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Submission + - Asus sued by toy robot maker ( 1

bs0d3 writes: Hasbro has filed a lawsuit against computer part manufacturer ASUS in Los Angeles federal court. Although Hasbro has made no mention so far of the 'Asus Transformer' line of tablets; they have recently decided that the newest tablet called, 'the Transformer Prime', is taking it a bit too far. Hasbro owns the right to manufacturer transformer toys, including Optimus Prime who they claim the Transformer Prime is trying to imitate.
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Asus sued by toy robot maker

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  • Hasbro seems to be "taking it a bit too far"

    It seems unlikely that anyone buying a Asus tablet will instead of an "action figure" or other "Transformer(tm) toys would be shopping the toy aisle or visa versa...

    Aggressively fighting trademark infringement is about the only way the lawyers can make a living though,,, unless they're representing DRM folks prosecuting kids, or patent trolls tying to "protect" their patented method of tying a square knot...

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