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North Korea's Home-Grown Operating System Mimics OS X 252

CambodiaSam sends the latest on "Red Star OS," North Korea's attempt at a home-grown operating system. Previously, it had closely resembled Microsoft Windows, but a new update now strongly mimics Apple's OS X. "Despite living in a country very much shut off from the outside world, many people in North Korea do have access to technology - including mobile phones. However, devices are heavily restricted. Internet access, for instance, is locked down, with most users able to visit only a handful of sites mostly serving up state-sponsored news. The Red Star OS is peppered with North Korean propaganda, and its calendar tells users it is not 2014, but 103 — the number of years since the birth of former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung. An earlier version of Red Star OS was made available worldwide in 2010 after a Russian student posted it online. The latest version is believed to have been released some time in 2013."
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North Korea's Home-Grown Operating System Mimics OS X

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  • Home grown? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by wjcofkc ( 964165 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @06:18PM (#46167045)
    Home grown Linux distro maybe. It looks more like they slightly altered elementary OS or Pear OS, applied an OS X theme and replaced the standard dock with cairo-dock. I would be surprised if they had the resources to write an entire OS from scratch.
  • Boycott (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @06:30PM (#46167233)

    I propose that we boycott stories and only discuss the abomination that is Slashdot Beta.

    Moderators - only spend mod points on comments that discuss Beta

    Commentors - only discuss Beta

    Keep this up for a few days and we may finally get the PHBs attention.

  • Re:Boycott (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jddeluxe ( 965655 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @06:46PM (#46167421)
    I'm using all my mods points on comments that TRASH Beta...
  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @06:54PM (#46167527)

    and a third.

    Come on Slashdot. Please don't become a second digg.

    And no, I won't mail you to tell you this. I used to feel 'part of' slashdot and would have mailed you with my personal mail address in the blink of an eye, but not any longer. You look to much like SEO toting PHB's now, so you'll never get my current mail address.

  • Fuck the beta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by umafuckit ( 2980809 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @07:19PM (#46167803)
    I visited it today for the first time in ages. Still sucks. Masses of wasted screen space. Surely it's possible to create a portal that converts the beta to the classic style?
  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by atomicxblue ( 1077017 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @07:19PM (#46167807)
    I want to know why all of these websites are moving to formats that require you to scroll endlessly. Classic /. is so much easier to read and skip over stories you aren't interested in, but with the new system, it is just so busy, it makes my eyes hurt.
  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by lister king of smeg ( 2481612 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @07:27PM (#46167897)

    another anti beta vote here. I'll seriously consider leaving if the beta becomes the "only" option, my only option will be hacker news and fuck DICE for screwing over one of best tech/geek news sites on the internet.

  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by glavenoid ( 636808 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @08:48PM (#46168679) Journal

    Oh, does the beta display unicode properly? If not, what good is it? If it does, have they tested it on links?

    No, the beta site doesn't display JACK FUCKING SHIT properly. It's a menagerie of uselessness with random fonts, difficult to follow comment threads, random fonts, no real division between the forced comment titles and the comment itself (WTF, seriously?), random fonts, and just a general shitshow.

    I don't know if you can even put links in comments anymore let alone unicode.

    But at least there are random changes in the fonts so we can challenge our patience trying to read the comments.

  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:5, Interesting)

    by LoRdTAW ( 99712 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @08:55PM (#46168731)


    We should arrange a protest. Basically every time we get a beta redirect, instead of posting something related to the article you write a protest post against the beta site. And in addition encourage others to do the same. Also, don't forget to email them your opinion about the beta site, the link is at the top of every page now. Let our voices be heard!

  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:4, Interesting)

    by tftp ( 111690 ) on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @10:08PM (#46169277) Homepage

    It will take some serious bandwidth to serve the new Slashdot. A central server will not be sufficient. A distributed design is needed, one that is both scalable and secure. Perhaps some BitTorrent foundation can be used. Ideally, the new Slashdot would exist "in the network," but not on any one server. Such schemes were proposed in FreeNet.

    But if the Classic mode is officially killed, Slashdot will be forked; I have no doubt about that. I am reading /. in Classic mode, with JavaScript disabled (using NoScript.) If that function is no longer available, I will never see the "other" Slashdot; I'm certainly not going to enable JS for that.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday February 05, 2014 @11:08PM (#46169769)

    looks a lot like kde3 to be honest...not that that's a bad thing.

  • Re:Fuck BEta (Score:4, Interesting)

    by nurb432 ( 527695 ) on Thursday February 06, 2014 @08:53AM (#46172595) Homepage Journal

    I guess its a way to get more ad revenue or something. It cant be for aesthetic or usability reasons.

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