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Submission + - 35% use mobile apps before getting out of bed (networkworld.com) 1

alphadogg writes: Thirty-five percent of Android and iPhone owners in the U.S. use apps such as Facebook on their smartphone before even getting out of bed, according to a survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson. The most popular in-bed activity is accessing social networks. Eighteen percent of users log in while they are still in bed, and the most popular application is Facebook, Ericsson wrote.
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35% use mobile apps before getting out of bed

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  • Using FB (which is a top site in Opera Mini stats) might be even more widespread in the evening, already in-bed... (Part 4 [opera.com])

    Also not very limited to "smartphones" - FB said on their blog that so called "feature phones" (which have FB app) are used by strong majority of their mobile users (in fact, also via Opera [opera.com], 2nd section, ending with "...This result presents a challenge to the long-standing belief that smartphone uptake will be the major driver of mobile web usage globally")

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