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Thursday September 28, 2017 @01:40PM Google Quietly Discontinues NFC Smart Unlock Without Explanation
Monday July 24, 2017 @03:03PM Wisconsin Company Will Let Employees Use Microchip Implants To Buy Snacks, Open Doors
Friday June 02, 2017 @10:25AM LG Joins NFC Payment Party With LG Pay
Friday February 10, 2017 @03:16PM Australia's Retailers Join the Local Giant Banks in Their Battle With Apple Pay
Thursday August 25, 2016 @12:14AM Canon Unveils EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR
Wednesday July 06, 2016 @02:56PM Walmart Now Lets You Pay With Phone At All 4,600 US Stores Via Walmart Pay
Wednesday June 22, 2016 @08:57AM Microsoft Launches NFC Payments For Windows 10 Phones
Monday March 28, 2016 @07:27PM Microsoft Finally Ships $8,999 Surface Hub
Tuesday July 28, 2015 @07:58AM OnePlus Announces OnePlus 2 'Flagship Killer' Android Phone With OxygenOS
Friday February 20, 2015 @06:30PM Samsung Takes On Apple Pay By Acquiring Mobile Wallet Startup LoopPay
Monday October 27, 2014 @12:38PM Rite Aid and CVS Block Apple Pay and Google Wallet
Thursday May 15, 2014 @11:18AM Unlock Your Android Phone With Open Source Wearable NFC
Thursday August 22, 2013 @03:02PM Motorola Uses NFC To Enable Touch-to-Unlock For Smartphones
Thursday August 01, 2013 @07:46AM ByteLight Unveils NFC Alternative Called Light Field Communication
Saturday June 08, 2013 @07:43AM Apple Files Patent For Digital Wallet and Virtual Currency
Saturday May 18, 2013 @09:06AM UK Consumers Reporting Contactless Payment Errors
Thursday November 15, 2012 @04:17PM Ask Slashdot: High-Tech Ways To Manage a Home Library?
Sunday November 04, 2012 @11:24AM Google Wallet May End Up Inside Your Actual Wallet
Tuesday September 25, 2012 @11:31AM Samsung Smartphones Vulnerable To Remote Wipe Hack
Friday September 21, 2012 @03:03AM Another EUSecWest NFC Trick: Ride the Subway For Free
Thursday September 20, 2012 @09:06AM Android Hacked Via NFC On the Samsung Galaxy S 3
Tuesday August 14, 2012 @11:27AM Alternative To QR Code Uses NFC and Cheap Rectennas
Friday July 27, 2012 @07:37AM Researcher Wows Black Hat With NFC-based Smartphone Hacking Demo
Thursday July 12, 2012 @09:37AM Apple Hacker Charlie Miller To Demo Dangers of Near-Field Communications
Tuesday June 26, 2012 @07:47AM New iPhone Prototypes Have Integrated NFC chips and Antenna
Thursday June 21, 2012 @07:32AM Android App Lets You Steal Contactless Credit Card Data
Friday January 27, 2012 @07:16PM Iwata Confirms Nintendo Network, New Wii U Controller Functions
Thursday July 21, 2011 @12:18PM Apple Adopts Bluetooth 4.0. Could It Reject NFC?
Monday June 20, 2011 @07:03PM Sound-Based System Promises Chipless Phone Payment
Thursday May 26, 2011 @03:22PM Google Wallet: the End of Anonymous Shopping
Tuesday March 15, 2011 @07:30PM No Contactless Payment System In Next iPhone
Thursday January 06, 2011 @01:24PM Google Ready To Rule NFC-Based Mobile Payments?