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EverQuest Coming to Mac OS X 57

Anonymous Coward writes "EverQuest is coming to a Mac near you, as reported on GameSpot. Sony is planning to release it on Mac OS X sometime next year. You can also find details on Apple's website. Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing for Sony Online said 'Combine the power and stability of Mac OS X with Apple's outstanding desktop systems and you've got an incredible gaming environment that'll take full advantage of EverQuest's huge and seamless 3D world.' (sounds good to me =)"
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EverQuest Coming to Mac OS X

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  • It will no repeat will not connect to the PC version.
    • Are you trolling, or do you actually have some evidence of this?


    • Re:One Problem (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Alex Thorpe ( 575736 )
      Problem or bonus? I think Mac users getting their own server, rather than joining a 4 year old world on the PC servers with 4 year old players is a good idea.
    • It will no repeat will not connect to the PC version.
      If that's true then I might just give it a try. I would hate to join an online rpg after people have been playing it for so long. This will give us a brand-new world to play in. Maybe after a year or two they can merge the worlds.
      • Re:One Problem (Score:2, Informative)

        No they will not "merge the worlds." Perhaps you're not familar with the Everquest server setup. They have 20 or 30 or whatever different servers, and each server is a unique world. I mean, the geography and quests and everything is the same, but players on one server are completely and utterly seperate from players on another server. So the concerns about having to play with people who have been playing for years is moot, because you could just play on a brand new server. Also, they claim that the reason why Mac and PC players can't play together is due to "technical difficulties". Sounds like bullshit to me...
        • Also, they claim that the reason why Mac and PC players can't play together is due to "technical difficulties". Sounds like bullshit to me...
          Yeah, I didn't know that they already had separate worlds. I just assumed that everyone would always be playing in the same world.

          You are right, it is total bullshit. I mean, the programmers should know their own networking protocols and be able to use them in a new client. I guess it could be that they are too lazy and instead used DirectX or some proprietary protocol, but that is such a cop-out. You'd think that such a large corporation would have more control over their game than this.
    • Do you have a link to where you found that tidbit of info?

      I see no reason why it wouldn't operate with the current EQ servers. This isn't a new version with new protocol methods and stuff, it's a port.

      So can yah help a brutha out and give proof that your not spreading FUD?

      • Re:One Problem (Score:2, Informative)

        by Shrubber ( 552857 ) leID=5869
        "Mac OS X EverQuest players will not be able to play against (or with) the PC players of the game, due to server incompatibilities. Also, Sony will be watching the sales of Mac EverQuest very closely, to evaluate whether ports of other titles such as EverQuest 2 and Star Wars Galaxies will be worthwhile."
  • How many people call it EverChest vs. EverCrack?
    • Re:So... (Score:3, Funny)

      by Golias ( 176380 )
      How many people call it EverChest vs. EverCrack?

      Among the crowd I ran with, it was known as DivorceQuest.

      • I know two players personally... one's not married, and the other has split up with his wife. (Not only due to EQ, but it was definitely a factor.)

        EQ: Just Say No!

  • is that the folks who make enough money to buy a Macintosh on which to run EverQuest will soon end up losing their jobs and families because they're obsessed with the game . . . and so they won't be able to afford new Macintoshes and upgrades.

    So, Apple and Sony will have to come up with a way to get some 'new blood' into this consumer base, or, within a year or so, it'll become extinct!
  • Well (Score:4, Funny)

    by Apreche ( 239272 ) on Saturday July 20, 2002 @01:06PM (#3922898) Homepage Journal
    If we are to believe the apple switch campaign people who use Macs are smarter than people who use pcs. By that logic anyone who uses a mac is smart enough not to play everquest.
    • ROTFL! I like your logic.

      On the other hand, my father, a Mac user since '84, and the treasurer of the Gateway Area Macintosh User's Group plays EQ on my brother's PC all the time. Though he seems to be caught up in making things and fishing, and not fighting more than he has to.

      In any case, I've watched it being played often enough, and I've no interest in playing myself.
  • What happens when you mix RDF and EverCrack? I guess we'll find out.... hehehehehe
  • Odd timing. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by EvilBastard ( 77954 )
    It's getting launched at pretty much the same time Everquest 2 is ramping up and Star Wars Galaxies is running. So, it looks like the latest attempt to save the EverQuest Brandname is to try to hook Mac OS users just as the game is being replaced.

