came on it are a blessing.

    I HATE shopping. I've hated shopping since I was young and my mother dragged me out to malls to shop around. Back then, they didn't even have chairs everywhere. I stood around and hated the experience. Now, when I go shopping there are chairs everywhere, but nothing to do. It turns out, I still hate the experience.

    But now that I have an iPod, I can listen to the music, toodle around with Parachute or Name that Song, and look up every once in a while to say, "Yes dear, that looks great." I don't know if any of the other MP3 players out there have these little time wasters on them, but they should.

    (Oh, I hear the iPod does other things, too, like keep your contacts, alarms, notes and files. So handy!)
  • by morelife ( 213920 ) <> on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:05PM (#7798526)
    Mini iPod 99.
    Battery 99.
    Song .99
  • by ckuske ( 19234 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:07PM (#7798554)
    Just purchased a 10GB iPod for my fiancee for Christmas.

    She'll never fill it up, and I knew that, but she wanted an iPod.

    Now there are smaller ones that are $200 cheaper, and in colors as well, after I shelled out another $50 and got a custom paint job on it at ColorWare [].

    Apple, damn you!
  • by Bruha ( 412869 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:18PM (#7798639) Homepage Journal
    "Sir it would be cheaper to buy a new model than replace the battery"


    "Would you like to buy the battery replacement plan for 99 dollars sir?"
  • vaporware?? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by 3Suns ( 250606 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:27PM (#7798719) Homepage
    "From the vaporware dept"... Michael, How can anything be vaporware if the company hasn't announced the product yet and its very existance is only a rumor?
  • by BigGar' ( 411008 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @06:33PM (#7798779) Homepage
    is a mega-Ipod that will store a billion songs and be worn in a backpack like case and the battery worn around the waist like Batman's utility belt. At least that's what I think :-P
  • by idiot900 ( 166952 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @08:06PM (#7799452)
    2GB? $100? Made by Apple? I will buy one of these the very second they become available. At that price I won't worry about the battery dying after a couple years, I won't have iPod envy when the new version comes out, I won't cry if I drop it on the floor and break it. A wonderful idea, Apple - I only wonder if they will be able to make enough of them.
  • iPod battery FAQ (Score:5, Informative)

    by daveschroeder ( 516195 ) * on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @08:07PM (#7799458)
    (Not in relation to the mini-iPods, as I don't know their specifications, but there seem to be enough idiotic battery posts, so...)

    Q: Is the iPod's battery replacable?

    A: Yes. Apple has an official battery replacement program [] for $99. You send your iPod in (any model iPod), and Apple will replace the battery for $99.

    Q: Is the iPod's battery user-replaceable?

    A: Yes and no. The iPod's case is not designed to be opened, so, in that repsect, it's not what you would generally refer to as "user-replaceable". But, the case can be opened, and there are several third parties that offer replacement batteries for the iPod, such as [] (instructions available at that link) and PDASmart, for as low as $49. Some will even do the replacement for you if you send it it.

    Q: What's the deal? Does Apple think the iPod is disposable?

    A: No.

    Q: I heard that the iPod's battery only lasts 18 months, and then you have to buy a new iPod, is that true?

    A: NO! The vast, vast majority of even the earliest iPods, now over two years old, continue to function just fine. Some iPods, however, have had issues with batteries. Lithium ion batteries are only good for 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles []. For this reason, certain customers' usage patterns may cause the batteries to degrade, or fail, sooner than others.

    A2: If the battery does fail, and the iPod is no longer under its original one year warranty or $59 AppleCare Protection Plan [], or any of numerous third party service plans, you don't have to buy a new iPod. You may replace the battery yourself for as little as $49, or have Apple perform the replacement for $99.

    Q: Why didn't Apple use better batteries?

    A: Apple used the best lithium ion battery technology available from leading battery manufacturers. This is the best, most cost effective battery technology available given the requirements of the device. The lithium ion batteries Apple uses are no different than lithium ion batteries used by anyone else. The battery should last most normal users several years.

    Q: Why doesn't Apple make the battery easily replaceable, then? Or use different batteries, like AA?

    A: Because if they did either, the size of the batteries and/or the access panels and mechanisms required to access the battery would make the unit significantly larger than it is, likely by several milimeters in thickness at a minimum, and it may possibly affect other dimensions as well. It was an engineering decision to use an integrated battery; if it were not integrated, the unit would not have the small, sleek form factor that makes it so attractive. Additionally, the iPod's battery is indeed replaceable, as has been discussed above.

    Q: Well, no one else does that!

    A: Wrong. Prime example: Dell's new DJ portable music player uses an integrated, non-user-replaceable lithium ion battery, just like the iPod. Dell also has no plan or program to replace batteries outside of warranty at this time.

    Q: But, Apple only released their battery replacement service because of all the bad publicity from the Neistat brothers' video [].

    Wrong again. Apple released the battery replacement program as early as November 14. was only registered on November 20, and started being heavily publicized on November 21. Additionally, Apple had been planning the battery replacement program for months - these types of service programs don't just happen overnight - before Casey Neistat even had his first contact with Apple. The video campaign had nothing to do with Apple's rollout of the battery replacement program.
    • Re:iPod battery FAQ (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Brat Food ( 9397 ) on Tuesday December 23, 2003 @09:36PM (#7799949) Homepage
      Course, theres also a little bit of economics to consider here:

      Lets say, the iPod had the choice of using 2AA batteries. Lets's say you got your AA's at $0.50(too high? too low? i dont have to buy them). Lets's see what youve paid for JUST BATTERIES over the "300-500" charge average lifetime of apples built in battery:

      err, $300-$500... I made my math too easy =(

      Probably more depending on how much you use the ipod, if the ipod could run on only 2AAs, and what quality battery you buy for it. Still complaining? If you are really desperate, i think some companies offer *gasp* external battery packs. But even at 99 bucks, Apples battery replacement nost likely means your not gonna blow double that much on batteries over the next few years.


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