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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - New Targeted Mac OS X Trojan Requires No User Interaction 1

An anonymous reader writes: Another Mac OS X Trojan has been spotted in the wild; this one exploits Java vulnerabilities just like the Flashback Trojan. Also just like Flashback, this new Trojan requires no user interaction to infect your Apple Mac. Kaspersky refers to it as "Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a" while Sophos calls it at "SX/Sabpab-A."
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New Targeted Mac OS X Trojan Requires No User Interaction

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  • Any method that detects an already active infection is no good. Windows PCs have antivirus and it is common for Trojans to reside on a machine for weeks before beng detected. I have AVG and MS SE on my Win 7 box and a Trojan keylogger was on that machine for two weeks before either picked it up.

    For the moment, the environment on Macs is sufficiently hostile to malware propagation that nothing beyond staying up to date makes sense. Of course, the antivirus companies know this which is why they're trying t

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