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Apple Releases Beta 3 of X11 58

maxentius writes "Apple says the just released beta of X11 adds: pseudocolor (8-bit) visual plane support; option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog; Command-Q keyboard shortcut to quit X11; Command-, to bring up preferences dialog; keyboard mappings with dead keys fixed; linking against libGL no longer results with multiple definitions of glGetColorTableEXT; locked files left behind in /tmp no longer block non-admin users from starting X11; windows can be resized by user to any size and not be limited by the Dock's height; dragging remotely hosted windows no longer causes crash; hardware accelerated scrolling in 16 bit mode now works; X server no longer crashes if application tried to retrieve data back from the framebuffer using XGetImage; bug fixes and other feature enhancements."
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Apple Releases Beta 3 of X11

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  • ... option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog ...
    How do you set this option? There's nothing under Preferences for it.
    • Well, if you would read their FAQ, you might've noticed this:
      Added an option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog : "defaults write no_quit_alert true". See man page for Xquartz for more details.
    • by aberkvam ( 109205 ) <> on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @01:35AM (#5534750) Homepage

      From the FAQ:

      Added an option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog : "
      defaults write no_quit_alert true". See man page for Xquartz for more details.
      And from the man XQuartz page:

      Xquartz can also be customized using the defaults(1) com-
      mand. The available options are:

      defaults write enable_fake_buttons true
      Equivalent to the -fakebuttons command line

      defaults write fake_button2 modifiers
      Equivalent to the -fakemouse2 option.

      defaults write fake_button3 modifiers
      Equivalent to the -fakemouse3 option.

      defaults write keymap_file filename
      Equivalent to the -keymap option.

      defaults write no_quit_alert true
      Disables the alert dialog displayed when attempt-
      ing to quit X11.

      defaults write depth depth
      Equivalent to the -depth option.

  • by phpsocialclub ( 575460 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @03:15AM (#5535032) Homepage
    What are some cool/usefull X11 apps that I can install on a OS X 10.2 machine

    I have already used fink to install Bluefish (a html editor), XMMS (mp3 player), and tkcvs (cvs client).

    and some games, scorched earth, etc.

    anyone have any good ideas of other stuff that I should be running on my laptop or desktop g4s
    • by capmilk ( 604826 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @05:44AM (#5535333)
      xbill, xtank and xgalaga are pretty cool. I mean, you wanted "killer" apps. ;)
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Well KDE is pretty damned cool... I like running koffice...
    • by eMilkshake ( 131623 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @08:37AM (#5535635) Homepage
      Well, grab yourself some fink [] and then fink commander [] and look for all those gnome things you used to love.

      But, you'll definately want to grab LyX. Then, wonder off and get TeXShop and start churning out some TeX to amaze your friends with your superfine equation-writing sk1llz.

    • ghostview. currently I have not found any programs as good as ghostview for manipulating eps files without losing resolution.

      rasmol is the workhorse molecular graphics program

      texmac is TeX with a really nice realtime wysiwyg, pallete and menu driven setup.

      gimp is the Gnu answer to photoshop. about as powerful though a little less freindly and fast.

      tex2im turns TeX equations into graphics. I use this with Keynote as an equation creator. (there are some other solutions too). well its not an X app but
      • gimp is the Gnu answer to photoshop. about as powerful though a little less freindly and fast.

        Mega-dittoes on the GIMP. The GIMP is the only image editing app I have on my powerbook and it's the only one I need. (iPhoto doesn't really count and neither does PixelNhance, although it is a cool app) I make a lot of original tiled wallpapers with it, but I also use it to recompress images for the web.

        iPhoto exports massive files, and there's nothing more annoying than a webpage with massive graphics. The co
      • gimp is the Gnu answer to photoshop. about as powerful though a little less freindly and fast.

        Please. Gimp is a damn nice piece of work, especially since it's Free, but never Never NEVER say that it's "about as powerful" as Photoshop. Any graphics/design/DTP/etc professional can tell you several dozen ways that you're wrong.

