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iPad Mini Could Retail For $250, Delete iPad 2 211

Nerval's Lobster writes "If the Apple rumor mill proves correct, the unveiling of the iPad Mini this week could mean sayonara for the iPad 2. At least, that's the prediction of Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra, who wrote in a recent note to investors that he believes Apple will remove the iPad 2 from its lineup to make room for a smaller tablet. Apple insider excerpted parts of Cihra's note Oct. 19. Of course, that's just one analyst speculating about the future plans of a company known for playing things close to the proverbial vest: Apple's Oct. 23 event in California could feature all sorts of surprises. So what do we know about the iPad Mini? First, that it might not be called the iPad Mini — that's a moniker dreamed up by the press. Second, a cheaper and smaller iPad could impact the market for e-readers and 'price-sensitive users,' according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, which in turn could mean a challenging future for Amazon, Google, and other IT vendors marketing cheaper tablets. Third, the media—driven by unnamed sources and blurry spy photos—seems to have collectively settled on a 7.85-inch screen without a high-resolution Retina Display."
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iPad Mini Could Retail For $250, Delete iPad 2

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:14AM (#41728837)

    $250 would be nice but it's probably $329.

    • by MCSEBear ( 907831 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @12:02PM (#41729467)
      AC parent is correct.

      One of the blogs with an inside source and a proven track record for nailing what is to come in recent Apple announcements, 9 to 5 Mac, has also come out and said the starting price will be $329.

      Read for yourself. []

      Sadly, a $250 price point seems to be wishful thinking. Apple isn't going to pull a Google and sell things anywhere near break even.
      • $329 translated into GBP (+20% VAT) = ~£250. For the 8GB wifi model.

        The upgraded Nexus 7 32GB wifi model will soon be sold at £200. For the equivalent iPad mini (32GB wifi) you'll be paying ~£330 (and more likely £350). And that seems about right for the premium Apple like to charge for its products.

        • Are you joking? $329 will be £329 most likely.
          • by jo_ham ( 604554 )

            Are you joking? $329 will be £329 most likely.

            On what evidence? The base retina iPad is $499 in the US and £399 in the UK. Why would that be different for the iPad mini?

    • by Dzimas ( 547818 )

      From the source of that post []: "We created the likely pricing matrix for the smaller iPad shown above."

      In other words, it's just a wild guess by a blogger to attract page views for his site. Everyone keeps repeating it as if it's an official document.

      A quick glance at Apple's pricing shows that they strongly prefer prices that end in 49 or 99 for the iPod and iPad lines (the cellular equipped iPad is an exception). I'd expect to see an 8GB iPad Mini at $249 or $299, but it won't be a bi

    • If it's $329, I don't see who their target audience is. People who specifically want an iPad already have one; this isn't much of a price drop compared to the iPad 2. People who want a 7-inch tablet can get the Nexus 7 for much cheaper, and unlike the first generation of Android tablets, that device has actually received good reviews and works well for most people.

      Selling the iPad Mini at $329 would basically be bringing back the old Apple price premium. Due to good supply chain management, that had been pr

  • by Missing.Matter ( 1845576 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:17AM (#41728863)
    It seems strange to pay less for a 7" iPad mini than a 3" iPod touch.
    • by Triv ( 181010 )

      It seems strange to pay less for a 7" iPad mini than a 3" iPod touch.

      a 4th gen iPod is $199; 5th gen is $299. Slotting a tablet between those two makes sense, especially considering that they serve different purposes and speak to different consumers.

    • Very good observation - what's the impact on Touch with introduction of a smaller iPad? My guess is, if there's a mini iPad, it has to be $299 or so... at a premium of other similar Android (that's how apple makes $).
    • The iPod Touch starts at $199 and the iPad Mini is expected to start at $329. []

      Since this website has an excellent track record for nailing Apple's upcoming announcements, their pricing is likely much more accurate.
    • Perhaps the tablet market is more lucrative for apple, and they want to try to stop losing the market to android. Maybe they figure that the ipod is competing with the iphone, that if they price the ipod higher, more people will opt for an iphone instead of an ipod and a cheap phone?

      I've always suspected that if companies stoped playing such stupid games, and just made pricing rational, they'd probably do just as well if not better in the long run, than annoying people with shenanigans like this.
    • by csumpi ( 2258986 )
      +1. I have no idea who has $299 for an mp3 player. Maybe Apple is trying to kill off the iPod Touch line.
      • The iPod Touch isn't an MP3 player, it's a non-cellular iPhone equivalent for using iPhone apps on that also happens to play mp3s. If you JUST wanted an mp3 player, you'd get an iPod Nano.

  • Nexi (Score:5, Interesting)

    by the eric conspiracy ( 20178 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:18AM (#41728889)

    It looks like Google will be adding some models next week - Nexus 10, with an extremely high resolution screen for less than $300. And a Nexus 7 32G with the price of the original Nexus 7 dropping to about $160.

    Some new Nexus phones too.

    I have a Nexus Galaxy phone that I bought from Google and use on a prepaid plan. It's a nice unlocked choice without the junk the phone company loads on your phone, and the prepaid aspect gives me a lot of flexibility.

