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OpenOffice Beta for Jaguar/X11 Released 37

kaldari writes "After great work by the development contributors and astounding help from the new testing team, the X11 build is now stable enough for beta testing to begin! This build can run both on DarwinPPC 6.0 and higher and also Mac OS X 10.2 and higher with help from other open source projects. For more info, check out the OpenOffice site."
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OpenOffice Beta for Jaguar/X11 Released

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  • by DrHogie ( 8093 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @02:34PM (#4447155) Homepage Journal
    but how about a version of OpenOffice that runs in OSX natively? I.e. WITHOUT X11?

    I've seen that there is a alpha w/ Aqua support, but I have yet to see a download for it -- is it anywhere?
  • by anarkhos ( 209172 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @08:26PM (#4449940)
    Apparently you haven't seen other applications Sun has authored!

    Nothing is more true than the fact Sun has NO CLUE when it comes to human interface design!

    What they should do is port the MODEL to Cocoa then let others write the views and controllers.
  • by anarkhos ( 209172 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @08:36PM (#4450003)
    The master plan is to port this horrible, horrible program to Quartz, then add Aqua-looking widgets. The result will be an app which is organized and behaves the same as it does now. That is if there is any organization to this interface...

    C'mon people, this is Sun Microsystems we're talking about! Doesn't anybody remember CDE?

    Sun has NO CLUE WHATSOEVER when it comes to human interface design. I mean look at their Swing apps for crissakes! All they do is try to copy current designs, and they aren't even as good at that as Microsoft is!

    The current plan SUCKS and nobody should waste their time propping up these pieces of poop AKA OpenOffice's views, controllers, and 'design' (if you can call it that without offending developers who have actually designed interfaces).

    What we REALLY want are not the views and controllers which are poop, but rather Open Office's MODEL which can import/export Microsoft formats! Port THIS to Cocoa and then create native views and controllers!

    This in turn could be ported back to GNUStep so people trying to use this piece of poop on other platforms don't have to suffer as much.

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