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Submission + - Information surfaces on iPhone 4

padraic_93 writes: The Register today reported that information has become available which reveals development is underway for the new iPhone 4, as well as suggestions of features and Apple's plans for the phone.

A report on PinchMedia, which made repeated use of the term 'iPhone 4', was cited on the website MacRumours, though the website admitted that such reports can often be forged. The report also made allusions to a 'Corporate Event' panned for June 28th — July 2nd 2010, which have been taken as refering to the next WWDC. The moniker 'Corporate Event' was used to disguise information on last year's WWDC, and that coupled with the length and timing of the event have made many wonder if this will be the platform used to launch the latest of the ever growing family of iPhones. (June is typically the month for what has almost become an annual tradition of iPhone launches.)

In addition, a report from the manufacturer of the 3.5 megapixel cameras fitted to the iPhone 3GS claims that Apple have placed an order for 40-45 million 5megapixel cameras. As well as suggesting the kind of hardware Apple want to benefit their latest model with, it also tells us something of what they expect from this latest model; sales roughly double of those recorded this year.
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Information surfaces on iPhone 4

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