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Submission + - Apple support company sues customer for complaint (tekgoblin.com) 1

tekgoblin writes: An Apple authorized Service Provider called Stemgraph is suing a customer who complained online about poor service from them. The customer Dimitrios Papadimitriadis took his iMac to them because he was seeing gray spots on his LED panel.

The Greek company Stemgraph recommended a full interior cleaning of the iMac and performed the service for Dimitrios. He then got his iMac back and noticed moisture behind the screen and that it still did not work properly and took it back to the repair center. Stemgraph then told him that they needed to keep his iMac to replace the LED screen and he would be without it for another week.

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Apple support company sues customer for complaint

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  • The Greek economy is in the toilet and maybe they thought they could just rip off a few customers and nobody would know. If so, they are so far behind the times they don't know the internet can be used to reveal all the bad things they do to customers. Perhaps they were ripoff car repairers in a former life.

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