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Submission + - QR Codes For Memorials ( 3

mikejuk writes: If you’ve ever sat over a beer dreaming up unlikely ways to use technology then rejected your ideas as too much, here’s an idea that may change your mind. Companies in America, Denmark and the UK are adding QR codes to gravestones that can be used to view online memorials via smartphones.The idea is that these living headstones can include photographs, videos and memories of the dead person from family and friends — see the video.
Genealogists and historians have always found graveyards a useful resource. If the QR idea takes hold memorials will be able to tell much more to future generations.

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QR Codes For Memorials

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  • by aez ( 2725227 )
    I'd do it. If QR codes are still relevant when I kick the bucket, slap one of them on my slab. I don't think it's a problem at all, because strangers can learn about you and see what a long and exciting life you lived. It could link to that person wikipedia page and spread the knowledge.

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