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Submission + - AT&T, Verizon and Sprint charges up to thousands per individual snooped (

suraj.sun writes: If Americans aren't disturbed by phone carriers' practices of handing over cell phone users' personal data to law enforcement en masse — in many cases without a warrant — they might at least be interested to learn just how much that service is costing us in tax dollars: often hundreds or thousands per individual snooped( ACLU revealed in a trove of documents it had obtained through FOIA requests to more than 200 police departments around the country.

They show a pattern of police tracking cell phone locations and gathering other data like call logs without warrants, using devices that impersonate cell towers( to intercept cellular signals, and encouraging officers to refrain from speaking about cell-tracking technology to the public, all detailed in a New York Times story(

But at least one document( also details the day-to-day business of telecoms' handing over of data to law enforcement, including a breakdown of every major carrier's fees for every sort of data request from targeted wiretaps to so-called "tower dumps" that provide information on every user of certain cell tower.

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AT&T, Verizon and Sprint charges up to thousands per individual snooped

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