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MacGimp Reviewed, Available For Easy Download 80

Kelly McNeill writes "Now that a native X Window system (X11) comes as standard equipment on OS X Panther, osViews' Kelly McNeill thought that now might be the right time to review the latest (stable) version of of the GNU Image Manipulation Program -- version 1.2.5. Gimp reviews in the past have typically either been written from a non-technical perspective -- authored by graphic artists or by software developers -- having little understanding of the needs of graphic designers. Kelly McNeill is a self-proclaimed tech geek and a working graphic artist, which makes the review all the more interesting." And Durin_Deathless writes "A new open source company, Archei LLC , is sponsoring free downloads of MacGIMP. You can download here(1)(officially) or here(2) (no personal info needed). You could also use Fink to get GIMP, but if GIMP is all want, here you go."
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MacGimp Reviewed, Available For Easy Download

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    the link to download macgimp without registering takes you to a webpage that links to the registration form.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    A story about GIMP? As if Macs didn't get enough trolls equating operating system choice to "deviant" sexual preferences...
  • by Llywelyn ( 531070 ) on Tuesday November 11, 2003 @08:46PM (#7449686) Homepage
    From the article:

    >After thinking about it however, I realized that these
    >complaints were mis-directed. Clipboard data is not an
    >application-specific function. Therefore, the problem is
    >not something specific to The Gimp, but rather to X11.

    That it isn't GIMP's problem doesn't keep it from being, well, a problem with GIMP.
  • They also have WinGIMP, which is basically GIMP for Windows. The only difference is you are overpriced for WinGIMP, while GIMP for Windows is free. Do I hear a Microsoft-like plan here (aka ripping off users by making them buy overpriced crud) ?
  • download links (Score:3, Informative)

    by TimButterfield ( 16686 ) on Tuesday November 11, 2003 @09:43PM (#7449976) Homepage
    Since the original link did not appear to work, here are a couple more that might:

    MacGimp []
    WinGimp []
  • About a month ago, I managed to build the GIMP on a Powerbook G4 with Jaguar. Then I installed it on a G3 iMac, with a lot of effort, mostly running the app over and over, adding missing libs until finally it ran, with some warnings but it runs ok, with X11 beta.
    BR Oh, and all this without Fink... well, the day I install Panther I will give this MacGIMP a try, or install Fink and stop wasting time.
    • Use fink, it took me 30 seconds to install. (well, more to download, but you get the idea).

      I've done it on Jaguar and Panther.

    • Re:a month too late! (Score:2, Informative)

      by PeeweeJD ( 623974 )

      Fink is definitely the way to go... And you don't have to go through all this crap.

      If you have problems with command line crap, try out Fink Commander [] (which is a gui for fink). It makes installing stuff through fink even easier (you select what you want from a table and click install).

      ps: the link in my sig is a bunch of pictures that I made with Gimp for Fark contests...

  • by cubal ( 601223 )
    Companies that sell GPL software make me think - why has the community not gotten together to bypass this sort of profit mongering?

    All it would take would be one person to buy it, get the source as macgimp has it (i.e. patched for comp. on Mac OS X), build it themselves then stick it on or or similar... in fact, the community could pool together say 50 people at $1 each, and we have a free (as in speech) version of macgimp :)

    That make any sense?
  • Hrmm (Score:3, Informative)

    by ActiveSX ( 301342 ) on Tuesday November 11, 2003 @10:44PM (#7450341) Homepage
    The 1.2 series is so crusty feeling compared to 1.3. Really, 1.3 is like a whole new GIMP.
  • Here's an installer [] that will get GIMP installed on a Windows machine in 2 or 3 .exe files.

    It's the latest release too (1.2.5) which seems uncommon in Win ports of *nix software.

  • Launcher my arse (Score:3, Informative)

    by pauldy ( 100083 ) on Wednesday November 12, 2003 @12:26AM (#7450883) Homepage
    I wanted to post this on macgimp if it wasn't for that registration thingy.
    If you want to launch gimp like a regular program follow these simple steps after having it installed were you can at the very least run it from a terminal command line.

    #1 go to find (command f) and search for gimp. Locate the file named gimp with a parent of bin. it should reside in /opt/local/bin With this file located select it and do a get info. Go to Ownership & permissions. Make sure the details are showing and select the current user for the owner. This should prompt you for the administrative password. Enter it and click ok.

    #2 double click the application gimp. Select choose application. Find your X11 application and click ok. It will then tell you not enough information is available and ask if you would like to update the program click update.

    #3 after gimp launches close out of it and shut X11 down.

    #4 get info on gimp again and change the owner back to system. Close the get info box.

    #5 make an alias to gimp by selecting the icon and pressing command+option while dragging the alias to its new home.

