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Submission + - Apple Bans Android Magazine App From App Store

recoiledsnake writes: Apple dialed it's battle with Android up a notch today by banning an Android magazine app from it's App Store, leaving no way for users to install the app on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches without jailbreaking. The reason for rejection, as given by an Apple rep was "You know... your magazine...It's just about Android.... we can't have that in our App Store." The bi-monthly publication — the Android counterpart to an iPhone magazine Dixon began putting out earlier this year — launched Nov. 11. "It's funny really because I don't think we would sell many magazines on Android through Apple App Store," Dixon told Media Watch. "But the question is where this is going." This comes on the heels of Jobs lashing out at Android calling it fragmented and it's patent attacks on Android.
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Apple Bans Android Magazine App From App Store

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