        For an amateur user who generates maybe handful of designs per month, Gimp is fine once you cover the learning curve. It's not Photoshop, but it doesn't need to be, so don't lie abou

    • GIMP is a great basic image editing app. LaTeX is very useful as well, as is Ghostview. (I never could get it working in Mac OS 9.) AxyFTP is also a solid, if unspectacular, FTP client, and is a good choice if you're familiar with WS_FTP.

      -- shayborg
  • Cool! (Score:4, Funny)

    by PrimeWaveZ ( 513534 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @03:25AM (#5535057)
    I can feel the difference in xMahJongg. Now if I could only get my ASCII porn stuff to look better under hardware acceleration, I'd be set. Oh well, something for the next update. Hehehe.
  • I wonder how this beta will compare with the hardware-accelerated X-Darwin [] that is coming (4.3)...

    The last XDarwin would run KDE 3.0.7 just fine, but the Apple beta would freeze the whole machine when I ran it... that's the primary reason I want X11 (and for Gimp...)

    I'm dowloading the new Apple beta now...

    • Unfortunately, the latest X11 beta still semi-randomly quits on me, almost always when launching another app. This happens on all three of my Macs, running 10.2.3 or 10.2.4.

      It doesn't seem to matter which app I launch, and whether X11 is in the foreground or not, or hidden or not, during the launching. Nor does it quit every time another app is launched - just a fraction of the time. I'm in the habit now of launching every conceivable app I can think of that I might need prior to starting X11. Needless
      • I had similar issues, and sent my crash log to someone at Apple to look at. A few hours later, I had the response of "stop unsanity from patching X11". Aka, one of the hacks to OS X that I installed from was causing problems. I pulled all of them out, and the last beta started working fine.

        I need to send the crash log over to those folks so they can narrow down what was happening.
        • Ahh, Unsanity...

          The 'RJ Reynolds' of the Mac world... (you pay them to give your system cancer)

          'Haven't used a "haxie" since 10.0. Which ones were you using?
          • I had the Application Enhancer running as well as Fruit Menu. AE was used to turn off the brushed metal appearance on Safari, but I reverted to using Camino again anyhow. I have a feeling AE was causing it by touching X11 when it shouldn't have. I also disabled Fruit Menu, and am not sure if I am going to reinstall either one. Running my X11 apps in a stable enviornment is more important then rearranging my Apple menu or undoing the stupid UI design decisions Apple has been doing lately.
            • I had the Application Enhancer running as well as Fruit Menu.

              From my reading of Unsanity's website, FruitMenu contains AE anyway, so deep-sixing AE probably isn't enough. I also use FruitMenu - and another app, ASM (which enables an app switching menu), as well. They make OS X into... what it should be, IMHO. It's going to be harder for me to give them up.

              The first Mac OS X Server, nee Rhapsody, contained a fully functional Apple menu - one that was actually more easily customizable than in any Classi
  • Fink Support (Score:2, Informative)

    by Dunedain ( 16942 )

    Having run into this last night, please be aware that Fink's system-xfree86 package doesn't support Apple X11 0.3 yet. I'm sure that support will come soon, but it was awfully disconcerting pulling a powerbook out of its box, grabbing X11, the SDK, and Fink, and watching it mysteriously fail.

  • Full-screen mode? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by semanticgap ( 468158 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @11:20AM (#5536489)
    I tried Apple's X11, but couldn't figure out how to run it full-screen with WindowMaker. (I wouldn't need this had Apple provided virtual desktops that could be switched as fast as WindowMaker does it).... So I gave up and went back to XDarwin.
  • I was wondering if its possible to push aqua applications into X, because I really like my window manager (ion) and it would be a shame to have to buy another intel as my next computer

    thanks in advance
    • If Aqua really isn't your thing, what are you doing on Mac OS X? And if you like OS X, why are you complaining about such a trivial thing? Just wondering here.

      But to answer your question, no, you can't make OS X applications use your X window manager.
  • by acomj ( 20611 ) on Tuesday March 18, 2003 @04:41PM (#5539161) Homepage
    I have apples X and I use Xemacs. Is there a easy way to make emacs or any X application act like a regular apple application? (You click on the icon it goes. Drag document to icon and it starts..).

    I tried some quick applescript things but they didn't work. /Aram

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