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Submission + - How to block harassing calls on Android/iOS? 2

An anonymous reader writes: I work in Telecommunications for a large Canadian carrier.. I often get asked 'How to block numbers' by our customers. While I know the technical ability by the carrier to do this exists for whatever reason we do not extend this service to customers. So I'm wondering. On a standard, non-rooted device. Much like you iOS Lovers which do not have such options to root your device :P Or the not so savvy Android users that do not care to root their device. What avenues are you aware of to block numbers? Any apps you guys know that actually work? Rooted/Jailbroken solutions are welcome as well. But keep in mind most consumers are not of that variety unfortunately.
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How to block harassing calls on Android/iOS?

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  • 1) Change your cellphone number 2) Acquire a Google Voice Number (If you live where Google Voice is not offered, then buy a number from a VOIP provider - I use Callcentric, still, as I did this before there was Google Voice.) 3) Forward the Google Voice (or VOIP provider) number to your real cellphone number 4) Whitelist in Google Voice (your VOIP Provider) everyone who can call in unscreened Everyone else is screened!

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