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Screenshots of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Leaked 545

gorman writes "Screenshots of Apple's next major update to OS X, Panther (10.3), have finally been leaked to the web. For months very little has been known about Panther, with only several minor rumors here and there. These screenshots show off many new features, including the return of labels, a brand new Safari-like finder, and an interesting window management system called Exposé. In addition, the screenshots show off refined visuals and improvements to all of the included Apple applications, such as video support in iChat and enhanced spam filtering in Mail. While these screenshots show off a pre-release version of Panther, it's definitely interesting to see what Apple is working on! Steve Jobs will demonstrate Panther during his keynote this Monday at WWDC and will make it available to developers."
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Screenshots of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Leaked

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  • by computerme ( 655703 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:37PM (#6261870)
    Looks like apple is poised again to take charge of the future of OSes. I can't wait till monday so i can see what will be in longhorn 2005.
  • Does anyone know of a _good_ Gnome theme that matches Mac OS X's Aqua look and feel?

  • Mirror (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:40PM (#6261891)
    Mirror []

  • Torrent here (Score:5, Informative)

    by mcgroarty ( 633843 ) <brian.mcgroarty@gmail . c om> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:40PM (#6261896) Homepage
    Torrent of the index.html and all images is here (panther.torrent) [] if page gets slashdotted.
  • Having purchased 10.2.* I have to wonder what this will cost....

    Will it be a downloadable update, or will I have to purchase an upgrade disc? If I have to buy it, how much will that cost???
    • From what I recall, odd versions are supposed to be free ugprades (i.e., 10.1, 10.3, 10.5, etc.) and even versions are paid-for upgrades (10.2, 10.4, etc.).

      So Panther should be free to owners of Jaguar/10.2.
    • Re:$$$$ Money ???? (Score:2, Informative)

      by entrox ( 266621 )
      I'm 99% sure it will cost money. Probably $129 retail, $79 academic and $0 for ADC members. You had to pay for 10.2, what makes you think 10.3 will be free?
      • Re:$$$$ Money ???? (Score:5, Insightful)

        by squiggleslash ( 241428 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @01:05PM (#6262106) Homepage Journal
        ADC membership, by itself, is free. It's the premium options that cost money. So I suspect what you really meant is $0 for paying ADC members... ;-)

        Apple is giving all developers who attend the WWDC conference a free preview copy of Panther.

        I suspect, incidentally, that you're right. There's a load of comments about it being free because it's an "odd numbered release". Bollocks. 10.1 was free because 10.0 was barely usable, not because it was an odd number. Jaguar is a good, mature, stable OS, Apple doesn't have to compensate people for using it...

      • Re:$$$$ Money ???? (Score:3, Insightful)

        by k_187 ( 61692 )
        the fact that 10.1 was "free". of course by free, I mean that you could go to an apple store and get an upgrade or pay 20 bucks to get the CD shipped to you, but that's a moot point compared to the 79 or 129 prices of 10.2. In all honesty 10.3 will probably be pay, as its another upgrade like 10.2 was i.e. lots of under the hood, and a few new/upgraded apps. I still say bring it on though.
    • Re:$$$$ Money ???? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by pauljlucas ( 529435 )

      I have to wonder what this will cost....>/i>

      Probably the same as what Jaguar cost.

      Will it be a downloadable update ...

      Based on the 10.1-to-10.2 transition, probably not. The x.y.z (where the z varies) updates are free. Geez... you're getting oodles of new features and can't cough up the modest price to support the company? Why do people always expect new software releases to be free and are outraged when they're not? Software isn't free. It takes developer and Q/A time (which is very expen

  • by nurb432 ( 527695 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:43PM (#6261920) Homepage Journal
    "experience'.... Blah, how lame. Its soooo overused these days it makes me sick.

    Between that and Microsoft's ' rich internet experience' crap.

    Its a damned OS, its a TOOL.. its not some drug induced altered state of mind...

  • by yroJJory ( 559141 ) <me&jory,org> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:46PM (#6261949) Homepage
    Improving the the capabilities of the spam filtering in Apple's program is nice, but I wonder if they've fixed any of the *REAL* problems? There are so many problems that Macintouch [] has PAGES of reader reports of issues. []

    Like, the fact that the application kills its own preferences if your drive runs out of space.

    Or the problem of attachments being destroyed when sent if they have a resource fork.

    I switched to for a day, but switched back to Entourage when I discovered these serious issues, as well as the lack of interface behavior controls (like the fact that automatically marks an email viewed in the preview pane as "read", when I don't want it to).
    • I'm sure it will have tons of bug fixes and speed improvements, just like Jaguar. But what is easier to show (especially in a screen shot), new features or bug fixes?
      • With an app as buggy as is, I don't understand why they haven't released a maintenence update already? I mean they've updated iSync and iPod and other tools so many times in the past few months.

