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Wednesday March 16, 2016 @10:47AM Apple Files Final Response In San Bernardino iPhone Case
Thursday October 08, 2015 @07:02PM SIgn Of the Times: Calif. Privacy Protections Signed Into Law
Sunday January 18, 2015 @01:57AM Feds Operated Yet Another Secret Metadata Database Until 2013
Thursday January 15, 2015 @12:13PM Uber Must Submit CEO Emails
Friday January 09, 2015 @09:55AM Indiana Court Rules Melted Down Hard Drive Not Destruction of Evidence
Friday December 26, 2014 @06:35PM Romanian Cybersecurity Law Will Allow Warrantless Access To Data
Monday November 03, 2014 @10:26AM Australian Courts Will Be Able To See Your Browsing History
Monday September 22, 2014 @05:53PM NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook
Tuesday August 05, 2014 @06:29PM EFF: US Gov't Bid To Alter Court Record in Jewel v. NSA
Thursday June 05, 2014 @08:50AM EFF Tells Court That the NSA Knowingly and Illegally Destroyed Evidence
Thursday March 27, 2014 @08:44AM Weev's Attorney Says FBI Is Intercepting His Client's Mail
Tuesday October 16, 2012 @08:14AM MacKinnon Extradition Blocked By UK Home Secretary
Thursday September 27, 2012 @09:26AM NZ Broke the Law Spying On Kim Dotcom, PM Apologizes
Friday September 14, 2012 @06:35PM Red Hat Fights Patent Troll With GPL
Thursday August 30, 2012 @08:24AM Misunderstanding of Prior Art May Have Led to Apple-Samsung Verdict
Thursday August 23, 2012 @04:17PM New Judge Assigned To Tenenbaum Case Upholds $675k Verdict
Tuesday August 21, 2012 @07:55AM Jury In Apple v. Samsung Case May Have to Agree on 700 Points
Thursday August 16, 2012 @04:02PM Judge Suggests Apple Is "Smoking Crack" With Witness List In Samsung Case
Friday August 10, 2012 @10:02PM Judge Overturns Patent Suit, Rules RIM Did Not Infringe
Tuesday July 03, 2012 @08:48AM Dotcom Search Warrants Ruled Illegal
Thursday May 03, 2012 @05:35PM NY Judge Rules IP Addresses Insufficient To Identify Pirates
Saturday April 21, 2012 @12:05PM US Judge Say Kim Dotcom May Never Be Tried or Extradited
Wednesday June 08, 2011 @11:14AM Judge Prevents 23,322 Filesharing Does From Being Sued For Now
Thursday December 02, 2010 @10:18AM Torrent Users Fight Back
Saturday November 20, 2010 @11:16PM P2P Litigation Crippled In DC District Court Ruling
Tuesday November 02, 2010 @12:02PM Google Sues US Gov't For Only Considering Microsoft
Thursday October 21, 2010 @02:35PM Man Served Restraining Order Via Facebook