    So far to keep their game alive they have

    - Removed information [] as to how many people are playing after noticing a 20% drop
    - Started promoting EQ as a way of drunk women meeting famous people with a really amusing movie file that has basically vanished from the net
    - Offering $40/month luxury servers [] that have what they used to promise the standard servers
    - Providing a range [] of services [] that they swore they would never ever do (The Rename service netted then $69,200 last month alone)
    - Trying to stir up interest in their game with some of the poorest tie-in merchandise in history []
    - emailing out free accounts []
    - giving free doses of their game away on magazine covers

    (For people who don't play EQ, a lot of people are commenting on how once crowded zones are now going empty, and more and more people are leaving or Ebaying their characters rather then keep playing. When asked about Everquest 2, a common reaction is a shudder and 'Nope, never again')
    • Re:Odd timing. (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Golias ( 176380 )
      This seems like a good time to put a plug in for good ol' "pencil and dice" role-playing. Rather than jump into Star Wars Galaxies or whatever, consider giving that new 3rd Edition of D&D a try (or some other RPG if you prefer). There are many advantages:

      1. Lower startup cost. A $60 set of three books and a handful of dice is all you really need for a group of 5 or 6 friends to start playing. (Others are available, but ya don't really need 'em.)

      2. You get to actually talk to the people you are gaming with, face to face. This allows you to beat the living crap out of anybody who is being a jerk, a feature which MMORPG's sadly lack. Also, you never need to look at the fucked-up hybrid shorthand that all the shitty typists on EQ inevitably resort to. If you were never an EQ player, you have no idea how annoying it got to see "r u cleric? heal plz." every time some Iksar monk saw you carrying a hammer.

      3. More room for creativity.

      4. No monthly fees.

      5. If you were one of those geeks who played the original D&D back when you were in Junior High School, there's the spiffy nostalgia value.

      6. No spawn points, no camping, no repetitive quests, no worries about 250 other players going on the exact same "epic" quest as you at any given time.

      7. The originality of the stories are limited only by the imagination of the cleverest person in your group.

      Neverwinter Nights looks like it might emulate the DM-run roleplay experience fairly well in some ways, and I'm sure I will waste a little time playing it, but it can't completely replace the fun you can have with a weekly or bi-weekly gaming group. Anyway, that's just my opinion. YMMV.

      • When asked about Everquest 2, a common reaction is a shudder and 'Nope, never again')

      probably because a lot of those people are in broken relationships because of EQ.

      a friend of mine was into EQ pretty badly and his fiance - also a close friend of mine was always complaining about his addiction. it got the point where his friends were telling her to leave him.

      she stuck with him, he got out of it, and now he's already in a guild with a site for star wars galaxies.

      it's a vicious circle, and I pity the poor os-x users who get stuck in it now.

      sony are just opening up another percentage of the world for ruined relationships and neglected children.

      way to go sony..

      • Re:Odd timing. (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Anonymous Coward
        I think its rather sad that you blame sony for having a weak friend...
        We see it every day, some company is to blame for someone being weak at heart...

        In the end, its not realy their fault that your friend is weak... Some make it other parrish...

        If you think that way, just dont buy the game when it comes out, simple as that...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    What, 4 years or so? Coming soon: Doom for mac.
  • EverQuest's huge 3D world is divided into around Zones (over 200 I believe), and moving from zone to zone involves basically stopping the game and loading all the data for the next zone, a process that can easily take over a minute. Any monsters chasing you in the previous zone forget about you when you zone, and monsters right on the other side of the zone line that you couldn't see may be hitting you once you step across it. Hardly seamless.

    - Steve
  • Ok, Inside Mac Games has an article on this as well: []

    An interesting blurb in that article:
    We have also learned several details that online game fans might be interested in -- Mac OS X EverQuest players will not be able to play against (or with) the PC players of the game, due to server incompatibilities.

    Uh, am I the only programmer here that thinks that's about the most absurd thing I've ever heard?

    The only incompatibilties that could possiblity exist is if they changed the protocol.
    Server's just don't say "Icky, I Think this network connection is coming from a non-windows box, I better not work right with it".

    It will be interesting to see what happens once some clever people [] end up reverse engineering the protocol on the MacOS version and see how much it differs from the Windows version.
  • EQ is coming for OSX. Neverwinter Nights [] is due out soon.

    Assuming that I would want to play an online RPG (which will NEVER be a true RPG in my opinion; it can only be, at best, a war game), why would I want to play a game that's been out for the PC for so long? I see that players are gaming with other players, some good, some evil, some teenagers with nothing better to do than go online and wreck havoc...

    I spoke to a buddy on EverQrack who has some rediculously high level character(s). He's not the only one.

    These games seem to put a huge emphasis on Power Levels (again, where's the role playing in that?) What would make me, a new player, want to play in a power-hungry world with high level characters already out there? My joke to my friends who are playing NeverWinterNights already (PC version, natch), is that I can join as a 1st lever character and be a burden to the party as soon as the Mac client comes out. :lol: By then they should all be 7+ levels...

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