        The Mac needs a decent email app. Entourage corrupts mailboxes (and is from M$), Eudora hasn't gotten any real improvements since version 3 (no, I don't consider advertising an improvement), and MailSmith suffers from lack of UI controllability (much like

        Did I miss something?
        • by curious.corn ( 167387 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @01:05PM (#6262108)
          It did receive fixes. Before some 10.2.x update, would have serious problems with nested IMAP folders. I reported the bug to apple and they fixed it.
          All I have to complain about is that with large folders it appears to stall indexing them but simply quitting and restarting it clears the issue (and no, Force Quit doesn't destroy anything). Also I wouldn't mind if it had parallel IMAP/POP connections but as far as I'm concerned I'm very pleased by it.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      like the fact that automatically marks an email viewed in the preview pane as "read", when I don't want it to

      Yes, how dare mark a message "read" when it's been viewed! I think it should only be marked as "read" after I'd read it, and considered the spiritual nature of it's consequences. When will apple correct this deficiency???

    • Like, the fact that the application kills its own preferences if your drive runs out of space.

      That's not a bug, that's an OS X behavior. I've experienced this particular little "feature" with MT-Newswatcher, Safari/Chimera/MSIE, AlphaX, Preview, etc.

      That said, I've been using to handle email from 5 different accounts since 10.0 and I've had no problems with it.

  • Oh wow! (Score:3, Funny)

    by I Am The Owl ( 531076 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:47PM (#6261953) Homepage Journal
    It looks exactly the same! That is just too cool!
  • HTTP Mirror (Score:3, Informative)

    by DMDx86 ( 17373 ) <news&fortbendisdsucks,com> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:48PM (#6261960) Homepage Journal
    Mirror in case of slashdotting: Click Here []
  • No mention of that.
    I hope it's there - Yahoo for OS X has had video for ages and it's a lot less useful than voice.
    Another thing I'd like is a better shortcut key set than they have. I don't want to *always* keep a mouse in hand.
    Also a way to minimize all windows at once...
    I don't see another $140 of value here yet...

  • by Neophytus ( 642863 ) * on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:50PM (#6261982)
    Whos willing to bet that the very accidental leak of G5 specs came from the same people who very accidentaly leaked these screenshots.
  • I want to know if that's really Apple's new idea of Aqua for window title bars, etc. It does not gel consistently with the background bars. Look at the system prefs pic, it has pinstripes whereas the others do not. The background bars are usually slightly translucent in 10.2 as well, why is that gone in this 10.3 shot? Also, why would Apple leave a more obvious pinstripe on the menu bar and remove it elsewhere? Either Apple has abandoned consistency within Aqua itself or this is a horrible theming job
  • A few observations (Score:5, Interesting)

    by eericson ( 103272 ) <> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:52PM (#6262001) Homepage
    A few things:

    1) I completely stoked to see Security having it's own control panel.

    2) Where's the advanced spam filtering mentioned? I just see the normal screen.

    3) I don't see the Safari driven finder either. It's just the normal finder window with a brushed metallic look. (I still haven't made up my mind on the metallic. I don't hate it, but it's not lickable like the rest of the OS)

    4) For anyone who's never used them, folder actions kick ass.

    Can't wait till monday.

    • by Squidgee ( 565373 )
      The Safari-driven finder: look here []. Looks veddy veddy Safari like to me...
    • by zerocircle ( 559005 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @02:52PM (#6262775)
      Where's the advanced spam filtering mentioned? I just see the normal screen.

      True, but it's a normal screen with nothing in the inbox. That's some damn good spam filtering.

    • 3) I don't see the Safari driven finder either. It's just the normal finder window with a brushed metallic look. (I still haven't made up my mind on the metallic. I don't hate it, but it's not lickable like the rest of the OS)

      I don't think that's a Safari-driven finder. I think Safari is the active app, and the rest of the apps are ghosted.

      As far as the brushed metal look goes, there's a hack for OSX that lets users make all the windows brushed metal, or make none of them brushed metal. (I read about it
  • HTTP Link (Score:2, Informative)

    by Pheonix5000 ( 661842 )
    Here's another MIRROR []. in case the other pages have suffered the Slashdot effect.
  • Rumor sites and leaks have pretty much gotten all the good stuff already. So I wonder what Steve will do on monday. I mean he truly loves announcing new shiny things.
  • by rgoer ( 521471 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @12:55PM (#6262028)
    That is to say, I love iTunes. It is the easiest, most pleasant way to organize and listen to your digital music collection. But did anybody notice the process monitor shot? iTunes is still sitting there taking almost twice the cycles of the notoriously-bloated-and-CPU-hogging MS Word. That's worse than the performance I got out of iTunes from two versions ago!
  • Same old shitty jelly/toothpaste-look with "cool" horizontal stripes all over the GUI. Seems like this is still treated as "news" though. :-P
  • I noticed that the IChat and other various windows are censored.

