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wiredmikey writes: Some interesting thoughts and trends on Browser/Device tracking. Have you tossed your cookies lately? Issues with cookies aren't about privacy at all—it’s about the death of the cookie as a usable way to identify a device. Cookies turned stale long ago. The demise of the cookie doesn’t do away with the need to identify a device—only the method. While online advertisers pursue an ever more persistent way to push back the line on consumer’s ability to control their privacy, software developers will continue to invent new and better ways to identify your device that don’t rely on cookies or PII.

As public awareness and control over Flash cookies increases and they enter into decline as a means to track, along comes HTML5 with more ways to store more data that can be used to uniquely identify a computer. The latest and greatest innovation in cookies is the evercookie, a javascript API built and made available by Samy Kamkar who set out to prove that the more you store and the more places you store it, the harder it is for users to control a Web site’s ability to uniquely identify their computer (e.g. wipe all traces of a cookie). .

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Death of the Cookie for Device ID

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