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Amazon Blocks Video Streaming On BlackBerry Tablet, Blames Apple 128 128

AZA43 writes " has blocked its Instant Video streaming service on BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, in an apparent effort to make its Kindle Fire device more attractive to tablet buyers. And it says Apple is the reason why it blocked the service. But the company hasn't blocked comparable Android tablets from streaming Instant Video, and Android tablets hold a much larger portion of the overall tablet market than PlayBooks. Amazon will likely succeed only in alienating customer with PlayBooks who have already purchased lots of streaming video content."
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Amazon Blocks Video Streaming On BlackBerry Tablet, Blames Apple

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  • by tomboalogo (2509404) on Tuesday February 14, 2012 @03:27PM (#39036261)

    "And it says Apple is the reason why it blocked the service."

    ????? Is someone from Slashdot running Amazon now??

  • Occam's razor... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Kenja (541830) on Tuesday February 14, 2012 @03:29PM (#39036289)
    Looking at the situation, I would say that the message about it being Apples fault is a canned response to people asking about playback on the iPad that got miss-routed as a response to this new issue with the PlayBook. I suspect that Amazon does not know why its not working on the PlayBook, or at least does not have a fix. I also would not be shocked if they did not fix it as the PlayBook seems like a dead platform from a development standpoint. Lets remember that a PlayBook native player would require dedicated development time since the whole Android apps on PlayBook thing never really panned out. Coupled with the out of date flash player, there's not a lot Amazon can do.
  • by perpenso (1613749) on Tuesday February 14, 2012 @03:42PM (#39036505)

    ... Amazon blamed the PlayBook's Flash player for the issue, saying the Flash software needed to be update, even though my Adobe Flash software is up to date (v11.1.122.4) ...

    So its Adobe not Apple?

    FWIW being current and needing an update is plausible. Amazon may have learned of an exploit in Flash and will only resume streaming after the security problem is fixed. OK, plausible but not terribly likely.

    ... Apple owns the rights to the hardware and software that would allow Amazon video content to be played on the BlackBerry PlayBook? Yet Amazon has allowed Instant Video customers to play video content on RIM's tablet for the past year, and just now the company decided to block the functionality? Something isn't right here, and I reached out to's media relations team more than 24 hours ago for clarification, but I haven't received a response. The above response from Amazon customer service could simply be misinformation sent by an irresponsible customer representative ...

    Then maybe a better title for your article would have been "Amazon Blocks Instant Video on BlackBerry PlayBook, Customer Service Rep Blames Apple"

  • by ZombieBraintrust (1685608) on Tuesday February 14, 2012 @04:10PM (#39036869)
    I think the user is doesn't understand the phrase "does not support" This does not mean Amazon is blocking the device. I means they don't test their service on Playbooks and don't fix bugs that occur on Playbooks. The error message is "Playback Error: Sorry we were unable to stream the video. This is likely because your Flash Player needs to be updated." That doesn't look like the message they would return if they were blocking the device.
  • by toriver (11308) on Tuesday February 14, 2012 @06:19PM (#39038361)

    But everyone blames Apple, it's the chic thing to do. 300 workers at an XBox assembly line threaten suicide? Blame Apple! Sony upping the price on Whitney's albums after her death, including on iTunes? Blame Apple! I am waiting for Apple to get the blame for the swine flu epidemic and Steven Tyler's horrid rendition of the U.S. national anthem next.

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