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Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Hits Mirrors 71

Morganic writes "After checking periodically for the past couple days, I noticed that YDL 3.0 has hit the mirrors, a day early (in fact, the page above still says it's not available, but the mirrors at the bottom are carrying it). Anyone got a BitTorrent?"
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Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Hits Mirrors

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  • by AtariAmarok ( 451306 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @04:29PM (#5864840)
    "Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Hits Mirrors" ....Just what Yellow Dog Linux needs, 7 years of bad luck for each mirror broken.
  • Changes... (Score:4, Informative)

    by icemax ( 565022 ) <> on Friday May 02, 2003 @04:30PM (#5864850) Homepage
    Yellow Dog Linux version 3.0 is Terra Soft's most recent release which offers a completely rebuilt Installer, 1300 packages on 6 CDs (3 Install, 3 Source), a unified KDE and GNOME desktop environment featuring shared menus, applications, and user interface. With enhanced support for the latest ATI and NVidia graphics cards (full 3D support for the ATI Radeon series), "video issues" are a thing of the past.

    Very nice!
  • Er. (Score:4, Interesting)

    by rplacd ( 123904 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @04:31PM (#5864861) Homepage
    They probably haven't made the release public because they want the mirrors to catch up. Now that you've told the world about it, the mirror sites have to compete with users trying to download it.
  • I understand the concept of BitTorrent, but is it a faster download or is it just being nice to Terra Soft's poor little mirrors?
    • by mhesseltine ( 541806 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @05:35PM (#5865411) Homepage Journal

      I understand the concept of BitTorrent, but is it a faster download or is it just being nice to Terra Soft's poor little mirrors?
      It's a bit of both. Because you are sharing up/down bandwidth with other users, you may find that you can d/l from 5 people each @ 200Kbps, for a d/l of 1Mbps, which may be more than the one mirror can handle. Also, since the downloads come from peers, it does reduce the bandwidth necessary for the mirror to provide.

      For more info on BT, visit the official BitTorrent [] site.

  • Yeah, it's out (Score:3, Interesting)

    by yummyporkproducts ( 577076 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @05:06PM (#5865173)
    I downloaded it last night, though I've run into problems installing it.... I manage to get 98% done and the installer crashes. Grrrr
    • Re:Yeah, it's out (Score:3, Interesting)

      by apemn88 ( 670585 )
      Yep...downloaded at 22k/s, burnt it, and it crashed just before finishing. Anyone got this to actually install? I'm running dual 1.42, Radeon 9000, gig of RAM....
    • Re:Yeah, it's out (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      Check the MD5sums. I also had a problem, but the checksum on the 3rd CD iso doesn't check out.
    • Even with good ISOs (I checked the md5sum), the installer still can't handle my IBM mouse (just like 2.3), and the installer trashed by partition map (see the warning and "workaround" at owdog-general/2003-April/007186.html ).

      The installer locked up somewhere on disk2, leaving me with a hosed system.
  • by NanoGator ( 522640 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @05:11PM (#5865214) Homepage Journal
    "Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 Hits Mirrors" ...a handful of people rejoice! :-)
  • have any of you bought this and have been using it? it was released for purchase a while ago. i tried 2,0 a while ago on my g4, it was slow. i want to use this on an 8500av but worry that itll crawl. also my av input/output card (apple's AV expansion card) isnt supported so ill have to stick with MoL to use it. but im sick of running 8,6 on it and want a modern OS. any feedback, esp on older machines.
    • "im sick of running 8,6 on it and want a modern OS."

      well, you could upgrade to 9.1... not a huge improvement, but if you can't run OS X and dont want to do linux, you might as well...
      • well thats jsut it, im sick of the old mac OS, and cant run the new one. so im wondering if Linux will solve my problems. im going to run 9,2 in MoL if it works with the AV hardware. in 8,6 i have to use 'apple video player' to access the AV stuff. i dont think its in 9,x. or was it replaced with something after system 8.
    • Re:any reviews (Score:2, Informative)

      To my understanding there was a bug in 2.0 that made it crawl. 2.3 was really snappy for me on a G3/300, as alway YMMV
  • I have an ATI Radeon 8500 and I am still waiting for support. Until then I will continue to only use OS X.
    • I have an older 'Sawtooth' G4 and I'm considering a Radeon 8500. I didn't know YDL doesn't support it. Thanks for the info, that definitely is cause for me to rethink this.

