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Submission + - Hacker Teaches iPhone Forensics to Police

Ponca City, We love you writes: "The Mercury News reports that former hacker Jonathan Zdziarski has been tapped by law-enforcement agencies nationwide to teach them just how much information is stored in iPhones — and how to get it. "These devices are people's companions today," says Zdziarski. "They're not mobile phones anymore. They organize people's lives. And if you're doing something criminal, something about it is probably going to go through that phone." For example, every time an iPhone user closes out of the built-in mapping application, the phone snaps a screenshot and stores it. Savvy law-enforcement agents armed with search warrants can use those snapshots to see if a suspect is lying about whereabouts during a crime. Even people who don't take pictures or leave GPS coordinates behind often unwittingly leave other trails. "Like the keyboard cache," says Zdziarski, author of "iPhone Forensics" published by O'Reilly Media. "The iPhone logs everything that you type in to learn autocorrect" so that it can correct a user's typing mistakes. Apple doesn't store that cache very securely, so someone with know-how could recover months of typing in the order in which it was typed, even if the e-mail or text it was part of has long since been deleted. "It may look like everything's gone," says Sam Brothers, a cell-phone forensic researcher. "But for anybody who's got a clue, retrieving that information is easy.""
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Hacker Teaches iPhone Forensics to Police

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