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Submission + - Crowdflow - share your iPhone location data! (crowdflow.net)

An anonymous reader writes: The crazy guys over at http://crowdflow.net/ are begging you for the location data that your iPhone collected without you being aware of it.

All your data will be anonymized and the whole combined data set of all donations will be shared under OpenDataCommons license.

Those people are data and visualization geeks and create beautiful visualizations like this from the data: http://crowdflow.net/blog/2011/04/28/wifi-stations-in-berlin/

They previously did http://www.zeit.de/datenschutz/malte-spitz-data-retention — a visualization of data retention caused by the german "Vorratsdatenspeicherung".

Please consider donating your location data. ...and be fast, too, since the upcoming iOS software update (see Apple press release at http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2011/04/27location_qa.html ) will prevent further evaluation of the collected data.

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Crowdflow - share your iPhone location data!

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