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Bob the Super Hamste writes: "The BBC is reporting on a new law in Venezuela that effectively bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition to private citizens. Previously anyone with a permit could purchase a firearm from any commercial vendor but now only the police, military, and security firms will be able to purchase firearms or ammunition from only state owned manufactures or importers. Hugo Chavez's government states that the goal is to eventually disarm the citizenry. The law which went into effect today was passed on February 29th and up to this point the government has been running an amnesty program allowing citizens to turn in their illegal firearms. Since the law was first passed 805,000 rounds of ammunition have been recovered from gun dealers. The measure is intended to curb violent crime in Venezuela where 78% of homicides are linked to firearms."
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Venezuela bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition

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  • You only have those rights you can defend. Chavez sees what's happening in Syria and wants no ability by the citizenry to stop him from being dictator for life. If he gets away with it Venezuela will start looking more and more like North Korea.

  • Chavez should ask the US how the war on drugs is working out if he wants to know how banning firearms will work.

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