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iPad Mini Could Retail For $250, Delete iPad 2 211

Nerval's Lobster writes "If the Apple rumor mill proves correct, the unveiling of the iPad Mini this week could mean sayonara for the iPad 2. At least, that's the prediction of Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra, who wrote in a recent note to investors that he believes Apple will remove the iPad 2 from its lineup to make room for a smaller tablet. Apple insider excerpted parts of Cihra's note Oct. 19. Of course, that's just one analyst speculating about the future plans of a company known for playing things close to the proverbial vest: Apple's Oct. 23 event in California could feature all sorts of surprises. So what do we know about the iPad Mini? First, that it might not be called the iPad Mini — that's a moniker dreamed up by the press. Second, a cheaper and smaller iPad could impact the market for e-readers and 'price-sensitive users,' according to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, which in turn could mean a challenging future for Amazon, Google, and other IT vendors marketing cheaper tablets. Third, the media—driven by unnamed sources and blurry spy photos—seems to have collectively settled on a 7.85-inch screen without a high-resolution Retina Display."
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iPad Mini Could Retail For $250, Delete iPad 2

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  • by Medievalist ( 16032 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:14AM (#41728833)

    Tablet fads have come and gone... the iPad has actually done really well this time around, but I remember how the 486 tablets (that did all the same stuff at much lower resolution) were going to make PCs obsolete... sure they did.

    Due to e-readers, I think this time around tablets might actually settle into a durable niche of their own. But a lot of people (such as myself) will never really have a use for one.

  • by Missing.Matter ( 1845576 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:30AM (#41729013)
    True you can't type as fast on a tablet, so if that's all you wanted to do on a tablet they would indeed be useless. But drawing and writing on a tablet is certainly much more comfortable than on a desktop or a laptop. Tablets can also be used more conveniently on planes, the subway, while standing, or any number of places using a laptop or desktop is awkward. They can be passed around a room easily or turned around shown to a group. There are many use-cases for this form factor advantage. Touch interfaces are also more natural for many people. My 90 year old grandmother who's never used a computer in her life can use an iPad, because the interface and gestures are 1:1 with her movements, unlike a mouse (ever try explaining the difference between left-click, double click, and right click, and when to use each to someone completely new to computers?)

    For the foregoing reasons, I don't see tablets as a fad anymore. They died before for technological reasons such as insufficient computational power, insufficient battery, terrible low resolution restive touch screens, and insane prices. This time around all the sweet spots seem to be met. For a long time tablets have been about consuming media, but I think as the touch interfaces mature we'll see the use cases expand. Just because they don't fit into your life doesn't mean they don't fit into anyone else's.
  • by the eric conspiracy ( 20178 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @11:46AM (#41729215)

    > why anyone would get an ipad for ebook reading

    How about not having your content deleted and your reader bricked at the whim of your corporate owner? []

  • Oh, come on! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by 93 Escort Wagon ( 326346 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @12:04PM (#41729485)

    The event is freaking TOMORROW. What's the point in posting an article today that speculates what the price of the iPad Mini might be? We'll actually know tomorrow - no speculation involved!

  • by Samantha Wright ( 1324923 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @12:57PM (#41730235) Homepage Journal
    Your lack of cynicism is refreshing. Repeat after me: "we geeks are (almost) alone in our desire to have productive potrable devices, and everyone else just consumes, perhaps with the occasional e-mail or trip to Facebook."
  • by Tough Love ( 215404 ) on Monday October 22, 2012 @02:22PM (#41731443)

    The fact remains that, moderate typing speed discrepancy aside...

    Sorry, no, it's not a moderate typing speed discrepancy, it's a massive discrepancy, a factor of 3 at best and more like 10 in practice. Plus, typing on a touchscreen is an ergonomic horror. If you do it hours over a long period of time, bad things are going to happen to your eyes, hands and skeleton.

    The only possible way a tablet can displace a PC for typing intensive applications is with an actual keyboard.

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