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Submission + - Someday, you'll hate Apple (and Google too) ( 3

jfruhlinger writes: "Think today's world, where Apple is the innovative underdog, Google the company that isn't evil, and Microsoft the evil empire, will last forever? Ah, you must not remember the days when everybody loved that scrappy upstate Bill Gates. Don Reisinger muses on the fickleness of consumer loves and hates."
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Someday, you'll hate Apple (and Google too)

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  • by MikeRT ( 947531 )
    I think that even most Apple fanbois are well aware of what sort of character Steve Jobs has. What redeems Apple is the fact that they generally are very reliable at delivering products that don't suck at a minimum, and products that are very cool in a large minority of cases. If Microsoft frequently performed like that, a lot of people would be very forgiving of their foibles.

    Google, on the other hand, is positioning itself to actually be the first company capable of challenging libertarian arguments on pr
    • I've always maintained that if Apple was the dominant PC maker that we would be talking about the Jobs Hegemony and how Apple stifles innovation. I agree with the idea the top dog is the biggest target. Also, if Apple was dominant they would be forcing just as many proprietary standards down people's throats as MS does.

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