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Judge Lucy Koh Rejects Apple's Quest For Anti-Samsung Injunction 30

The Associated Press, in a story carried by The Financial Express, reports that Federal Judge Lucy Koh has has rejected Apple's attempt to block the sale of several older Samsung smartphones that copied features in the iPhone. Wednesday's rebuff comes nearly four months after a jury awarded Apple Inc. $119 million in damages for Samsung's infringements on technology used in the trend-setting iPhone. The amount was well below the $2.2 billion in damages that Apple had been seeking in the latest round of legal wrangling between the world's two leading smartphone makers since the tussle began four years ago. The Register also carries the story, and notes Perhaps because the ongoing battle was turning the two companies into law firms rather than tech titans, the two agreed to abandon all patent lawsuits outside the USA earlier this month. However, Apple still wanted the infringing features extirpated from American stores, and was seeking to have phones nobody bought banned as ammo for future battles.
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Judge Lucy Koh Rejects Apple's Quest For Anti-Samsung Injunction

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  • by __aaclcg7560 ( 824291 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @05:15PM (#47778967)
    I wasn't aware that you could take a quest in a court of law. The judge must have rolled the dice before making that ruling.
  • by SternisheFan ( 2529412 ) on Thursday August 28, 2014 @05:54PM (#47779323)

    Maybe judge Koh has enough of these bogus patents claims and other similar tactics from Apple...

    I liked her the moment I heard she said this...

    The Honorable Judge Lucy Koh Accuses Apple’s Lawyer Of Smoking Crack

    She’s an Alpha, and not without a touch of humor, either.The best part of the entire Apple-Samsung patent war has been Federal Judge Lucy Koh. She’s a smaller woman with straight, silk black hair, but she manages to make some of the wealthiest lawyers and highest level executives bow down.

    In fact, today she asked Apple’s attorney if he was smoking crack. At least, that’s what this tweet from NYT writer Nick Wingfield says.

    Apple’s attorney responded with, “Your Honor, I’m not smoking crack.”

    http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/... [techcrunch.com]

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