      Do you notice a big improvement over the old Rage cards on OS X thanks to 'Quartz Extreme'? None of the sites I've researched talk about the real-world performance gains of this card.
  • Why bother? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by hoser ( 95281 )
    I'm asking this to provoke some answers rather than trying to be a troll, but why would someone want to use a linux distro on a mac in the age of OS X?
    • Re:Why bother? (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Eagle7 ( 111475 ) on Friday May 02, 2003 @09:55PM (#5866715) Homepage
      I cannot stand the UI in OS X (I am too attached to X Windows, with X style copy & paste, multiple desktops with edge flipping, and sloppy focus). And the OS X mouse driver sucks - the acceleration (AFAIK) is horrible and not adjustable, and none of the third party utilities for it have made it usable enough for me.

      That, and after 6 or 7 years, I just understand and am comfortable with Linux.

      Not that I don't think OS X is a good and/or capable OS, and that some of the iApps are really slick. But being comfortable with the UI is #1 with me, and I just can't get comfortable with OS X's UI. Really the only think I miss running Linux on my iBook (read: have to boot into OS X for) is playing DVDs on my TV. And Flash I guess. Other than that, it's perfect.
      • So why buy a Mac at all? When PC hardware is so much cheaper (okay, speed arguments aside, but I've never seen YDL breaking the sound barrier), why not just run an x86 distro? There's even choice. If you're notan Intel fan, run AMD.

        Granted, for laptops, the iBook is a sweet piece of hardware -- but parallels do exist. And they're faster than a 900 (or 700, or 800) mhz G3.

    • Re:Why bother? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by MalleusEBHC ( 597600 ) on Saturday May 03, 2003 @12:46AM (#5867387)
      Heh, ya couldn't see this one coming a mile away...

      Some Linux die-hards buy Apple laptops because they are the nicest laptops around. These people are just really into Linux, so they don't want OS X.

      Another major use is for older computers. Pretty much any OldWorld machine is going to be too slow to enjoy OS X. Throwing Linux on these machines can extend their usefulness. They can be used as fileservers, routers, mp3 players, etc. Some people also use them as their main desktop, although I personally think Mac OS is just fine for older computers.

      However, I think it is rather foolish to run Linux on newer Apple hardware. OS X is just too uber-cool. Besides, the only thing I've found that runs on Linux but not on OS X is MOL, but amazingly I've gotten by so far without it. ;) But to each his own, and if Linux users want to buy Apple hardware, I'm glad they are supporting my favorite computer company.
      • I bought a mac a few months ago, switching from primarily linux. And I love OS X - it's what I use day-to-day now. But I'm also a complete dork, so dual-booting OS X and YDL has a certain geek-appeal to me. While I don't actually use YDL for anything except testing my programs to ensure cross-platform-ness, it was entertaining to install and play with.
  • All, I don't want to jack up my OS X installation on my iBook. Can I install this on my iPod and boot from it???
    • Since linux uses a different file system you might be able to reformat you ipod but you could just install it on there. It wouldnt be a an mp3 player anymore.
      • Well, upon digging around, I saw how YDL 3.0 doesn't yet support booting from Firewire drives, so it's a no-go for now. Once it supports this, I don't see how it wouldn't work.
        • I accidently hit the submit button on my last post before I was done with my post. What I was trying to say was that Linux has a different file system, so you would have to reformat your hard drive (iPod) to support it. If you did this, you probably could not use it as an mp3 player while it was formatted for use with Linux. It might be possible to have more than one partition on it, but you can wait for YDL to support firewire booting before you try that.
  • Mirrors? (Score:2, Informative)

    by saintlupus ( 227599 )
    Just remember, you can use apt-get to upgrade to v3.0 without having to download all the ISOs and such if you have a working 2.3 install.

    (In fact, I installed 3.0 a couple weeks ago by doing this -- just add the new apt repositories for 3.0 to your sources.list file.)

  • Watch out!

    YDL 3.0 will trash the partition map on one of your hard drives if you have more than one.

    You can't fix it unless you install YDL, which is not very easy, since YDL installer is quite crash-prone while it's busy trashing your hard drive!

  • Forget ydl, it's way too mandrakeish for my tastes. Grab Gentoo linux ! It might be slightly harder to setup, but it's way better. Customized precisly for your needs, faster, and once you try the "emerge" command, you can never go back! :)

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