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Iphone Patents Apple

Motorola Sues Apple 176

rexjoec writes "Just a week after Motorola Inc. (MOT) itself became the target of legal action by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), it sued Apple Inc. (AAPL) for the alleged infringement of 18 of its patents. Motorola subsidiary, Motorola Mobility Inc. also filed patent suits against Apple in federal court in Illinois and Florida."
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Motorola Sues Apple

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  • by $RANDOMLUSER (804576) on Monday October 11, 2010 @11:44AM (#33860448)
    Oh, if only this were true. If only Patentgeddon were finally here, and Mutual Destruction was truly Assured. If only the big players would unleash their full arsenals on each other, in wave after thoughtless paroxysm of retaliations, until the silos were all exhausted and the landscape were littered with piles of the bodies of slain lawyers. Perhaps then, the starving, horribly disfigured mutants who were never part of the original conflict, yet somehow managed to miraculously, accidentally survive, could try to eke out a peaceful subsistence living, at long last free of the Shadow of Mordor.

    Or something like that.
  • by PinkyGigglebrain (730753) on Monday October 11, 2010 @12:08PM (#33860664)
    MS: You know, we could "misplace" the lawsuit MS has going against you.
    Motorola: That would be great, but what would we have to do?
    MS: Nothing much, just mess with Apple a bit. We could do it ourselves but it would attract the kind of attention we don't want right now.

    First thing that when through my mind when I read the headline.
  • Suing is how you say "hello" in the cell phone business.

  • by catmistake (814204) on Monday October 11, 2010 @01:59PM (#33861874) Journal

    Well at least somebody wins... (the lawyers)

    Banks and lawyers. Two totally unnecessary services getting the most money from everything for nothing?! Great! :D

    Let's not forget the roles of the paralegals, court reporters, bailiffs, court clerks, gavel carpenters and those pretentious robe designers! They're benefitting as much as anyone in this litigious patent machinery.

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