    You can now close out of all the windows your new alias is now a launcher for gimp. YMMV on this as I just decided to try it out being a Mac user for so long I just figured this was the way it should be done and low and behold it worked without a hitch. System was 10.3 with the latest updates for both X11 and the security updates from apple. In addition you can add it to the dock but because it is a file not an application you have to place it to the side of the solid black line the trash can is on.
    • This MacGIMP Launcher [] script started it fine for me. Of course, I found this after I created the /opt/local/bin/gimp link in the X11 applications menu.
      • This is exactly what you don't need if you follow the directions. In addition this procedure works for all X11 based apps including the likes of tystudio which was the original app I tested this on. Now when I want to grab video off my tivo it is no longer a hassle just a click on the app for tystudio and X11 comes up and so does tystudio.
    • I wonder if you also get a whole list of errors (in xterm) related to Gimp plugins and what looks like missing Perl modules when you start up Gimp?

      I tried to solve it by installing the 'Gimp' Perl module with CPAN but the install failed.


    • Re:Launcher my arse (Score:3, Informative)

      by amackeyuva ( 212557 )
      Slightly cleaner instructions (should work for more people):

      1. Don't use Find, but open:

      % open /opt/local/bin

      2. Use GetInfo as described to change ownership to current user

      3. Select "Open With" info tab, "Choose Other", find X11, click "Always Open With This" button

      4. Double click gimp to ensure it works (you'll have to go through Gimp setup).

      5. Quit Gimp and X11

      6. Change ownership back to system.

      7. Drag gimp icon into dock - no need to make an alias

      8. if you want to be able to open gimp from the s
    • tell application "X11"
      end tell
      do shell script "export DISPLAY=:0 && source /sw/bin/ && gimp"

      Save as an Application. You can even add a cool GIMP icon.
    • If you want to launch gimp like a regular program follow these
      simple stepS after having it installed...

      This is a joke, right?

  • GINP (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    GINP Is Not Photoshop
  • I have been using the Gimp on my PC and Mac for a year and certainly don't miss Photoshop anymore. Yes, the handling of files can be a bit awkward on a Mac, but that's really the only bit of criticism I have. On the positive side, you get an impressive community of people eager to help, great online tutorials, a vast library of plugins, and, best of all: It's free.

    When was the last time any of the teenage trolls here actually had to shell out money for Photoshop and not just download it from a warez site?

  • This can't be true (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    I use Gimp on a Linux Box (because there is no Photoshop).

    Did anyone try to save an image as jpeg? The quality is arghhh.

    I really prefer to reboot into Windows or use my Mac with Photoshop.

    I'm really doing a lot with open source software. Some programs are great (jedit). But I fear the arrival of the day when such great companies like BareBones, Adobe or Metrowerks have to close their gates (hehe) and we all remain only with this free stuff.

    The user friendliness if 98% of these things is very bad. Good
    • The user friendliness if 98% of these things is very bad. Good only for people, who have fun finding out how things work. NOT for professionals who need to use programs to do their work.

      I Agree with that statement 100%. I have never had a problem with GIMP's image quality though. The default isn't great quality but you can change that. I'm sure you are awaer of that though. I think the gimp is one of if not the best and most complete opensource alternative to expensive profissional software.
    • Did anyone try to save an image as jpeg?

      Sure, lots of them

      The quality is arghhh.

      That's precise. Can you link to some comparison images, complete with specifying what settings you used to save each image?

      Here's an honest question: Isn't a JPEG a JPEG a JPEG? Isn't JPEG a standard format, or are there lots of different ways to sample and compress an image and still wind up with a JPEG file that can be opened by any other JPEG-capable app?

      Good only for people, who have fun finding out how things work. NO

  • I installed Gimp using fink and fink commander (could not have been any easier). I run it on my Jaguar iMac using the latest pre-Panther beta of X11.

    My only beef with it (and its really an X11 thing) is that when you switch from one pallette to another (which are different X11 windows) you have to click once to activate the window and then click again to select your tool (or whatever). It does not really work like a seamless application, even though it is.

  • Using GIMP 1.2 may expose you to transmission of the dreaded "Debian Syndrome", a severe neurosis which is evidenced by the refusal to declare anything less then half a decade out of date as "stable".
  • I hate managing so many individual windows. Until this changes, I will have to avoid the gimp. I prefer a single window with everthing in it ( that can be hidden on command). Otherwise, when I do web graphics ( usually my reason for gimp ). Normally, I would need one browser window open, one text editor open for html, and 15 gimp windows open, it's just not my cup of tea.

    Despite It's downfalls, I have to agree that a lot of hard work has gone in to the gimp, and it is an excellet tool. I just prefer a
  • Of course, it seems that Apple has removed the version of X11 for pre-Panther OS X computers, so you'll either have to compile it yourself or buy Panther.
  • X11 does not come as part of Panther by default. It's an optional install, just like it was for Jaguar.

    Photo editing without color matching? I'll stick to my $30 Photoshop Elements, thanks.
    • X11 does not come as part of Panther by default. It's an optional install, just like it was for Jaguar.

      Yes it does, it's on the Panther install CDs. It is not installed by default, but it is included, and you can select during the installation process. X11 was not included with Jaguar; you had to download it.

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