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Video LazyHusband Smart Phone App Compliments Your Wife for You (Video) 190

The guy who came up with the LazyHusband app, Ethan Duggan, isn't married. That's good, because he's only 12 years old. One of his local (Las Vegas) TV stations says this about him: "...the 12-year-old from Henderson, Nev., said he was tired of always replying to his mother's questions of how she looked in an outfit, he came up with common phrases that, with a touch of the screen, can tell his mother, 'You look amazing today.'" The app costs 99 cents for iOS, Android or Kindle. Ethan admits that Dad helped, but says the app is his own work and was his idea. He's now working on Lazy Kid and Lazy Wife. The TV story says, "Phrases for Lazy Kid include, yes, I did my homework and I love you. Ethan said he is having a hard time coming up with common phrases that a wife might say to her husband." Pro basketball retiree turned business guy Shaquille O'Neal is reportedly interested in LazyHusband, which means you may hear plenty more about LazyHusband and the prodigy who created it.

Tim: Ethan what are we looking at here?

Ethan: Well, the app is called LazyHusband, and what it is is the wife comes home and she asks how do I look, and you pull out the app and say, “You look amazing today.”

Tim: You look amazing today. What were you inspired by?

Ethan: Well I come home and I am resting, and my mom she has like 20, 30, or 40 dresses, she goes into her room, tries them on, and comes to me; I am playing on a phone not really caring, she asks, “How do I look?” I say, “You look amazing,” not even looking. And she does this a couple of times, and I realize, I hold in my hand a smart phone. So I hold it over my head, with my video, and then I go “You look amazing” and a couple of other phrases, and I hold those above my head and I play them instead of actually answering.

Tim: So there must be a pretty good market of lazy husbands out there?

Ethan: Yes, there is.

Tim: Are you just launching this out now?

Ethan: Yes. We are launching at South By Southwest.

Tim: Okay. What sort of tools did you use in creating it?

Ethan: We are using Twitter Bootstrap, Phonegap, and we are also using a lot of W3 Schools, and stack overflow. I learnt to program JavaScript with the help of my dad, and

Tim: Did you find Codeacademy to be a pretty useful course then?

Ethan: I found it really useful.

Tim: Are you making money from your app?

Ethan: Yes, it is 99 cents.

Tim: Alright.

Ethan: It is on Android, iPhone, and Kindle.

Tim: What about desktops?

Ethan: No.

Tim: So what other apps are in your future?

Ethan: We have LazyWife and LazyKid coming up. We also have a bunch more features for Lazy Family in store, and one of our next app is Bargument which allows you to create a Wikipedia page that is completely fake, to prove arguments at bars, so that you are right and the other person is wrong.

Tim: So Apple has an age limit. How did you get around the age limit for being such a young app developer?

Ethan: My dad made the account.

Tim: Okay. So in a sense he is your employee in that way.

Ethan: Yes, yes.

Tim: Is it a family enterprise overall, both your parents are involved?

Ethan: Yeah, my mom is really supportive, my dad helps me if I am stuck, and I do most of the bulk of the programming.

Tim: If somebody is also younger than the average developer who wants to get started at it, do you have any good advice for them?

Ethan: For every hour that you spend coding, you are going to spend at least seven hours debugging. And Stack Overflow is your friend.

Tim: How many hours did you spend in creating this app overall?

Ethan: I don’t have an estimate, I don’t really know, but I think it is around 12 weeks that I spent building it. We had a lot of betas.

Tim: Do you have a lot of friends who are in your age bracket who are also developing?

Ethan: No. I actually have one friend who programs in I believe Ruby.

Tim: Okay. The fact that your app is targeted towards lazy people, there should be one for lazy employees. And you want to do this for your life? Do you see programing as a job option?

Ethan: Yes I do either programing or computer building.

Tim: What do you expect in the future of hand held apps?

Ethan: A lot more and a lot cooler stuff.

Tim: Are you ever without a phone on you?

Ethan: In the pool, in the shower. And that’s it.

Ethan: Then there are phrases, recordings.

Tim: And if I can hold that right by my mike, let me have you activate some of the phrases _____3:51.

Ethan: It easily starts recording, and then you start.

Tim: Can you play a few of the phrases you’ve got like “You are beautiful”?

Ethan: [Plays app] “You look amazing today.”“It is beautiful.”“She’s better than that.”“She’s better than that.”“You don’t look a day over 30.”

Tim: These are great. Okay.

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LazyHusband Smart Phone App Compliments Your Wife for You (Video)

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