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Submission + - Is Dropbox the next Google? (latimes.com) 1

ColdWetDog writes: "The Dropbox file storage and synchronization service has managed to attract 50 million users and $250 million in venture capital. The founder of Dropbox, Drew Houston, says he is determined to build the next Google or Apple, not to sell out to them. Even for or a guy whose paper valuation is around $600 million, seems like the best he could hope for is another Facebook level company — file storage isn't that sexy. I wish him luck in his bid to remain independent. I'd rather see Dropbox remain fairly agnostic with regard to other Internet services."
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Is Dropbox the next Google?

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  • No, DropBox is not the next Google. If it is, they have a LONG way to go and have to expand in many areas and gain traction in those areas as well. While DropBox may be a useful service, it's not even close to being the next Google, or posing a threat to Google or Facebook.

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