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Submission + - Gizmodo Banned from Apple WWDC 1

recoiledsnake writes: Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has refused to answer its request to attend the company's big Worldwide Developers Conference keynote this Monday. Apple’s move to ban Gizmodo seems a direct repercussion of Apple’s prototype leak by Gizmodo and subsequent actions of Apple to get the prototype back. Meanwhile, Gizmodo said that it would resort to a liveblog to cover the event in case of the ban. This comes a few days after San Mateo County authorities announced that a "special master" had been appointed to assist in the search of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's belongings: goods seized as part of a police investigation into the disappearance (and Gizmodo acquisition) of one of Apple's prototype iPhones. It's the very device that's rumored to be announced at the Monday keynote.
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Gizmodo Banned from Apple WWDC

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  • On one hand this sucks because I enjoy the Gizmodo live blog, but on the other hand it's hardly surprising that Apple wouldn't respond given that Giz outed their new phone 3 months early. If you rained on my parade I wouldn't invite you to my party either.

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