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China To Question Apple About Live-Streaming Apps On App Store That Violate Internet Regulations (theguardian.com) 31

Three Chinese government agencies are planning to tell Apple to "tighten up checks" on live-streaming software offered on its app store, which can be used to violate internet regulation in the country. "Law enforcement officers had already met with Apple representatives over live-streaming services, [state news agency Xinhua reported], but did not provide details of the meetings," reports The Guardian. From the report: The inquiry appears to be focused on third-party apps available for download through Apple's online marketplace. The company did not respond to requests for comment. China operates the world's largest internet censorship regime, blocking a host of foreign websites including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the authorities have struggled to control an explosion in popularity of live-streaming video apps. As part of the inquiry into live-streaming, three Chinese websites -- toutiao.com, huoshanzhibo.com and huajiao.com -- were already found to have violated internet regulations, and had broadcast content that violated Chinese law, including providing "pornographic content," the Xinhua report said. Pornography is banned in China. The three sites were told to increase oversight of live-broadcasting services, user registration and "the handling of tips-offs." Two of the websites, huoshanzhibo.com and huajiao.com, were under formal investigation and may have their cases transferred to the police for criminal prosecutions, the Xinhua report said. Casting a wide net, the regulations state that apps cannot "engage in activities prohibited by laws and regulations such as endangering national security, disrupting social order and violating the legitimate rights and interests of others."
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China To Question Apple About Live-Streaming Apps On App Store That Violate Internet Regulations

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  • apple needs to take a stand and say we will do what we want or we will pull the jobs out of china. Or they can take there pro china ideas and let trump put them in there place. USA! USA! USA!

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by SirAstral ( 1349985 )

      ha ha ha hahaaaaaa!!!

      Not a single chance. Apple only ACTS like they give a crap to sucker their fan base. In the end, they are a business like every other. China's history is not some great mystery, they KNOW what they are getting into because doing business in China means getting directly into bed with the Chinese Government.

      Apple, just like every other business in China will become nothing more than proxy henchmen of the government that will profile, spy on, and rat out citizens using their products as

      • Absolutely. That's a big market and if you want to play in it you have to do as you're told which I kind of find amusing since inside Apple's walled garden "you have to do as you're told". The alternative is to cede the sales to your rivals. I'm kind of an Apple fan but I'm also a realist and don't buy their bullshit either (or hold it against them). It's not Apple's (or Samsung's, or Google's, or anyone else's) job to fix what's wrong with China. That's on the Chinese people. Just like here in the US with
        • Do as your told?? What ever happened to the "free market" everyone is roaring for?? Not so free now, eh? Gotta get down on your knees and beg for it?
    • They can't. Most their components are made in China. China can shut Apple down...

    • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Sloppy ( 14984 )

      Users need to take a stand and say they'll only use operating systems where the user decides what applications they can or can't run.

      It is absurd that post-1975 some people are still hostage to IBM -- err, I mean -- Apple.

    • You're trolling, but many idiots who elect bigger idiots would buy this sentiment. "We might not be able to nuke and pave china into democracy, but I'm pretty sure our corporations can. Diplomacy or letting them run their own government how they see fit? That's fucking unamerican!"

      They have a point on that last bit, but not in a good way.

      Anyway, no, free trade might be able to open china up. Military threats and protectionist policies are only going to backfire. Hoping corporations, the god of christi
  • Hypocrites (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward

    Pornography is illegal there, as is having a mistresses. But nearly every leader here does it.

    Illegal is so many things in China, but if you have money, just pay the right person, and you're free to do whatever the fuck you want.

    Poor Chinese. What a pathetic shithole of a country. And unfortunately they are trying to destroy the rest of Asia to promote their corrupt politics and erase all their bad histories (also have erased Tienanmen square event, cultural revolution, and so on).

    - Angry Hong Konger

  • "violating the legitimate rights and interests of others."

    Thats pretty much the entire rule of the CCP, summed up in a single sentence, isn't it?

    Angry Hong Konger

  • When you trade with a dictatorship, you strengthen it. When you abide by its summons, you acknowledge it. We were told : 'Oh, if we trade with communist China it will open up'. Nope, 'doesn't work that way. They just used western technology and equipment to build an digital prison. Now they are expanding their power beyond mainland China.
    • Nahhh.. It's money, not ethics that rule a corporation's mind!
    • China doesn't pretend to be a democracy, at least in the US sense; I suspect they may simply be more honest than America in that respect, because although you guys have the big reality show and the lofty speeches, you don't have democracy. I think you know it too - it makes little difference whether your president is Democrat or Republican, because they still have to obey the big money.

      The Chinese government have been very clever and deserve all they have achieved, in my opinion. It is more than a bit rich

  • I wonder which worries the Chinese authorities the most ?

  • People say that Chinese people don't
    Ball as much as we do
    'Cause their cultural revolution has shown
    There are more important
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  • blocking a host of foreign websites including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    I learned that there is a difference between mobile and local ISP's in this blockade. When visiting a couple of weeks ago I could access all of these websites with good speed on my phone connected to China Telecom. When connected to the local ISP they were blocked.

  • Anyone want to take a shot at guessing how many more years the Communist Chinese government will stay in power, at the rate things are going? The Internet is Pandoras Box with regard to China, and just like that they can't close it now that it's open. Or are they really willing to start jailing or killing their own people en-masse just to keep a grip on things?
  • by WaffleMonster ( 969671 ) on Thursday April 20, 2017 @01:14PM (#54270851)

    This is a great example of what happens when hardware and OS vendors control software your allowed to use.

    Of course China is going to leverage this to get their way as will everyone else globally with sufficient financial or political interest. When you allow so much power to be aggregated into the hands of so few this is the natural predictable result.

  • This article is a classic case of where calling the Internet the internet actually matters. The Chinese government does not censor internets, but they may ask to install their monitoring equipment on your internet. On the other hand they do aggressively censor the Internet, which is what I assume this article about.

    While I realise the popular press is not technically competent to understand their error I do expect better from stuff published on Slashdot where I would hope people actually care about the
  • Three Chinese government agencies missed their epic p*rn live-stream night. Now they want revenge.

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