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Submission + - Environmental Justice or High Tech Lynching? African "ewaste" exporter settles ( 2

retroworks writes: "In 2009, the UK Independent ran a story accusing Nigerian businessman Joseph Benson of BJ Electronics of exporting 80-90% "e-waste" to Africa, after selling him a sabotaged TV and following it to Nigeria. Benson, who paid for shipping, customs, and import duties, pleaded innocent . The United Nations Environmental Program went to Ghana and Nigeria later that year, sorted 279 containers, and found up to 90% of goods were directly reused or repaired. The study also reported that at least 85% of the material at the African dumps had been generated by Africans, after years of use. Although there was no direct link between the exports fro England and the primitive burning at the African dumps, Benson pleaded out this week, after 3 years of trial, and paid 11K British pounds in fines. The reporter Cahal Milmo claims victory irregardless, though his story today doesn't interview Benson or mention the UNEP study."
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Environmental Justice or High Tech Lynching? African "ewaste" exporter settles

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