    I wonder if the screenshots were taken during the pr0n testing phase, or if a desperate wife was trying to "convince" her husband to come home and stop playing with Panther....

  • Brushed Metal? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by RickHunter ( 103108 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @01:08PM (#6262129)

    What's with all the "brushed metal"-looking programs this time around? I thought Apple was going for UI consistancy. Surely having a bunch of built-in programs that look totally different from everything else on the system defeats the purpose here? And if you must violate your own UI consistancy standards, you should at least do it for something less ugly-looking than brushed metal. Ew!

  • Food for thought (Score:5, Interesting)

    by The Infamous Grimace ( 525297 ) <> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @01:14PM (#6262184) Homepage
    Taken directly from the MacRumors forums: []


    Re: This is fake

    First, I'm really really really pissed off because I wrote this whole message and then accidentally deleted it. Seems you can't control-Z in these input boxes.

    Second, I think these shots are fake, too. I hope they are for some of the reasons outlined below. I'll be going into a lot less detail in light of the fact that I'm having to type it all again. I did do an Observation/Conclusion thing, but this time I'll just make the observations and you can make your own conclusions.

    I have only skimmed the thread, so apologies if these points have been brought up. Just seemed like everyone was "WOOHOO"ing without really looking closely. And similarity to other posts is just coincidence.

    OBSERVATION: In the Activity Monitor window there are strange inconsistencies.

    * First there are really tacky colours. Windows type tacky colour, not beautiful Apple colours.

    * Second, the "% Nice" uses a , to seperate the decimals, not a . like the rest of the %'s. This smacks to me of a slip-up by someone European making the fakes.

    * Third, the "Threads" and "Processes" don't line up right. Unless this is a very early build, it's very sloppy.

    OBSERVATION: Yahoo Instant messenger is in the dock and on the desktop. If this is Panther, that presumably means no Yahoo support in iChat.

    OBSERVATION: In the full screen of the expose desktop, Safari is all blocked out. Why? What incriminating website could he/she be looking at?

    OBSERVATION: Why are the iChat windows censored totally? Why not just block them out like the Safari window?

    OBSERVATION: About Finder is all wrong. "The Macintosh Desktop Experience"? And why "Finder version 10.3" rather than "Mac OS X (10.3)" like we'd expect? These aren't big things, obviously, but still...

    OBSERVATION: No build number. Seems strange, since they'll most likely be giving out preview copies on Monday, and developers will want to know what build they're working with. If it's the final release, how did slip-ups like above creep in?

    OBSERVATION: In the iChat window, it says "There is no camera attached to this computer." Yet the progress bar seems to be showing activity of some sort?

    OBSERVATION: The Finder window named Xdrive is metal, but not entirely consistently. The metal has a bar down the right, next to the scroll bar, unlike Safari. This on its own is nothing that important, but the grow icon thing in the bottom right seems misplaced.

    OBSERVATION: In the Mail screenshot, the "Working Offline" seems all wrong. Especially the "o" in working.

    It just seems all wrong to me. I'm bound to end up with egg on my face, but I thought these items needed discussion.

    - Jimmni


    Points worth thinking about.

    "We do not inherit the land from our ancestors"
    "We borrow it from our children"
    • Re:Food for thought (Score:3, Informative)

      by MochaMan ( 30021 )
      Second, the "% Nice" uses a , to seperate the decimals, not a . like the rest of the %'s. This smacks to me of a slip-up by someone European making the fakes.

      Or making the screenshots. On a French Canadian system, for example, you'll get commas for decimals in every application that displays decimal numbers. Not that I'm espousing one opinion or another. Just that whoever did these may have been a French or Spanish speaker who temporarily switched their language to English for the screenshots... and nu
    • by Phroggy ( 441 ) * <.moc.yggorhp. .ta. .3todhsals.> on Saturday June 21, 2003 @05:10PM (#6263426) Homepage
      OBSERVATION: In System Preferences, several things seem to be missing. Login Items, ColorSync, and Internet don't seem to fit in with anything else. I love the idea of .Mac and Print & Fax being their own panels, though.

      OBSERVATION: The "More Info" button in the About Finder window, which launches Apple System Profiler, is missing.

      OBSERVATION: Corners for activating Exposé would conflict with the screen saver in a confusing way. Also, if Exposé is a real feature, it's a development code name - no way in hell Apple would ship it with that name.

      OBSERVATION: System Preferences is an inactive window (titlebar widgets aren't colored), and the titlebar is not translucent.

      Observation: The brushed metal Finder window includes what appears vaguely to be a list of mounted volumes (along with a Network icon). However, the disk image icon is that of an image file, not a mounted volume!