    • It looks like Google will be adding some models next week - Nexus 10, with an extremely high resolution screen for less than $300

      The current word is that the Google/Samsung joint venture tablet will have a 2560x1600 screen resolution. Awesome if true, but I can't imagine them getting that out at a $300 price point. More likely it will be the same price as the iPad 3 (starting at $499). Even so, it will probably restore competitiveness at the high end of the tablet market, which is a good thing.

      • . More likely it will be the same price as the iPad 3 (starting at $499)

        Why would you think that they wouldn't price the device cheaper than the iPad. I can only imagine the Google pricing for a market share grab. Its what they did for the NEXUS 7 why would they change strategies from a successful one to an unsuccessful one.

        • Why would I think? It's not my personal opinion, just rumors.

          Smashing if true. I have been thinking about a Nexus 7, but for $300 or even $400 a Nexus 10 would be a great buy.

          Above that and I'll probably go with the Nexus 7.

  • I love the phrasing Price Sensitive users, aka cheap bastards. Seriously why anyone would get an ipad for ebook reading over the options offered by Barnes and Noble or Amazon.
  • I'd be shocked if they didn't drop the iPad 2. There's no point in keeping it since it's old technology. It fit a niche but if people want a cheaper option they'll get the mini. I don't see a need to come up with one for every price point. You've got the full strength then a cheaper version for those that can't aford the full sized one. What I want to see is more memory. Where are the 128 and 256 models? I found the HD films looked only marginally better while sucking up twice my capacity so I stopped buyin
    • by Belial6 ( 794905 )
      Maybe Apple users just think different, but everyone I know that are buying 7" tablets are not doing it for price. (Although they really like the price) They are doing it because they want a tablet that fits in their large pockets or purses. Large tablets are dandy for places that you can set them down and walk away from them, but they suck for carrying around all of the time. Jobs didn't understand this, and it is sounding like his replacement doesn't either.
      • by csumpi ( 2258986 )
        +1. Another factor is weight. 10" tablets are too heavy to hold, so they are either laid flat (which is a pin in the neck), or propped up (can't type). The 7" factor is much lighter, and one can even type with two thumbs while holding it.
      • The iPad 10" is great for carrying around the house, but I feel like I need a bag, or a shoulder strap to carry it outside. I'd love something that I can put in a jacket pocket. I tried the iPhone, at the store-- it feels cramped.

  • iPodTouch/iPhone = small screen
    iPad mini = medium screen
    iPad = large screen

    Each has a market. Having them all lets Apple get more market penetration. In fact, many people, like us, buy multiples. I don't want to carry even an iPad mini around in my pocket by an iPodTouch is just right. Goldilocks was onto something.

    If anything, I would expect Apple to bring out an iPad MAXi with a bigger screen. Then you've got the iTV for the really big version.

    Next make them all run MacOS and Windows (all Macs can do both

  • I'm the first to mention this, but there there are solid rumors of the "New iPad" getting a revamp with a move to the new lightning connector. The latest iPod touch has the new lightning connector and the iPad mini will have it too. Apple is not shy about ditching technology so it would make sense to ditch the iPad 2 to ensure that all of its mobile lineup carries the lightning connector

  • All the people thinking Apple has to compete with Nexus/Fire are forgetting something. Those products have essentially no profit margin, they are non-profit products.

    Apple doesn't work that way. Apple makes its money with nice healthy profit margins, of which there would be zero in an 8" 4:3 iPad. That is another thing, did everyone forget how rounding works. The iPad Mini rumors state the display is 7.85". If you going to round off to the nearest inch, that is 8" not 7" like everyone keeps stating.


    • I agree there's no chance it'll come out at $250, but that's because of marketing, not anything else.

      Apple can sell hardware at cost and make profits if they control the ecosystem which delivers content to the hardware, and they do indeed do that.

      The rumors say this'll be more than $300. Of course it will be. The price is always a good way to say "This is better", and adding 20-30% to the price of something doesn't price it out of the ballpark but it does make it appear, to many people, to be a better

  • Oh, come on! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by 93 Escort Wagon ( 326346 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @12:04PM (#41729485)

    The event is freaking TOMORROW. What's the point in posting an article today that speculates what the price of the iPad Mini might be? We'll actually know tomorrow - no speculation involved!

    • The event is freaking TOMORROW. What's the point in posting an article today that speculates what the price of the iPad Mini might be? We'll actually know tomorrow - no speculation involved!

      Because its really interesting, The IPad Mini price point is interesting because this quarter is incredibly exciting, with Apple forced to bring out a Tweener tablet that will cannibalise its both high margin iPad and iPod touch, at the same time trying to stave of competition from Androids successful 7" ranges from Amazon and Google. That is ignoring the other side of the equation where a successful launch of Nexus 10 or Surface or both could put a real dent in Apple High end High Margin profit.

      We know tha

    • by csumpi ( 2258986 )
      Clicks? They got you, didn't they?
  • So what do we know about the iPad Mini?

    Absolutely nothing - the iPad mini (and it's specs and costs) are complete fabrications by "journalists" and "analysts" who have to churn out so many words per day to justify their existence.

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