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mikejuk writes: The city of Boston has already devised a novel Android app for pothole identification and has now posted a bounty of $25,000 for an algorithm to improve it. Using the accelerometer to detect bumps as people drive round the city is clever. When multiple phones report the same jolt, the app identifies a pothole that needs to be repaired and this is clever. But... they can't tell the difference between things like railway crossings and sewer gratings from potholes and so are offering $22,500 to any programmer who can work out an algorithm that can tell the difference.
Don't they have city maps in Boston?

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Developer required for pothole identification

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  • Couldn't you just add some kind of exception system? Wherever the reports go back to should have someone there that administers the system or something. That person can look at the locations and if they fall where there is a "pothole" due to a railroad or something, just label it as a railroad crossing and have the system classify any reports from that location as a railroad and ignore it. The phones will continue to report that there is a hole there, but the centralized system will discard reports from th

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