      OBSERVATION: The Applications, Documents, etc. links in the aforementioned Finder window aren't vertically aligned very well.

      OBSERVATION: In the same Finder window, the Xdrive volume is selected in blue, and what appears to be an Applications (Mac OS 9) folder behind it (no menu transparency!) is ALSO selected, making it unclear which item the displayed menu would apply to. It seems REALLY strange to have a toolbar button with a menu that contains precisely the same menu items that are also in the main system menu bar. Contextual menus are neat time-savers, but that's just stupid. Apple does seem to like non-descript graphical labels like that, though (see iTunes - grrrr!).
  • by Milkyman ( 246513 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @01:16PM (#6262208)
    I dont understand ? unless the person leaking the screenshots ws looking at porn or something?
  • by Lawrence_Bird ( 67278 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @04:43PM (#6263295) Homepage
    more and more /. posts, comments, and 'reviews' of updates to OSs focus soley on the eye candy, and ignore issues of whats changed under the hood to actually make the OS better. It would be sad indeed if we have reached the point in OS development where all that matters is if the title bar is brushed metal or something else.
  • Most Tantalizing (Score:4, Insightful)

    by buckhead_buddy ( 186384 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @05:07PM (#6263410)
    The activity viewer is a nice GUI improvement over the Process Viewer in the Jaguar Utilities folder (which is just a simple GUI for ps). This will make a nice helper for telephone tech support people trying to get grandma's computer problem licked. Note that the title bar of this window isn't "metal" or "blue courderoy" as we know them today. Looking at other screen shots this appears to either be a tip off that these are fake or an indication of a subtle interface theme evolution.

    Expose' looks like a neat feature but probably more complex than most people will want to deal with. I'm also curious how the corner activation behavior will work with multiple screens.

    The one panel Finder window looks like a very cool user interface improvement to tackle problems of novice users ("I have to dig so deep to get to my home folder" and "why can't I have a simple desktop like OS 9") The new highlighting method (blue rounded rectangle around the filename) looks like a nice eye candy improvement.

    System Preferences has gotten rid of ColorSync, My Account, and Login Items. Combined Desktop and Screen Savers. Combined mouse & keyboard. Added a Print & Fax icon. Added icons for Security and Expose'. Hopefully this indicates a trend of trying to integrate tools from the Utilities folder into the System Preferences.

    While all of these are nice changes (and I will be first in line to buy my copy), I don't think these changes alone are compelling justifications of a large upgrade price for an experienced user. I hope Apple will backport any security and bug fix updates for Panther back to Jaguar for those users who don't find the upgrade makes sense.
  • by Sri Lumpa ( 147664 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @05:23PM (#6263473) Homepage

    Steve Jobs come on stage, talks about lots of nifty new stuff for a long while, then prepare to go away, turn back to face the crowd...

    "Oh, and one more thing, I almost forgot to talk about Panther..." ... Demonstrate Panther live...

    Audience yawns, somebody yells "We already saw the sceenshots!"

    Steve looks a little bit disoriented "euh, yes, hum"...

    But quickly recovers "Oh, and one more thing, we have at the back a demonstration machine of the new PowerMacs coming to market next month, you are really going to shit in your pants with these"

    A few Apple guys come on stage with a machine described by Steve as a dual G5 (970) 2GHz, audience yawns, somebody yells "Yes, we have known for THREE BLOODY DAYS".

    Steve positively looks finished, his face looking down, his speech notes fall from his hands, the lights on stage dim out while he slowly turns to exit, he advances near the back of the stage, and stops!

    A spot lights up on him, his hunched body straightens up, he turns back to face the crowd with a small smile on his face, advance to the podium with long strides and start speaking:

    "You will have to excuse me but I almost forgot this one LAST thing due to ship in two month."

    Curtains open, revealing another machine which Jobs describes as a dual PPC G5 (970) 2.5GHz with more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at to an audience that stays here gobsmacked, not believing what they see.

    After having written this I guess I will be labeled a deluded Mac Zealot but the truth is that while MacOSX makes me drool (figuratively of course) I never owned a Mac myself but if I was in Steve Jobs position with a long string of surprises at previous keynotes and with a new architecture that cannot be too surprising in itself given how badly it is needed and expected I probably would manufacture some rumours and faked leaks to dull people's expectancy into a big surprise and then I would use a wild card to shock and awe (to reuse an already overused term) the audience by its unexpectedness as much as by its intrinsic quality. Of course this is assuming that Apple does have such a card up its sleeve.
  • by AIXadmin ( 10544 ) on Saturday June 21, 2003 @05:56PM (#6263614) Homepage
    What is crazier then the images is the fact that those of us going to WWDC next week are going to pay Apple up to 2 grand to let us drink their kool-aid. .............and get to talk directly to the engineers, marketing, etc. But hey.

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