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Submission + - The Wrath of Apple Tribes

Narrative Fallacy writes: "Ever wondered what happens to anyone who has ever written about Apple products with even a hint of negativity? Read an excerpt on Salon from "True Enough" by Farhad Manjoo about his experience with Apple tribes. "There are many tribes in the tech world: TiVo lovers, Blackberry addicts, Palm Treo fanatics, and people who exhibit unhealthy affection for their Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners," writes Manjoo. "But there is no bigger tribe, and none more zealous, than fans of Apple, who are infamous for their sensitivity to slams, real or imagined, against the beloved company." Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg has even coined a name for the phenomenon — the "Doctrine of Insufficient Adulation." "If I see the world as all black and you see the world as all white and some person comes along and says it's partially black and partially white, we both are going to be unhappy," says psychologist Lee Ross at Stanford University. "You think there are more facts and better facts on your side than on the other side. The very act of giving them equal weight seems like bias. Like inappropriate evenhandedness.""
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The Wrath of Apple Tribes

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